Report -- October, 2011.


Dear friends, it’s my pleasure to send you the October news letter from Christian Foundation ministry. Although 2011 has been a tough year, God has used you to work with us in continuing to serve the communities in Tororo hospital and Morukatipe main prison. Here in Uganda we have a say: when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. The bible tells us that the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of man, they are of Gods might to shatter the strongholds making every thought, power and authority captive to the obedience of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:4.

The service of God needs prayer, action and patience. Had it not to be these things working in our ministry, we wouldn’t have continued to serve Gods people. The devil is not resting and our God does not slumber. What I know is that when the devil sets a standard, God will always set a standard above that one of the devil. That’s why Paul says that in every thing we are more than conquerors. Philipians chapter 4: 6 tells us not to worry but to always present our requests before God. As long as we are ready to do so, victory is ours. To all our patners, I say God bless you all for always standing with us in the work of God.


Ambasadors of Hope

One bad thing that reigns in the hearts and minds of men is hopelessness. A person who is hopeless means that he has surrendered to a certain situation. In Africa, there are so many people living such kind of life. Many people have surrendered to poverty, sickness/disease, illiteracy and so many negative forces. A person who is hopeless needs encouragement, support and love from Christ. The bible tells us that we are built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ being the chief conner stone. Men and women of God who were before us did this work and they rested in peace waiting for the crown that will be given to them by our Lord.

Many years ago in the 19th century, Africa was living without any hope. The lush green tropical forests surrounded by the harsh Sahara desert and big oceans on all sides had not got ambasordors of hope/
missionaries to take the light of Jesus to them. They were living a life of disease, illiteracy and ignorance. But God touched men in Europe who were determined to make the light shine on Africa. Wilson and Smith were great missionaries and they endured hardships to reach our continent. Today, the great foundation in education, health, hygiene/sanitation and the gospel was laid by the missioneries. Our work is to be faithful to what they did and reach many people who have not had a chance to enjoy good health, education and other basic necessities of life. These people met many challenges like tribal woriors, hunger, thirst, wild beasts and thick forests. They had no cars, mobile phones and computers but still they succeeded to lay the foundation priotising the name CHRIST!

The enemies of Christianity in Africa mislead the people by telling them that the Mzungu (white man) brought his god in Africa to subdue us and mislead us. Whenever I encounter such people, I always tell them that the white man and all people from the western world received the message of Christ as we received it. Infact I always tell them that Paul a Jew preached the gospel in present day Turkey, Greece, Italy and in Alexandria in Egypt with signs and wonders making the white man to know that there is no God on earth like the God of Abraham, Isach and Jacob who created the Universe. So the whites received the word of God and we did receive from them what they received. Friends, the word of God has always won in all situations.


Works of Piety and Projects

The first schools, hospitals and roads in Africa were built by the missionaries. This shows us a good example that these people were caring about the welfare of the common man they preached the gospel. Had these people to only preach the gospel of Jesus without teaching people how to read and write and teach about good health, their preaching would have been in vain. Christ is seen in our actions so that people believe in the one we received. Christins from The USA through hope4kids international have done great work following the footsteps of the first Christian missionaries who came to Uganda in 1877. They have held Christian leadership seminars, built health units, schools and educated many orphans and vulnerable children who were hopeless.

Through Christian foundation, they have fed the sick, provided drugs to the poorest, supported our hygiene and sanitation programs and provided relief aid to prisons. Many people’s lives have been saved because of our activities and had it not to be for the support we get from you, many malnourished children and other people who get admitted at Tororo hospital would have died. Priotising the word of God in our outreaches accompanied by these programs has helped to spread the word of God to people from many tribes and regions in Uganda. Because of the seed that was sown many years ago, you now have partners to work with in promoting the gospel. Never feel that you have not reached out to people in Africa or other parts of the world. Not all of us can find ourselves doing the work of God directly. But indirectly, your support has done great work. Weather in sending money to reach out to people or material blessing for the work of God, you have served. Our church partners, we say, thank you for reaching out to people through Christian Foundation.



Despite the challenges that we face in ministry, God has been faithful to our programs. We have preached the gospel, distributed hygiene materials, cooked food for the sick and distributed drugs to the sick. In our hygiene program, we are continuing to paint the male ward at Tororo hospital. Many people (50) have come to Christ this month. We thank you all for your support.


Transport Challenge

Brothers and sisters we believe in prayers and Gods provisions. Our ministry is in need of a vehicle to transport us in our outreaches. Every month we use a lot of money hiring vehicles and motorcycles to visit malnourished children in our program, take the sick who need x-ray services where they are and to visit hospital and prisons. Of recent God opened a way for us in another prison in Mayuge district. Stand with us in prayer so that God provides to us. May the Lord bless you all.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 30 kgs 3000 90,000
2 Bananas 3 bunches 30,000 90,000
3 Irish potatoes 20 kgs 1000 20,000
4 Beans 15 kgs 2400 36,000
5 Cooking oil 20 lts 6000 120,000
6 Meat 20 kgs 8000 160,000
7 Spices 20 trays 50,000 50,000
8 Cabages 10 heads 1500 15,000
9 Flour 50 kgs 2500 125,000
10 Eggs 10 trays 7500 75,000
11 Cakes 10 dozen 2400 24,000
12 Milk 300 lts 13000 390,000
13 Sugar 75 kgs 5000 375,000
14 Passion fruits 10 kgs 4000 40,000
15 Soap 2 boxes 72,000 144,000
16 Tooth brush 10 dozen 6000 60,000
17 Tooth paste 10 dozen 12,000 120,000
18 Drugs/xray     1,380,000
19 Debt(paint     1,300,000
20 Charcoal 2 bags 40,000 80,000
21 Trans./Comm.     200,000
  TOTAL 4,954,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
1 Bal c/d 0
2 Donations 5,000,000
3 Local Contributions 0
  TOTAL INCOME 5,000,000
4 Food 805,000
5 Drinks 805,000
6 Drugs/x-ray 1,380,000
7 Deb (paint) 1,300,000
8 Transportation/Communication 200,000
9 Charcoal 80,000
10 Ban kCharges 5,000
  Bal c/d 41,000

Receipts of items which are not found in formal businesses (especially for perishable items) in our town are not catered for. May God bless you all.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.