Report -- January, 2013.



Partners and friends, if you have a big vision to serve God in the community, funds are always needed. However, it becomes difficult to realize your vision if you don’t use the little resources at your disposal to begin a journey of achieving what you want. One step encourages you to take another. In my last years report to you, I hinted at extending our outreach services to Mukuju Health Unit. Iam happy to inform you that we got permission from the Director of Health Services Tororo district and we made the first outreach to this facility serving and sharing the word of God with the HIV patients this month. We are co-laborers with God. If you don’t take a step to work, then you hinder Gods working and blessings! We believe that the services we have been giving at Tororo hospital are going to be given to the needy HIV patients and other patients admitted at this facility courtesy of CFCD. Above all, these people need Godly counseling and care because some are widows and widowers from poor backgrounds with families that they look after. Keep standing with us to serve this community. May God bless you.


Fighting the Malnutrition Scourge Among Communities.

For the last three years, we have been supporting the Tororo hospital Nutrition Ward with cooking oil, milk, sugar and others which the nutritionist needs to come up with nutritious milk to treat malnourished children. To a certain extent we have made successes in enabling the specialists at this facility to treat these kids and there are testimonies to show of children who have bounced back in life. We have helped to reduce the death of malnourished children at this facility with the help and advice of the chief nutritionist Mr. Okia Ben. However, one question keeps ringing in my mind: For how long are we going to support children at this facility without tackling this problem at its roots? This is why in a couple of months to come, working with the nutritionist from tororo hospital, Christian Foundation will begin working in partnership with churches and mosques (if Muslims allow us) in Tororo to sensitize people and deseminate information about the dangers of malnutrition and how to fight it.

Our support to the nutrition ward at Tororo hospital will continue but if an idea like this is implemented at the village level, we can reduce the numbers of malnourished children in the community especially those who visit the main nutrition center at tororo hospital. There are several factors why malnutrition is high in this region. Although poverty is a main cause of malnutrition, other factors like ignorance, low levels of education and lack of sensitization to the communities have compounded this problem. In poor families, malaria quickens the death of these kids because it is hard for these people especially mothers to detect it. For them they simply have their beliefs especially in witchcraft but if they can be told about the use of mosquito nets, it will be an additional deterent to death of children in rural areas. With the assistance of Village Health Trainees who are easily found in villages and the local council officials, Christian Foundation will be able to achieve its goals.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Millet flour 100 kgs 3000 300,000
2 Rice 60 kgs 3500 175,000
3 Beans 40 kgs 2200 88,000
4 Cooking oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
5 Meat 40 kgs 8000 320,000
6 Potatoes 30 kgs 1200 36,000
7 Maize flour 30 kgs 2000 60,000
8 Cabages 15 1500 22,500
9 Bread 20 dz 1200 24,000
10 Silver fish 1 bag 240,000 240,000
11 Eggs 10 trays 10,000 100,000
12 Charcoal 2 bags 45,000 90,000
13 Milk 250 lgs 1500 375,000
14 Juice 5 boxes 15,000 75,000
15 Sugar 50 kgs 3000 150,000
16 Soap 6 boxes 72,000 432,000
17 Razor blades 30 pkts 4000 120,000
18 Disinfectants 2 boxes 41,000 82,000
19 Toilet tissues 15 cartons 20,000 300,000
20 Sanitary pads 40 pkts 3000 120,000
21 Tooth paste 10 dz 9600 96,000
22 Medicine     1,314,100
23 X-rays     75,000
24 Water bill 1 month   25,000
25 Electricity bill 1 month   30,000
26 Allowances     300,000
27 Communication     200,000
28 Transport     300,000
  TOTAL 5,687,600


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 00
Donations 5,500,000
Our contributions 187,600
TOTAL INCOME 5,687,600
Food 1,695,500
Drinks 600,000
Hygiene materials 1,148,000
Drugs/X-rays 1,389,100
Water/Electricity 55,000
Allowances 300,000
Communication/Transportation 500,000
Bal c/d 00

Items that are not found in formal businesses don’t have receipts. A
big thank you for all those who have supported us.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.