September 2015 Hope4Kids Report



How sweet it is to trust in Jesus as we serve Gods people. Job said, we brought nothing in this world, God gave me, and he has taken away, may his name be blessed. True, every human being on this earth faces challenges though at different degrees. We are in a world where poverty reigns (especially in Africa), sicknesses, wars and destruction. In Africa where we experience these things (almost on a daily basis), we tend to believe that God abandoned us.

Gods ways of administering the world are different from mans ways. Man is looking for power, glory, riches and others but God looks at establishing his Kingdom amongst his people so that when we believe in Christ, we begin our journey to heaven. Weather we like it or not, one day we shall die. Where will you be, in heaven or in hell? What will it profit a man to own this world and he loses enternal life? How can a Christian find joy if it’s not serving Gods people? These are questions that always come across my mind whenever I think about serving God.

Each day we pray for the challenges that we encounter. We pray for good health, we pray for financial blessings, material and others but very few people pray and ask God on how they can make a difference in serving his people. We are Gods inheritance and he loves us all.
Since the devil fell on earth and begun deceiving Gods people to do evil, God has never left us alone. That’s why the bible tells us in John chapter 1:16 that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

A common scripture known by many people but not taken serious. Once we become Christians, we have a responsibility of preaching the good news to the poor so that they come to the full knowledge of Christ. That’s where our joy begins with the help of the Spirit of God. All of us Christians shall be rewarded according to the work we do in Gods Kingdom. Sometimes we face challenges but when we are weak then we are strong in Christ Jesus.Thats why I love the song that says, “Let the weak say iam strong and let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done” as we give thanks. Christ is our banner. In sickness, we know that he heals. In poverty, we know he provides and in all problems, he has not forgot us.

That’s why we need to trust in him to provide all that we need to serve him. Daniel says that those who bring many to the Kingdom will shine like the stars in heaven. Daniel Chapter 12: 3. The garden of God is his people and it’s like such who were created in the image of God that we need to evangelize and share pertaining the Kingdom. The joy of the Lord comes when we praise, worship him and think about his goodness. In doing so, our reward is in heaven.

The Seaside church members and other partners who do the work of sending us to do Gods work among his people are our hero’s. Each dollar donated does great work to evangelize in prisons and feed the sick in hospitals. When people accept Christ, God is happy and we are happy because we score the goal against the devil to go to heaven.

The continued support has done great work to supplement our efforts to improve nutrition of malnourished kids by providing milk formula and taking care of other needs in our different ministry outreaches on top of evangelism. We thank God for all our partners and individuals through hope4kids International. We also thank other ministries that are partnering with us to bring the love of Christ to communities that we serve. Be blessed urbandantly.

Eric Sabiiti Alinda.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Meat 15 10,000 150,000
2 Rick 100 3,000 300,000
3 Cooking Oil 20 6,000 120,000
4 Spices 1 50,000 50,000
5 Beans 50 2,800 140,000
6 Charcoal 1 45,000 45,000
7 Millet Flour 100 3,000 300,000
8 Soya 50 2,500 125,000
9 Eggs 10 10,000 100,000
10 Posho 50 2,000 100,000
11 Sugar 50 3,000 150,000
12 Ordinary Milk 150 1,800 270,000
13 Milk Formula 3 50,000 150,000
14 Toilet Tissues 5 20,000 100,000
15 Soap 2 72,000 144,000
16 Sanitary Pads 40 3,000 120,000
17 Communication 1 200,000 200,000
  TOTAL 2,564,000


Balance Forward (previous month 00
Donations (external wires-withdrawn) 2,500,000
Local Contribution (internal) 64,000
TOTAL INCOME 2,564,000
Running Balance 00