Report -- March, 2013.


In our hospital ministry outreaches, we try to do the best for Gods people. We encounter so many cases of sicknesses that people have and they challenge us but we can’t support all of them. However, we do our best to use the little resources we have to help the poorest. There is no doubt that the people we serve are hopeful and feel loved. Of recent we have begun to concentrate so much on children (to give them medicine) because the syrups to use at the hospital are in short supply these days. Pneumonia, diaoreah and malaria are common sicknesses among children and many of them die in the villages sometimes due to lack of transport to reach tororo hospital or Mukuju health unit where we dispense medicine for children.

Indeed infant mortality rate is very high but with the support from our donors we are proud to supplement government services at these two facilities. With prayers to the sick accompanied with medicine and a plate of food, God is doing great work and many mothers attending to their kids at tororo hospital are having a sigh of relief on their faces from Christian Foundation. Where would these poor mothers get approximately 5 dollars to buy an ant malarial syrup when at the same time they have to look for one dollar to survive on with their families?

These kids would be dying. We thank hope4kids and our donors especially churches in USA like Seaside church, Lord of Life and our friend Jim Rhodes of First Christian church for this great work. How would we do this work unless we are sent. It’s not by our power that we have preached the gospel and comforted the sick. It’s because of the power of God! He is the one who has touched you to give so that we go out to serve. I like hospital and prison ministry because our God has been faithful to provide for his people whenever we go out. May he continue to provide for you all who give. By his grace, he will continue to meet the desires of your heat because he cares for you all.


Timothy Barasa Needs an Operation.

This month in one of our outreaches, we met a mother who had a kid that was burnt by a candle. This kid has cleft pallet (a deformity of the mouth). Because of ignorance, the men here especially from the villages have a tendency of abandoning kids when they are found with such deformities. They blame everything on the women that they are the ones who bring bad omens in the family. Barasas father is no different from these men. After realizing that his son had cleft palets, he abandoned his responsibility as a man to take care of this kid. He simply dumped his wife in the hospital without anything to eat. This is a woman who is young and is supposed to breast feed a kid of two months. Maters are not helped that this woman has no enough breast milk to feed this baby. Oh my God! We found the mother starving and the kid too was starving.

Imediately we took over the responsibility of buying for Barasa milk formula at the same time looking for the husband in the village. Although the man himself is too poor to afford buying a tin of milk formula for his baby once or twice a week. We told him that deformities are not inherited but can be a result of sicknesses especially STDs from parents. He was convinced by our explanation and he accepted to visit the wife in hospital. This couple have no capacity to take their son for an operation in a children’s hospital in Mbale. The baby can’t suckle because of the opening on the upper lips. He is just fed by a spoon and sometimes the mother tries to squeeze breast milk in his mouth. Christian Foundation is having plans to take him for an operation. Pray for us so that God provides us with the money needed to make this boy have a future.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 100 kgs 3200 320,000
2 Beans 40 kgs 2000 80,000
3 Cooking oil 20 lts 6000 120,000
4 Meat 30 kgs 8000 240,000
5 Silver fish 1 sack 210,000 210,000
6 Spices   50,000 50,000
7 Potatoes 20 kgs 1200 24,000
8 Eggs 6 trays 10,000 60,000
9 Ordinary Milk 200 lts 1500 300,000
10 Tined milk 8 tins 35,000 280,000
11 Sugar 50 kgs 3000 150,000
12 Juice 3 boxes 15,000 45,000
13 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
14 Disifectants 2 boxes 40,000 80,000
15 Toilet tissues 10 cartons 20,000 200,000
16 Tooth paste 10 dozens 9600 96,000
17 Sanitary pads 40 pkts 3000 120,000
18 Medicines   1,500,000 1,000,000
19 Transport   350,000 350,000
20 Communication   200,000 200,000
21 Rent arears   600,000 600,000
22 Vol. Allowances   300,000 300,000
  TOTAL 5,113,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 47,000
Donations 5,000,000
Our contributions 66,000
TOTAL INCOME 5,113,000
Food 1,104,000
Drinks 775,000
Hygiene materials 784,000
Rent 600,000
Transport 350,000
Communications 200,000
Allowances 300,000
Bal c/d 00

The items that don’t have receipts are not found in formal businesses. God bless all who give hope to the people of Uganda.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.