Report -- August, 2012.


Secular leaders, atheists, religious leaders and humanists all talk about good health and a world at peace. Health is very important to a human being and there is no one who wants to die cursing why he was born. That’s why issues concerning life bring people of different beliefs and ideologues to speak with a common voice. A couple of weeks ago, there was a disagreement in Uganda between the parliament and the executive pertaining the passing of the national budget. Parliament wanted 265 billion shillings to revamp the health sector and it wanted the budgets for defence and other sectors to be slashed to raise the 265 billion but the executive could not entertain any of these. There was almost an impasse and the budget got passed a few days ago after many consultations between the executive and many parliament sectoral commitees. Talk about divide and rule!


Hospital and Prison Visits..

Besides other activities we are involved in to serve the community, spiritual outreaches is a must. We have a belief that our God is powerful and gracious to save both the body and soul. Yes we deliever hygiene materials and teach about hygiene in hospital amongst our other programs but without God all our support will be in vain because our support will benefit the flesh but not the inner man. In one of the outreaches, we visited the prison with Gene toth and his friend Rich. It was a touching testimony when Rich talked about how the Lord has helped him to overcome problems after he lost his dear wife!

Gene talked about how he encountered the Lord as a young man and how the Lord has enabled him to move on in salvation without any regrets. Each word that came from our team was inspiring and it made many prisoners to accept the Lord after Eric (the writer) summed it up with the gospel from the book of John 11. Thirty eight people accepted the Lord that day. We distributed the bibles to those who accepted Jesus. Altogether, sixty people accepted the Lord in prisons and hospital this month alone. May God continue to support everyone who supports us to reach prison, and hospital.


Why were these Two Arms of Government in Disagreement?

Like most African governments, the Ugandan health sector is still wanting with maternal and infant mortality rates very high. Besides that, the many health centers constructed by the governments remain with very few staffs if any and there is no health equipments to talk about. Some of our referral hospitals are still using the outdated equipments of 1970s and 80s and sometimes items for doctors to use while treating patients are not there.

Women die in labour and simple sicknesses kill children every day. Across the political divide, the honorable members spoke with one voice and the executive found itself in dilemma. Although our executive failed to avail the billions of shillings that were needed, At least 6.5 billion for the increment of medical staff salaries was provided with a promise of coming up with a suplementaly budget for the health sector in later months which I don’t know when. We pray that the executive fulfills its promise but we give kudos to our parliament for the job well done!


Handing Over Assorted Surgical and Orthopedic Materials to Tororo Hospital:

Health challenges mentioned above are the ones that drive us to work with the medical staffs to save lives at Tororo hospital and outside. The health sector is so much strained to the extent that it needs ministries like Christian Foundation to make contributions with in their means to save Gods people. It is not enough to only preach the gospel and pray without catering for other needs which are needed to make the gospel more effective. Yes we should preach the gospel but where there is hunger you provide food, sickness you provide medicine and where there is hygiene and sanitation deficit, you teach the people about good hygiene and sanitation.

That’s why in all our evangelism and prayers in prisons/ hospital we back it with works of action and it has caused a big impact in our communities. Recently, we handed over to the hospital leadership assorted items for surgery and orthopedic use. When the hope4kids team was here, I got an orpotunity through Laura Kent to talk to Dr Dee ann (who was part of the team) about our activities in the hospital. I told her about some of the challenges we face in our outreaches and God used her to give us some of the things she was using in the hope4kids medical outreaches in villages.

It was an orpotunity for Christian Foundation to once again donate surgical materials to the hospital theater which sometimes lack such things in many ways. We were able to purchase some boxes of disinfectants and we handed them over to the Medical supritendant and staff from theater and orthopedic department. The medical supretendant and the hospital administrator thanked Christian Foundations efforts to continue standing with the staff and needy patients at a time when they need us most.

I pledged our continued support in drugs provision and supporting the Nutrition department. Thank you Dr Dee ann for your support through hope4kids.


Beatrice Namugosa got a Mouth Plate for the Lower Jaw:

This is a young girl suffering from a disease called ameloblastoma and we have been trying to help her regain her shape because all her tooth of the lower jaw are to be removed. Because of the complicity of the sickness, her days of specialized surgery have been suspended three times. With the support I got from Kent to help this young lady, we were able to add one million shillings to buy her a big plate of two million Uganda shillings. Although the operation has been extended again to December 3rd when a team of doctors from the United Kingdom will be here, iam happy that the plate is ready and what she needs now is an operation. Dr Dee ann explained to me and Laura Kent how terrible is that sickness if it is not handled early.


Prisoners got Medicine for Ring Worms:

A couple of months ago when we visited Morukatipe prison with Gene, one of the sickness that was common among prisoners was ring worms. It is a contagious disease that spreads so fast in crowded places especially where people share bedings and clothes. Prisoners share a lot of things ranging from bedings, uniforms, basins and other utensils. That’s why ring worm sickness has reached almost epidemic levels. From our drug fund, iam happy to inform you that prisoners are benefiting and we are buying for them medicine to stop it. Last month we were able to deliever a few boxes of the drug and we hope to do the same this month.



My team is continuing to preach the gospel in both prisons and hospitals. Although we have limited funds for buying bibles, we are continuing to distribute the few copies we get among those who get saved. My prayer is that the authorities allow us to take photos of prison outreaches so that we share more about our activities there. August was a blessed month, we fed the sick, gave out drugs as usual and 70 people came to know the Lord.




in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Beans 40 kgs 2000 80,000
2 Meat 25 kgs 8000 200,000
3 Cabbages 10 heats 1500 15,000
4 Cooking Oil 30 lts 6000 180,000
5 Silver Fish 1 sack 200,000 200,000
6 Spices   50,000 50,000
7 Eggs 15 trays 8000 120,000
8 Bananas 3 bunches 25,000 75,000
9 Rice 50 kgs 2000 120,000
10 Maize Flour 60 kgs 2000 120,000
11 Milk 300 lts 1500 450,000
12 Juice 3 boxes 15,000 45,000
13 Sugar 50 kgs 3200 160,000
14 Toilet Tissue 5 cartons 20,000 100,000
15 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
16 Disinfectats 2 boxes 40,000 80,000
17 Tooth Paste 10 dozen 9600 96,000
18 Tooth Brushes 10 dozen 6000 60,000
19 Drugs     1,000,000
20 Other medical 1 plate 2,000,000 2,000,000
21 Transportation     300,000
22 Communication     250,000
23 Rent     380,000
  TOTAL 6,409,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 55,000
Kent's contribution 1,000,000
Donations 5,000,000
Local contributions 428,000
TOTAL INCOME 6,483,000
Food 1,200,000
Drinks 655,000
Hygiene materials 624,000
Drugs 1,000,000
Other medical expenses 2,000,000
Transportation/Communication 550,000
Rent 380,000
Bal c/d 74,000

Items that receipts are not catered for can’t be got in formal businesses but we use them in our outreaches. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.