Report -- June, 2012.



In one of my report/news letter to our friends and partners, I talked about a challenge of a mobile clinic/ village medical outreaches. This was after we realized that there are so many people in the villages who are sick and need help but can’t afford to reach a hospital or a health center because of poverty and the distance involved. The distance wouldn’t be a big problem but even if you have the money transport means in the villages are not easy to get and when you are lucky to get a taxi or motorcycle transport, it is very expensive for a Ugandan villager who lives on 1 dollar a day. For example working with the hope4kids medical team recently, I discovered that transport from Bunyinza village to the main town of Mbale is 7500 Uganda shillings. That means that to and from Mbale is 15000 shillings which is around 6.5 dollars. It is hard for our people to get such an amount to go to the hospital for treatment something that makes them to die a painful death deep in remote villages.

This problem is not only in bunyinza village but it’s in the whole country. The government has tried to build health units at parish level but still those which are in existence face a lot of challenges ranging from lack of medical staffs, drugs and other equipments needed to provide effient health services. The villagers who are able to access health centers in most cases get disappointed when they fail to find drugs and they are told to buy them from pharmacies. On Thursday 19th July 2012 I helped to take six people with their attendants to Mbale regional referral hospital. These people were recommended to me by Angie of hope4kids when the team had a medical outreach in bunyinza village. Indeed they were roting alive with tumors, abdominal complications, bleeding issues and others.

Those ones who had managed to visit village health centers had medical forms dating as back as five months where the clinician had recommended for scans and x-rays but they had not had any. Others they had prescribed for them some medicines but they failed to buy them due to lack of money. They have been relying on pain killers. A scan fee here is expensive depending on the sickness. It ranges between 15000 shillings to 70,000 shillings. These people could not have a scan or buy the drugs not because they hate themselves, but its because they had no capacity of accessing such services which made them to surrender their life to that horible situation. It was painful to me because I remembered what I have seen in other villages of tororo like pomede, maga and others.


Christian Foundation Ministry Can Help.

Our ministry has been helping the sick to access treatment, food and referral hospitals for over three years now. Although we have been using tororo hospital as our base to identify those who realy need help and those who need drugs, Christian Foundation has the capacity to organize a team of nurses and doctors to volunteer in medical outreaches because we have been working with them to help these people get cured.

The hope4kids medical team helps but my prayer is that God blesses us so that they find us at work as they reinforce us. The biggest challenge we have is funding these outreaches because we need medicine, transport and allowances for those who participate. As per now, whenever we can we help the poor who get reffered to big hospitals for further handling and those who need surgery. However, our resources are limited because those who are hurting are many and we can only help a very small number of them.

Tororo hospital is our catchment area because the poor who manage to access this facility we try to help them using our little resources. My prayer is that God gives us the capacity to find those who are sick and hurting where they are and those with complicated cases to help them reach hospitals as we give them the hope to live.



Apreciation goes to my evangelism team headed by pastor Opio of Destiny Family Church. In hospital, they have helped to identify the critically ill who need help and where our hand reaches we have not hesitated to help them. I also appreciate hope4kids for all the support they have given us. Thank you hope4kids for being in touch with Seaside Church , Lord of Life Church and individuals like Kent and Laura, Jim and Nancie, Gene and Maama Elaine, and Pastor Larry and Maama Jeanete. Your support has made our ministry have an impact on many lives. May God bless all of you.


Activities of June 2012.

Our social worker always works with the pharmacist to distribute drugs to the sick at the outpatients department and she also distributes the needed antibiotics in wards three times every week throught the month. We served food and nutritious poriadge to the seek four times a month. Our evangelism team visited prison and four times they visited the hospital to evangelise and pray for the sick. At every visit of serving food, the hygiene education is a must! The Lord is good. This month seventy people accepted the Lord.


in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 50 kgs 3200 160,000
2 Maize Flour 70 kgs 2000 140,000
3 Bananas 4 bunches 16,000 64,000
4 Irish Potatoes 20 kgs 1500 30,000
5 Beans 30 kgs 2000 60,000
6 Meat 25 kgs 8000 200,000
7 Silver Fish 1 Sack 200,000 200,000
8 Cabbages 10 heads 1500 150,00
9 Passion Fruits 6 kgms 4000 24,000
10 Cooking Oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
11 Spices     50,000
12 Sugar 50 kgs 3000 150,000
13 Milk 280 lts 1500 420,000
14 Tined Milk 15 tins 35,000 525,000
15 Soap 4 boxes 72,000 288,000
16 Disinfectant Soap 1 box 40,000 40,000
17 Tooth Paste 15 dozen 8400 126,000
18 Tooth Brushes 15 dozen 6000 90,000
19 Toilet Tissues 5 cartons 10,000 50,000
20 Bibles 30 copies 15,000 450,000
21 Rent 2 months 200,000 400,000
22 Xray/glasses     235,000
23 Transport     300,000
24 Communication     150,000
25 Drugs     980,000
  TOTAL 5,361,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 54,000
Donations 5,000,000
Local Contributions 415,000
TOTAL INCOME 5,469,000
Food 1,183,000
Drinks 1,095,000
Hygiene Materials 594,000
Bibles 450,000
Rent 400,000
Medical Dept 235,000
Transport 300,000
Communication 150,000
Drugs 954,000
Bal c/d 108,000

The receipts of items that are not found in formal businesses in Tororo are not catered for. God Bless you all.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.