November, 2013.


In Uganda, holding gospel crusades has become expensive to the extent that churches are not holding them the way they used to do. You need public address systems and musicians who know how to use modern machines when praising God. The problem gets worse when you are evangelizing in villages where there is no electricity. You must hire a generator and public address system which are very expensive. Without these machines and musicians, you can’t preach the gospel and enjoy it because people will not attend.

Sometimes even if you have them, people may not attend because they listen, watch and musician’s everyday on Television screens. The bible tells us to be wiser than snakes and calm like doves. The devil has used modern technology to promote its kingdom and Christians have not realized this. How are we going to preach the gospel even in situations where the majority churches don’t have public address systems and modern musical instruments?


Ministry for Sick and Prisoners Very Important.

One of the ministries that God urges us to do is the ministry for the sick and prisoners. Remember the scripture in the book of Mathew chapter 25. I was hungry, you fed me, I was sick, you cared for me and when I was in prison, you visited me. These are some of the ministries that God wants us to do. When a person who does not believe Christ is in good health and has the worldly freedom, it becomes difficult for him to accept Christ. Such people even have no time to listen to the gospel. They look at themselves as if they don’t salvation. We are in a world full of nominal Christians.

People profess Christianity but don’t accept to do what the bible teaches. Here in Uganda, they go to churches on Sundays, give offertories and become serious church goers but they don’t believe true Christianity. Our God is good! He creates avenues for us to preach the gospel to them when they fall sick and get jailed. All this is the work of the devil. The bible in John chapter 10:10 tells us that athief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it urbandantly. The devil destroys people when it makes them to focus on worldly things and don’t listen to the word of God. It destroys them when they fail to recognize the son of God Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

That’s why it’s important for us to identify areas where to preach the gospel and bring many to Christ.

Christian Foundation in partnership with the local pastors has continued to preach the gospel in hospitals and prisons in Uganda. When people who shun the gospel find themselves in hospital where they are sick, they listen and accept salvation. Prison is for everybody. The rich, the poor, educated and none educated when they break the law all find themselves in prison. Its an opportunity for us to minister to them as we give them relief as the word of God tells us. We have seen the prisoners and the sick accepting salvation.

They need Jesus and indeed the majority when they listen to the gospel, they become attentive and make desitions for their lives. We at Christian Foundation have seen many accepting the Lord in our outraches. They need comfort, encouragement and bibles. That’s why on behalf of Christian Foundation I thank brother Joe from Seaside church for the bible support he has given Christian Foundation through hope4kids. It’s unfortunate that the prison authorities have not accepted us to take pictures but one day God willing we shall be allowed to take pictures that we shall be able to share with everybody.

The month of November was good! 65 people accepted the Lord and we are continuing to disciple them through Pastor Fabian. Keep praying for Christian Foundation so that we get resources to buy the word of God to these people so that we sharpen them through Christian prisons fellowships to become Christ’s ambassadors when they get released.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 100 kgs 3200 320,000
2 Beans 30 kgs 2500 75,000
3 Eggs 10 trays 10,000 100,000
4 Meat 20 kgs 8000 160,000
5 Cooking oil 20 lts 6000 120,000
6 Milk formula 5 tins 50,000 250,000
7 Ordinary milk 80 lts 1800 144,000
8 Soap 2 boxes 72,000 144,000
9 Toilet tissues 10 cartons 20,000 200,000
10 Sanitary pads 30 pkts 3000 90,000
11 Disinfectants 1 box 42,000 42,000
12 Razor blades 20 pkts 4500 90,000
13 Medicines   200,000 200,000
14 Scans 4 scans 120,000 120,000
15 Transport   200,000 200,000
16 Communication   50,000 50,000
  TOTAL 2,305,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 94,000
Donations 2,000,000
Our Contributions 211,000
TOTAL INCOME 2,305,000
Food 775,000
Drinks 394,000
Hygiene Items 566,000
Medical Expenses 320,000
Transportation/communication 250,000
Bal c/d 00

Items without receipts are not found in formal businesses.

Reported by
Eric Sabiiti Alinda