Report -- October, 2012.


Brethren, at Christian Foundation we give the Lord glory and honour because of your tireless work to support our ministry reach out to many who are hurting in the communities especially hospital and prisons. Although some people look at us most in the scope of evangelism and prayer in prisons and hospitals, God has given us a clear vision to look at other areas that affect the communities for the glory of his name. It is difficult to tell someone who faces hunger, poverty and disease continualy from January to December that God cares for you. What if he asks you this question: if God cares for me, why a m I hungry, sick and poor year after year? It is important to teach people how they can tap Gods blessings through hard work!

That’s why at Christian Foundation we emphasize the life of salvation in Jesus but not forgetting that people need to live a dignified life. That’s why we have programs in hygiene and sanitation, nutrition and others for the purposes of laying a foundation for development of the total man. By the grace of Good if funds allow, we shall look at empowering the communities with modern methods of agriculture to fight hunger and malnutrition.

The October month was not easy for us especially after I received instructions from the donor to send 700 dollars (an equivalent of 1,750,000 Uganda shillings) using western union to Mr. Nduume Kitoyi of St. Andrews ministry Nairobi Kenya. It realy put us in a tight corner because this is what we use in drug purchases, x-rays and other scans for the sick at least in a small way. My request is that hope4kids understands our challenges especially in the next wire. God gave us the wisdom to squeeze in our budget to purchase a few drugs for the sick and it worked. We were able to move on! God bless you.


Jim and Nancie from El-central Visited with us.

One of the things that made me happy in October was the visit of Jim Rhodes and his wife Nancie from Califonia. This couple has done great work to support our drug fund for the sick at the hospital in Tororo. Although it has been my appeal to those who support us to have enough time with us here in Uganda whenever they visit, there is no one whom we have had such a good time in ministry like this couple.

They had enough time to visit with us some of the people that have benefited in this program particularly those who received surgeries. It was all joy for the beneficiaries who gave their testimony to this couple what Christian Foundation ministry has done to them. To me, I was happy because Jim and Nancie were hearing first hand information from the beneficiaries of this program. We did a lot together like distributing dresses to children of a church that started as a result of hospital ministry at Pomede.

What made me more happy was that for the first time after a year since the authorities at prison stoped us from taking pictures in the facility, a permission was granted to me for the visitor (Jim) to take the pictures of bibles, soap, sanitary pads and other gifts when handing them over to the prisoners representatives and the prison warders on duty on behalf of the inmates. We also visited together Mayuge prison near the showers of lake Victoria (about 150 km) from Tororo where we preached the gospel and a number of prisoners came to the Lord.

At Tororo hospital, Jim helped our staff to serve the food to the sick and Nancie was very active giving hygiene supplies to the patient attendants. Although I occupied much of their time for the seven days they were with us, I have no regrets because they loved it and participated in ministry with us fully. Sometimes the roads were rough for them in villages but that is how missionary work is.



We still have a challenge of transport. Our ministry needs a van and it’s my prayer that God touches someone to provide. We need transport for the sick who get referrals and those who need to visit the hospital. Also we need it for prison ministry. May God bless you as you stand with us in prayer.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 40 kg 3200 96,000
2 Beans 30 kgs 2000 60,000
3 Cooking oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
4 Millet flour 30 kgs 3000 90,000
5 Maize flour 30 kgs 2000 60,000
6 Bananas 3 bunches 22,000 66,000
7 Meat 20 kgs 8000 160,000
8 Potatoes 20 kgs 1500 30,000
9 Silver fish 1 sack 200,000 200,000
10 Cabages 20 head 1500 30,000
11 Spices     50,000
12 Charcoal 2 bags 45,000 90,000
13 Milk 300 lts 1500 450,000
14 Sugar 50 kgs 3500 175,000
15 Juice 5 boxes 15,000 60,000
16 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
17 Disinfectants 1 box 40,000 40,000
18 Toilet tissues 4 cartons 20,000 80,000
19 Sanitary pads 20 pkts 3000 60,000
20 Razor blades 20 pkts 4000 80,000
21 Tooth bruches 10 dozen 6000 60,000
22 Drugs     500,000
23 St. Andrews     1,750,000
24 Transport     300,000
25 Post office     90,000
26 Bibles 30 copies   450,000
  TOTAL 5,555,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 00
Donations 5,000,000
Local Contributions 555,000
TOTAL INCOME 5,555,000
Food 1,172,000
Drinks 685,000
Hygiene materials 608,000
Drugs 500,000
St. Andrews Nairobi 1,750,000
Transport 300,000
Post office debt 90,000
Bibles 450,000
Bal c/d 00

Nairobi money affected our budgets so much because we were forced to slash on our expenses leaving a big deficit. For example, we have been budgeting 1,500,000 to 2000,000 shillings but this time we gave it 500,000 shillings. We also slashed on other items but still we are in a deficit on office rent, allowances and communication. we have a debt to pay.

As usual, items that are not found in formal businesses here lack receipts. Thank you for your continued support

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.