Report -- April, 2012.


Thanks All of You.

On behalf of Christian Foundation for Community Development, I thank hope4kids and all the churches and individuals that have continued to support us reach out to those who are hurting and in need of help since the beginning of this year. Gods grace has enabled us to continue to serve his people without discriminating along tribe, religion or racial lines and this has enabled us to preach the gospel in hospitals and prison and peoples embracing of the word of God is encouraging us to reach out other places beyond Tororo that need healing.

The people that we help at Tororo hospital have varrying sicknesses and sometimes those whom we feed and give drugs and help to access treatment when they get refered to other medical facilities die. However, this has not deterred us to continue with the ministry of hope. We distribute drugs and help those who get refered well knowing that Gods will must be done amongst the sick. What we do we preach to them the gospel so that when they live, they live a full life when their bodies are well and souls saved. When they die, we get consoled that they have gone to heaven because all of us at a certain point in life we shall die. It is beter to die knowing where you are going.

Recently, we lost a lady at mulago cancer institute whom our team preached the gospel. Brother Kent, Pastor Kareen and Pastor Peter all from Lord of Life church had contributed money to help her access treatment and her once being a muslim we had high hopes of her getting beter to testify about the Lords goodness. It was sad when she died.

Again in our outreaches when the hope4kids team was here, we encountered another case of a totally crippled girl called Acheng who had given birth to twins. Since her condition was delicate to make a normal delivery, the doctors found it wise to operate her when the pregnancy was seven months. This girl was staying with her grand mother who is a very poor widow in West Budama county Tororo district. The good Samaritans are the ones who helped bring her at Tororo hospital. The operation was successful and as usual we bought for her the requirements of a new mother. Since the children were in an incubator, we decided to take care of them and the mother separately. After some days, the mother became aenemic and the doctors gave her units of blood but she could not respond well to treatment.

We helped take samples of blood to another hospital for further examination and the results were that the bone marrow was not producing enough red blood cells resulting in plastic anemia. She succumbed to death and we helped the old woman to burry her grand daughter. As human beings, this is how painful the hospital ministry is. Sometimes we feel pain because when you preach to a person and feed him, you want him to recover so that he/she becomes a living testimony. However, Gods plans are not mans  plans.


Do All Die?

A person may ask himself weather all the sick at Tororo hospital that we minister to die. No!! Many people who were hopeless because of their sickness found hope in our outreaches. Many have been helped to access surgeries, x-ray scans, food and medicine and they have been discharged. With the support from the donors, the conditions at Tororo hospital have improved drastically. Wards have been painted, water provided and death cases reduced! Working together with the hospital administration and the hospital pharmacist, we have distributed drugs to the outpatients on top of distributing drugs to those admitted in wards.

The few resources we get have been used to cover a range of ministry programs in hygiene education and sanitation to the sick, feeding children and adult patients, prison outreaches and nutrition outreaches. In prison we normaly take a material blessing. We have made sure that each program gets a piece although feeding and drug distribution still take a big part of the budget. All these programs have created a big impact among the sick and the wards are no longer congested because our services working together with government/hospital authorities.


Potato D from Feed my Starving Children.

The potato D that we received has helped the sick at the hospital who have diaorea complications. Diaorea is among the number one killer diseases among children who get admitted at the hospital in tororo. This potato D has also helped the adults who come having different diaorea complications. Since it acts like a medicine, it was my responsibility to meet the medical supretendant and other medical staff to see how to give it to patients. With the help of the pharmacist and nutritionist, we are giving it to patients after educating them and their attendants on how to use it. It has helped so much in stoping diaorea. Thank you for the support.


Spiritual Harvest.

In our outreaches among the sick and prisoners, Christ is our baner. We always use the orpotunity to share Christ with those who don’t believe and God is continuing to heal and touch many to believe! Many men and women accepted Christ in the month of april and it’s our prayer that God strengthens them in their new Christian life through the churches we direct them to go. Fifty people accepted the Lord in both prison and hospital.


Pastor Opio Article.

Pastor Opio is the senior pastor of destiny family church. His church is one of those we serve with in hospital and prisons in Tororo others being Tororo Christian Center and King of Kings church.

He sent me this article.


