Report -- July, 2013.


Robinah Achieng Now has Hope of Having an Operation.

God’s love is from everlasting to everlasting. Even when we get pushed in a corner his ever embracing hands will always rescue us from there. Imagine, becoming a total orphan at a very young age and getting deprived of the parental love, growing up in a harsh environment, getting married young, becoming a widow when you are young and catching a rare sickness that is expensive to treat that disorganizes you when you have settled as a bread winner for your children.

This is what Robinah Achieng has been going through over the years. Like the persistance widow in the bible, Robinah never got tired to present her request to Christian Foundation to get assistance for an operation or any other treatment for goiter. After hearing about the testimonies of people who benefited in our programs, she came to our office to present her request. Due to limited resources, we could not help her as soon as we wanted but we told her to continue checking with us whenever she can. This lady never got tired to come to our offices up to when I told her that we shall call her.

Recently she visited us another time when she was in great pain. She was feverish, coughing and complaining about the pain in joints and the throat when she eats. She told us how she was finding it difficult to put food on the table for her children and her big worry was that time for school fees was approaching when she is sick . She was so worried and we could not wait for enough resources to be available before we could come in to help. A few days ago our social worker took her to Mulago hospital to have tests to determine the type of goiter. The doctors after tests will advise on whether she should have an operation or recommend another type of treatment. It’s only in Mulago where she can find such tests in the whole country. We expect the test results soon. Many people come from different parts of the country for the same tests and there are three clinic days in a week. Pray for this lady so that God heals her.


Baby Were Gets Discharged

Our God is good! Baby Were, the premature kid whom Christian Foundation came to his rescue when the hope4kids team was here has grown to be discharged from hospital. This baby is talked about on the hope4kids face book. He was produced by a dumb girl of 15 years who is a total orphan. When the team had visited Tororo hospital with us, Angie and some members of the team found the grandmother of this baby raping her in dirty sheets and immediately they brought the news to Christian Foundation with a number of suggestions including taking the baby to Smile Africa to be in the hands of Pastor Ruth.

I met Pastor Ruth pertaining this baby but it became difficult for Smile Africa to take care of both the mother and the baby. In our meeting with Pastor Ruth we saw that the mother of the baby though dumb had too much love for him. Another reason was that the mother needed to be in an environment free of many children since she is dumb. All these reasons could not favor both the mother and the baby to be at Smile Africa where there are many children. On the same note it was difficult to separate the mother from the baby.

After our discussion, we agreed that both the mother and the baby goes to the village to stay with the old woman (grandmother) where our social worker will always visit them to see how the baby is faring. We provided them with food, milk and transport and committed ourselves to provide treatment for both the mother and the baby in case they fall sick. This little boy needs your prayers. Life in our villages for such kids when they are staying with old, illiterate grandmothers is not easy. Also pray for us to be able to visit atleast two times a week. The village is about 20 miles from town and we don’t enough resources and a vehicle. The baby needs a bed, mattress and other care. We have not provided some of these due to limited finances.


Baby Were Gets Discharged

Our prison and hospital outreaches went on very well. As usual, we fed the sick, supported the nutrition wing of tororo hospital and took supplies to prison. In our spiritual outreaches, many people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. In all outreaches, 60 people accepted Jesus. We give the glory back to God. May the Lord Bless you as you continue to pray for us.



On behalf of Christian Foundation, i really want to thank Genn Herzogs for the support that made us go through the month of July up to august. Although it substituted our monthly support from our account with hope4kids, we could not feel it so much. Hope4kids gave us Jenn support and it helped us reach out the hospital and prison communities. May God bless Jenn and all who supported her to support us. Blessings to you all.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 100 kgs 3200 320,000
2 Millet 60 kgs 4000 240,000
3 Soya beans 50 kgs 2100 105,000
4 Beans 40 kgs 2000 80,000
5 Cooking oil 20 lts 6000 120,000
6 Spices     50,000
7 Potatoes 50 kgs 1200 60,000
8 Meat 40 kgs 8000 320,000
9 Silver fish 1/2 sack 210,000 105,000
10 Milk Formula 4 tins 50,000 200,000
11 Ordinary Milk 300 lts 1800 540,000
12 Sugar 50 kgs 3000 150,000
13 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
14 Disinfectants (jik) 2 boxes 40,000 80,000
15 Toilet papers 5 cartons 20,000 100,000
16 Razor blades 40 pkts 5000 200,000
17 Medicines     2,000,000
18 Medical tests     100,000
19 Transport     300,000
20 Communication     200,000
21 Allowances     400,000
22 Charcoal 3 bags 45,000 135,000
  TOTAL 6,093,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 35,100
Donations 6,300,000
Our Contributions 00
TOTAL INCOME 6,335,100
Food 1,400,000
Drinks 890,000
Hygiene Materials 668,000
Medical/Medicines Expenses 2,100,00
Transport/Communication 500,000
Allowances 400,000
Charcoal 135,000
Bal c/d 242,000

The receipts of items that are not found in formal businesses are not catered for. Informal businesses here don’t offer receipts but the items are needed in our activities. God Bless you all.

Reported by
Eric Sabiiti Alinda