Report -- February, 2013.


It’s difficult for someone to tell the situation of what we encounter in hospital ministry because of the people who are in need and some of whom are totally destitutes. In adtion to limited services at Tororo hospital, it’s common to find people who don’t have anybody to take care of them and no food at all for them. That’s the situation that Christian Foundation finds itself in because on such people we are obliged to hire a person to take care of them on top of providing them with medicine, food and the laboratory tests requested by doctors and clinicians. This is a unique component of hospital ministry outreach because we need to offer a full gospel to those we minister to.

It’s very hard to pray for a sick person dying of hunger when he is gaining apertite to eat. When you visit our hospitals to pray for the sick, the first thing they ask you after prayer is something to eat, drink or to buy soap and indeed they lack these things. Christian Foundation with support from donors in the United States has provided these things to the people of God but there is still an enormous need to help the large numbers of the sick that visit these facilities.

With the support that we get from our friends, we have managed to divide it in many ways so that every category of patients benefits in one way or another. For example we cook meals for all the sick in general, provide drugs (those that the government has not supplied) to all especiatialy children, provide hygiene materials and support as a special case the ward of malnourished children.

Remember, we take the same services at Mukuju Health Unit on top of visiting Mayuge and Morukatipe prison with a material blessing. There is a need for our current budget to be boosted to serve adequately and we request your prayers and support. Because prices here fractuate depending on the dollar exchange rate, some people wonder how the money that we get fits in all these activities mentioned above. Faith without action according to the bible is dead. To me, you must take a step of faith and God will find you at work.

That’s why we brought in these activities in our outreaches and the Lord has not let us down. That’s why Iam appealing to those who have supported us to tell and encourage their relatives and friends to visit the Christian Foundation blog www.uganda on the seaside community church website and see where God can direct them to give and support the sick people and prisoners of Uganda. They need food, medicine, clothes, matreses, blankets and mosquito nets.

God has done great things this month through our outreaches. The sick has been treated and discharged because of our medicine support, the ungodly have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. Fifty in number have accepted Jesus. What can I say on those who have got food? Because of your continued support, recently Tororo General Hospital has honored Christian Foundation with a certificate of appreciation. This was reached at in one of their meetings with the district bosses. May the name of the Lord be glorified.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 50 kgs 3200 160,000
2 Millet flour 60 kgs 3000 150,000
3 Beans 30 kgs 2000 60,000
4 Meat 30 kgs 8000 240,000
5 Cooking oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
6 Potatoes 40 kgs 1500 60,000
7 Silver fish 1 sack 220,000 220,000
8 Cabages 20 heads 1500 30,000
9 Spices     50,000
10 Charcoal 2 bags 40,000 90,000
11 Sugar 75 kgs 300 225,000
12 SMA milk formula 6 tins 35,000 210,000
13 Ordinary milk 300 lts 1500 450,000
14 Juice 4 boxes 15,000 60,000
15 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
16 Toilet tissues 10 cartons 20,000 200,000
17 Disinfectants 2 boxes 40,000 80,000
18 Medicine     1,500,000
19 Gauze 4 rolls 25,000 200,000
20 Transport     300,000
21 Communication     200,000
  TOTAL 5,013,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 00
Donations 5,000,000
Our contributions 60,000
TOTAL INCOME 6,060,000
Food 1,300,000
Drinks 945,000
Hygiene materials 568,000
Medicine 1,500,000
Gauze 200,000
Transport 300,000
Communication 200,000
Bal c/d 47,000

The items that don’t have receipts are not found in formal businesses. God bless all who give hope to the people of Uganda.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.