Report -- February, 2012.


Partners, as you are well aware that evangelism is a cornerstone of our outreaches, we have other activities in our ministry that give hope to those who are hurting especially at Tororo hospital. With your support, we are reaching many people and the impact can be felt when you reach the tororo main hospital and the main prison at Morukatipe. The needs at these facilities are enormous and we can’t do all, but one thing I know is that any need we try to tackle things can not remain the same.

When we come in a small way, another organization can come in and eventually things will get better as we work together with our government to bring the needed help to those in need. The bible tells us that we shall always be with the poor but at the same time it tells us to always share with those ones in need. Indeed you have stood with us to take the love of Christ to those who are hurting and our God will richly bless you because giving is one of the pre-requisite to inherit Gods blessings.


The Conditions of the Sick at Tororo hospital.

Besides the common diseases that we see in our outreaches like malaria, typhoid and others, there are two common diseases that we are seeing, that is diabetes and cancer. This is why I say God bless hope4kids and all our partners. Perhaps had it not to be your support, most of these people would die with great pain. Treating diabetic and cancer cases here is not easy. Since the poor in the region who have such complications get admitted at Tororo hospital, it becomes a burden to them, their relatives and the medical staff because drugs to treat and ease the pain on these cases are very expensive. Most of the cancer patients get referred to the cancer institute in Mulago and the diabetic ones are treated at tororo hospital and sometimes there is no insulin for proper treatment. This is where we have been coming in to work with the medical staff to treat them.

Our intervention has really caused a big impact to these people. Imagine somebody who can not afford 2 dollars for transport from the village to hospital and on reaching there (hospital) to be told to buy a dose of soluble insulin which is 20,000 shillings which is almost 10 dollars. It’s like being sentenced to death! May God be blessed because of the hospital fund spearheaded by Jim and Nancie. Brother Kent from Lord of Life church in the United States had an oportunity this month to visit the hospital with our team but it was difficult for him to hold back the tears because of what he saw. But in all, your helping Christian Foundation to intervene has brought hope to many.


Feeding the Sick at Tororo hospital.

One of the activities we are proud of in our ministry is feeding the sick at the hospital. If you have ever visited tororo hospital, you have seen the patient attendants using fire wood to cook on verandas and under trees. If you can take a kin interest to know what they are cooking, you will find that the majority are boiling greens to be eaten by cassava bread. Food that a patient can’t afford to eat but because he wants to survive he has no choice. There are even those ones who can’t afford such a meal.

With the support from Seaside church and Lord of life churches, we have been able to feed these people. It may not be everyday due to limited resources but the few times we feed them in a month has given them the dignity as Gods people created in his image. Not only have we fed the sick in general but we have taken malnutrition as a special case. Working with the nutrition department at tororo hospital, we have helped them to manage severe cases by providing what the department needs.

Today, there are not many cases at the facility because the few who get admitted at the malnutrition ward get discharged and our field worker handles them in their respective villages by supplying them with the needed food and milk. God willing soon we have a plan of establishing a nutrition center in tororo to handle such cases. The severely malnourished can be refered to tororo hospital for better treatment and those ones who will need additional diet can be refered to our center for further handling. These children need to be given a chance to live.


Prison Ministry.

The prison outreach is still going on and God is continuing to save the prisoners and prison warders. We are still talking to the authorities at prison headquarters to allow take outreach photos and God willing soon or later, they will grant us the permission.


Painted Maternity Ward

I am happy to inform you that we finished painting the maternity ward. Although we didn’t hand it over to the hospital authorities officially, it now looks beautiful and fit for mothers to be admitted. There is a problem of water and broken pipes in the toilet but God willing it will be put right. The maternity ward walls were dilapidated but when you visit it today, it looks nice both on the outside and the inside. The hope4kids team members who have been visiting the hospital with us will not find the smell and a dirty environment they used to find. Your support has made our hygiene and sanitation programs achieve the results. In all our outreaches, we shall continue preaching the gospel of salvation and praying for the sick. In everything, GOD FIRST! Sixty people have accepted salvation this month alone. May God bless you all who have given abundantly.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Bananas 4 bunches 20,000 80,000
2 Rice 50 kgs 3000 150,000
3 Flour 70 kgs 2000 140,000
4 Beans 30 kgs 2000 60,000
5 Meat 25 kgs 8000 200,000
6 Cabbages 10 head 1500 15,000
7 Cooking Oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
8 Silver fish 1 sack 200,000 200,000
9 Spices 1 sack 50,000 50,000
10 Passion Fruits 6 kgs 4000 24,000
11 Eggs 15 trans 8000 120,000
12 Sugar 70 kgs 3500 245,000
13 Milk 300 lts 1400 420,000
14 Soap 3 boxes 72,000 216,000
15 Toilet Tissue 4 cartons 20,000 80,000
16 Tooth Paste 10 dozen 9600 96,000
17 Liquid Soap 2 boxes 42,000 84,000
18 Drugs     1,870,000
19 Allowances   300,000 300,000
20 Transport   300,000 300,000
21 Communication   150,000 150,000
22 Bibles 20 copies 15,000 300,000
23 Charcoal 2 bags 40,000 180,000
  TOTAL 5,420,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
Bal c/d 41,000
Donations 5,000,000
Local Contributions 379,000
TOTAL INCOME 5,420,000
Food 1,279,000
Drinks 665,000
Hygiene Materials 476,000
Drugs 1,870,000
Volunteer Allowances 300,000
Transport 300,000
Communication 150,000
Bibles 300,000
Charcoal 300,000
Bal c/d 00

Some items don’t have receipts because it is hard to find them in formal busineses here especially fresh foods. Also transport receipts are not catered for because the boda bodas (motorcycle) riders we hire to take our volunteers to villages to visit children in our program don’t issue them..

May God bless all our friends and partners.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.