I STILL STAND IN AWE OF THE CALL TO BE A PART OF CFCD! To think that I David Opio could be a apart of this team led by Erick, with a big heart and commitment to win others to Christ and also provide materials needs to the sick in the hospital and in prisons. Am excited about the outreach we have here in Tororo main Hospital and prisons especially Morukatipe Prisons. Each day, week and month we have a challenge and invitation to speak and share Jesus with prisoners, the sick, the dying and the strong and healthy. It is rather sad that we can’t respond to all calls due to financial constraints. It’s painful to watch helplessly as a person who would have survived die just because there is nothing “we’ can do.

One Wednesday Erick called me with agency as usual “Omwesikopi! Come! Let’s meet at the hospital” “Okay!!!” I said. Few minutes later I was there, together with Erick and Esther the lovely pharmacist we started to first of all identify the beneficiaries of our free medical supplies followed by dispensing. This time around we where not doing our usual preaching and praying for the sick before handing over the drugs rather accompanied our activities with broad smiles and “Jesus loves, you will get better, we love you and we pray for you.” A few however did invite us to pray with them, some thing we gladly did. We got so busy and by the time we knew it was late and we had to go back home. Though very tired and hungry a result of missed breakfast and lunch, I still had the grace to rejoice in the Lord for having participated.

Recently as I was in Town shopping, a well dressed lady in a typical African way. Knelt down and greeted me. She was full of smiles even though I had no idea who she was. I was embarrassed that a woman would kneel for me moreover in town, in a busy place! Anyway, she went a head and introduced herself. When she told me she was one of the recipients of the medicine at the hospitals and that as a result of our Love and humility she had given her life to Christ after she had recovered, I could not control tears of joy from rolling down my face. In fact I went silent.

After a complete silence for a minute or so, she told me “Pastor! May God bless you all and thank you for helping us.” “Amen! May God bless you too and keep in the Lord and serve Him!”

In the broken silence I had been thinking of the great sum of money we always invest into gospel crusades when actually what appears to small ministries can have double effect. A sick woman gets the much needed food, medicine or shelter and at the same time minister to others as well as bringing salvation to her soul.

Through CFCD I have heard and witnessed so many testimonies of people we ministered in a special in our prison or hospital ministries. It’s no longer strange and I am no longer taken with surprise when a young girl, elderly lady or Youngman runs to me screaming pastor! Pastor! Do you remember me? You prayed for me in the hospital or in prison. The irony is that some think we have unlimited resources that they even come knocking at our doors with other needs we can’t meet. Such may include a death of a family member, hunger among others.

I want to end this article by thanking all donors and partners, your generous contribution and support is helping us serve and save many lives. May God bless and reward all those who are each day sacrifice the little they have to share with others here in Africa. With more support put in proper use without diversion, many lives will be touched. I am one person who loothed people who run projects in Africa mainly to enrich themselves but met like Erick have changed my perception and he has made me vulnerable to him, whenever he calls me to help I run.

-- David Opio, Senior Pastor, Destiny Family Church, Tororo



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Eggs 20 trays 8000 160,000
2 Rice 50 kgs 3500 175,000
3 Maize Flour 60 kgs 2000 120,000
4 Beans 30 kgs 2000 60,000
5 Silver Fish 1 sack 200,000 200,000
6 Meat 20 kgs 8000 160,000
7 Cooking Oil 40 lts 6000 120,000
8 Bananas 4 bunches 25,000 100,000
9 Cabages 15 heads 1500 22,500
10 Spices     70,000
11 Milk 200 lts 1500 300,000
12 Sugar 50 kgs 2800 140,000
13 SMA milk 5 tins 33,000 165,000
14 Disinfectant Soap 1 box 40,000 40,000
15 Soap 3 boxes 72,000 216,000
16 Toilet Tissues 4 cartons 20,000 80,000
17 Tooth Paste 10 dozen 7000 70,000
18 Tooth Brushes 10 dozen 6000 60,000
19 Drugs     1,835,000
20 Transport     150,000
21 Internet     150,000
22 Allowances     300,000
23 Bibles 20 copies 15,000 300,000
  TOTAL 4,993,500


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 92,000
Donations 5,000,000
Local Contributions 00
TOTAL INCOME 5,092,000
Food 1,187,500
Drinks 605,000
Hygiene Materials 466,000
Drugs 1,835,000
Transport 150,000
Internet 150,000
Volunteer 300,000
Bibles 300,000
Bal c/d 98,500

As usual some receipts of items that are not found in formal businesses are not catered for. Thank you for your support.

God Bless you all abundantly for your support.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.