Religion and Christianity

I was born in Anglican (or call it Christian) family 44 years ago. I grew up knowing iam a Christian but who belonged to the Anglican religion. I knew other religions were not right and it was only Anglicans that were going to heaven. I continued in my religion as a devoted young man in my faith but I was lacking profound knowledge about Christ and what brought him in the world. It was one day in 1989 when I was a young man in High School that a fellow young man who had accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior shared with me pertaining the good news about salvation in Christ Jesus. I had a lot of questions to him pertaining salvation and traditions of my religion. He tried to answer all my questions but I was not satisfied and he made a second visit to me at our home with his pastor.

That’s when I realized that I didn’t understand Christ but I was only glorifying religion. Indeed religion is good. It makes people to know God but it does not mean that they understand him. Whenever I think about that day, I remember the scripture in the book of Acts Chapter 17:11-23 when Paul visited Anthens and Berea and found many learned men and women who were so much in the traditions of religion. He reasoned with them in the scripture day by day in the scripture and they would examine the scriptures to see if what Paul talked to them was true. Many of them accepted after realizing the truth. I reasoned with Francis (who is now a pastor) in the word of God and I accepted Christ and begun a new journey in the Lord. Since that time, I have not remained the same. I know I follow short of the glory of God as a human being everyday but his grace is sufficient.

Today, there are so many religions. Some claim to be believers in Christ, others believe in Allah through Mohamed, there are those who believe in Budha, Shinto, Confucius, Nyabingi and lubale in Uganda and so many other cultic religions. One interesting thing is that all talk about God. That’s why so many religious people today when you talk to them about heaven they tell you that every religion you follow will lead you to heaven. When we come to Christianity, people talk about unity and ecumenism. Oh yah its good. But we need to share the word of God the way it is. Religious people need to be shared to so that they come to know Christ as the author and finisher of our faith.

Why are there disagreements in Christianity? It’s because we have shunned the Holy Spirit to guide us and he can’t guide you unless you believe and read the word of God. Another answer is simple I can say. Nominal Christianity and true Christians are lumped together. However, the church of God remains strong on the foundation laid down by the apostles and the prophets. When you believe in Christ, you get to know God in a special way. He will speak to you and lead you to the green pastures. Psalms 23.

The biggest enemy to true Christianity is religion. People kill and maim in the name of religion. Look at ISIS and Alcaeda in the Middle East, Budhists and Muslims wars in Myanmar , the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and other religious conflicts. All kill and destroy in the name of religion. Others have reached an extent of becoming suicide bombers destroying their lives and those they consider to be righteous. This is the time for True Christians to pray and rise up for Christ to preach the gospel. Mathew 23 tells us that the gospel must be preached in the whole world and then Christ should come. The biggest weapon the devil is using against Christians is fear. We fear to speak to political and religious leaders about the bible and we have compromised the word of God with money instead of using the money God gives us in a proper way to further his kingdom.

Christianity has been sold to fear. Christian Foundation evangelistic team needs your prayers and support as we continue to preach Christ and the power that raised him from the dead. The whole gospel is needed to bring the people to Christ. True religion is the one that preaches Christ and the power that raised him as we visit those in prison, the sick , widows and orphans as we provide, health, education and water to the people of God. It’s good to know God but also to understand him through Christ Jesus. God Bless you.

—Eric Sabiiti Alinda



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Beans 30 2500 75,000
2 Cooking oil 20 6000 120,000
3 Maize flour 30 2000 60,000
4 Sugar 50 3000 150,000
5 Ordinary milk 150 1800 270,000
6 Milk formula 2 50,000 100,000
7 Toilet tissues 5 20,000 100,000
8 Soap 3 72,000 216,000
9 Disinfectants 2 40,000 80,000
  TOTAL 1,171,000


Balance Forward (previous month 00
Donations (external wires-withdrawn) 1,067,500
Local Contribution (internal) 103,500
TOTAL INCOME 1,171,000
Running Balance 00

Reported by
Eric Sabiiti Alinda