Report -- March, 2012.


Sawiya Zubedal.

In third world countries, there are so many needy people who need support. The poor in these countries reconciled themselves with the situation and they don’t talk much about their situation so long as they are not sick. Weather it is a single poor meal in 24 hours, lack of clothing or soap, they know that it is not easy to bring to themselves the basic needs of life. One thing that can strike a person from a developed country when he visits here is that these people have learnt to give thanks to God despite what they go through. They can listen to the word of God and if they die, they know that they are going to heaven. However, there is one thing that they share with the rich. Sickness!!! The only diffence is that the rich can afford to treat themselves where as the poor can't.

It pains all irrespective of religion, education, social status and wealth. But it becomes more painful when you find yourself sick and when you build an appetite for food or a drink you find that you cant access it because of poverty. It becomes worse when you find yourself without money for proper diagnosis and treatment. This is what makes the majority poor go to the grave with much pain. We as Christians we need to always come in to give such people a word of hope (even where there is no material provisions) so that at least their souls are saved though the bodies die in pain.

Last month we were blessed to have brother Kent from Lord of life church in USA on our team that went to feed the sick at tororo hospital. There was a lady who was once a muslin but was preached to by our team members to accept Jesus in one of the outreaches. She is called Sawiya Zubeda. This lady was in great pain because of the sickness of cancer that has attacked her. She was roting from the feet and the cancer rot was spreading towards her private parts. The rot came with pus, wounds, and a bad smell that was chasing everybody from her. I can’t describe it, it was horrible!


God Moves Kent With Compassion.

My team members and Kent could not hold back our tears and Kent was moved by compassion. What could be done to help this young lady? Kent asked. Off course the answer from me was proper diagnosis/treatment and support. I knew that unless God touches people to give it was imposible. The Lord wanted to use Kent to help this lady because the money needed was much and it was imposible for us in Christian Foundation to raise it easily. Our capacity could not even be able to purchase for her the drugs that she needs because they are very expensive and far from the reach of the common man in Uganda. Kent promised to talk to Lord of life to help when he goes back to the states and he left some money to help us take her to the cancer institute in Kampala for further investigations. She is now on treatment and there is hope that she will get better.


Who is Sawiya Zubeda?

Sawiya Zubeda was born from a small village called Kyonyo in south western Uganda on the border with the republic of Rwanda about 650 kilometers from Tororo where she is now. They were two children and their parents died leaving them in the hands of an aunt. The challenges of being an orphan in an African village drove the brother on the streets and he disappeared up to now there is nobody who knows where he is. According to Sawiya.

Time came and her aunt got a man from eastern Uganda whom she got married to. The aunt moved with sawiya since she was young to eastern Uganda where they both stayed. Luck was not on her side and the aunt died leaving her now with the husband. According to Sawiya, time came when the husband of the late aunt wanted to turn her into a wife and it forced her to go on streets of malaba town to look for survival.

She began walking boiled eggs and other foodstuffs to make ends meet up to when she caught the sickness of cancer. In all this pain, she has been depending on well wishers who give her something to eat and nurses in tororo hospital who help to clean her wounds. Although her sickness had gone beyond nurse’s help, I thank God who has kept her alive.


Many People Like her are Hurting.

For us in our hospital outreaches we encounter a lot. It is easy to find people like her who need a word of comfort from the bible. The hospital ministry needs support in all ways. Yea we preach the gospel, but what do you do when you meet a person like Zubeda? Only God bless you and you will get better is not enough. With support from hope4kids and churches like Seaside, Lord of life and my friends Jim and Nancie, we have helped many at tororo hospital access the needed drugs and other treatment. It’s not an easy task because in our drug distribution program we meet many who are hurting and our capacity is not enough to help many.

Whoever gets touched to help those who are hurting, hungry and support Christian Foundation preach the gospel in prison and other medical facilities, don’t hesitate to contact seaside, lord of life, Jim and Nancie and our great partner hope4kids. We still believe in God to touch on prison authorities to allow us send photos that we can send to you for you to see what God is doing. God touched the lives of 50 people this month who accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 30 kgs 3000 90,000
2 Maize Flour 40 kgs 2000 80,000
3 Beans 20 kgs 2000 40,000
4 Silver Fish 1 sack 200,000 200,000
5 Bananas 3 bunches 25,000 75,000
6 Cabbages 10 heads 1500 15,000
7 Meat 20 kgs 8000 160,000
8 Cooking Oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
9 Cakes 20 dozen 12000 24,000
10 Eggs 15 trays 8000 120,000
11 Spices     50,000
12 Milk 300 lts 1500 450,000
13 Sugar 100 kgs 3000 300,000
14 Passion Fruit 10 kgs 4000 40,000
15 Soap 3 boxes 71,000 213,000
16 Toilet Tissues 2 cartons 24,000 48,000
17 Liquid Soap 1 carton 35,000 35,000
18 Tooth Brushes 10 dozen 7200 72,000
19 Tooth Paste 10 dozen 10,600 106,000
20 Drugs     1,300,000
21 X-rays 6 x-rays 20,000 120,000
22 Allowances     300,000
23 Transportation     250,000
24 Internet     250,000
25 Rent Arrears 2 months 200,000 400,000
26 Bibles 30 copies 15,000 450,000
27 Charcoal 2 bags 40,000 80,000
  TOTAL 5,508,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 0
Donations 5,000,000
Local Contributions 600,000
TOTAL INCOME 5,600,000
Food 1,094,000
Drinks 790,000
Hygiene Materials 474,000
Drugs and X-rays 1,420,000
Allowances 300,000
Transport 250,000
Communication 250,000
Rent 400,000
Bibles 450,000
Charcoal 80,000
Bal c/d 92,000

Some receipts are not catered for. I mean those of items that are only found in informal markets especially perishable foods.

God Bless you all abundantly for your support.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.