Report -- May, 2013.


The Challenges of Serving a Sick Community in Ugandan Hospitals.

I wish all people could learn the secret of serving mankind especially those who are hurting with no hope of ever achieving/or enjoying what others have access to. Here in Uganda, it’s only a few who have access to quality health services, quality education, clean water and access to a good meal etc. When you visit our hospitals and you interview patients, you get varying answers pertaining themselves but one thing that may strike you is that all talk about lack of resources to enable them have their sicknesses properly investigated by the doctors. Our hospitals are supposed to offer free medical services but in a situation where they are not fully equipped and with limited medicines to give to the sick who have complicated cases, it becomes difficult for the health workers to do what they can do.

Our prayer everyday is that the government gets the resources to allocate to the referral hospitals so that Gods people get the needed treatment. When people who expect free services in hospital get admitted, they get shocked to find that some medicines they have to buy them from pharmacies. Since some equipments like x-rays broke down or are too old to function properly, they are supposed to incur expenses on transport and tests outside the hospitals where they are admitted. If you don’t have the money to spend, you must accept to die in hospital or go back home to die and its very common here. The budget allocations to the ministry of health are far below expectations because the policy makers tell us that there is not enough money in the national pus.


Tororo Hospital and Mukuju Health Unit Lucky.

These health facilities are among those that are blessed in Uganda because they are in our area of operation. Although we can’t reach out to each and every needy patient satisfactorily, thousands of people have benefited in our programs since we begun accompanying our evangelistic outreaches with relief in terms of food, medicine and others a couple of years ago. Great thanks to the American people who have stood with us through hope4kids international. Christian Foundation has targeted the poorest of the poor in its activities. These days even the police family protection unit sends us cases especially of malnourished children to take them to the hospital as we take care of them. Where the doctor’s hands are tied to treat patients, Christian Foundation is the best partner to run to.

Tests like scans, curiture tests, x-ray scans and many other tests are not found at Tororo hospital and the patients can’t afford them. The costs range from cents of dollars to over one hundred dollars. Without these tests, the hands of medical workers get tied. We have found ourselves getting involved in this by helping the sick to take the tests and in most cases they are taken out of Tororo. The nearest to take the tests is Mbale but sometimes we take them to Kampala where necessary. That’s why in my previous reports I requested that you stand in prayer with us so that God provides us with a vehicle. The community cannot remain the same when a small fraction of those seeking medical help get assisted. By the grace of God when they get healed, it means you have prevented a premature death and saved children who would become orphans or lack guardians.

According to the bible, we are supposed to live 70 years and beyond. In a country where life expectancy is 50 years, to me these people are dying a premature death and the cause is poverty. I thank God because the prisons where we preach the gospel and the sick community have benefited because of people with large hearts from the States who support us through our partners.

Update on Timothy Barasa and Akirapa Anne.

In my last reports, I talked about two children who needed special attention and are under the care of our ministry. Timothy Barasa who is four moths is waiting for an operation after one month in Corsu hospital Entebe. He is now admitted at the facility. Akirapa needs your prayers and support. The doctors are suspecting she has cancer and we have taken samples for testing in Kampala. In a few days, we shall have results ready. These kids need your prayers. Once the doctors prove that Akirapa has cancer, she will be taken to the cancer institute in Mulago where she will be admitted.

However, this will depend on the resources we shall have because it’s an expensive venture. Besides that, our God is good. In the midst of sickness, he has continued to heal and save people whom we serve. Sixty people this month have accepted the Lord in Mayuge prison, Morukatipe prison, Tororo hospital and Mukuju health units. We thank you all for your continued support. Indeed as Gene Toth of Seaside said, “you are our hands and feet”. The support you give Christian Foundation has made us your hands and feet.


in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 80 kgs 3200 256,000
2 Maize flour 50 kgs 2000 100,000
3 Beans 40 kgs 2000 80,000
4 Meat 30 kgs 8000 240,000
5 Potatoes 30 kgs 1200 36,000
6 Spices     60,000
7 Silver fish 1 sack 220,000 220,000
8 Cooking oil 30 lts 6000 180,000
9 Ordinary milk 300 lts 1500 450,000
10 Milk formula 10 tins 40,000 400,000
11 Juice 3 boxes 15,000 45,000
12 Sugar 50 kgs 3000 150,000
13 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
14 Toilet papers 10 cartons 20,00 200,000
15 Disinfectants 2 boxes 40,000 80,000
16 Sanitary pads 40 pkts 3000 120,000
17 Office desk 1   350,000
18 Swivel chair 1   160,000
19 Charcoal 2 sacks 45,000 90,000
20 Transport     300,000
21 Communication     200,000
22 Allowances     400,000
23 Medicine     797,500
  TOTAL 5,202,500


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 40,600
Donations 5,000,000
Our contributions 175,000
TOTAL INCOME 5,215,600
Food 1,172,000
Drinks 1,045,000
Hygiene materials 688,000
Office Desk/swivel 510,000
Charcoal 90,000
Transport/communication 500,000
Allowances 400,000
Medicine 500,000
Bal c/d 13,100

Some receipts are not catered for because some items are not found in formal busineses and we use them in our activities.

God bless you all.

Reported by
Eric Sabiiti