Report -- August, 2011.


The Rehabilitated Toilet Hand Over to the Hospital Authorities.

The month of august has been a great month since Christian Foundation begun working in Tororo. Beside our other activities in hospital and prison, we were able to hand over the toilet that was rehabilitated with the support from our partners hope4kids international. It was a great function attended by a representative of LC IV Chairman/governor of Tororo district and other political leaders. Others who were in attendance were the Director health services Tororo district Dr David Okumu, Community Development Officer Mr. Vincent Oguti, Church partners and the hospital administration.

Great speeches were given and all speakers thanked CFCD for the job well done to look into issues of hygiene and sanitation at Tororo hospital. The hospital administrator Mr. Amos Oboke and the DHS talked about the health budget constraints and made it clear to people that atended that issues of poor sanitation happen at the hospital not because they are careless but its because of lack of enough resources to do the work. The hospital administrator said that all hospitals in Uganda are facing the same problems except that organizations like Christian foundation when they come in they ease the problem. According to him, organizations like plan have come in to help but Christian foundation is the one that has tackled a very sensitive area that no any organization has come in to help

“It is a great contribution that you have made towards areas where resources are not enough” said Oboke. Many speeches were given and the hand over climaxed with the cutting of a ribbon by a representative of the district chairman. People who attended the hand over went back to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) BOD room for refreshments that were organized by the CFCD team. CDC helped us with their BOD room where the function took place.


The Christian Foundation Directors Speech that was Given at the Hand Over Ceremony.

The Political leaders, Chief Administrative Officer, Director Health services, Pastors, all invited guests in your respective capacities, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Christian Foundation for Community DVT, allow me to welcome you to this important occasion of handing over the rehabilitated toilet to the hospital authorities.

When we founded this ministry, nobody could think that we can reach this far serving the people of God the way we are doing now. Our dear guests, we never had the donors from outside Uganda but we begun doing the work amongst ourselves to serve the community. We would contribute money from ourselves to buy food and other necessities for the sick and prisoners in Morukatipe prison in a small way. In all this we prayed to God to take us a step in supplementing Governments efforts to serve the community and iam happy that today CFCD is making its contribution in a more meaningful manner than ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, all along it has been my desire to have such an occasion where by the district leaders, stakeholders and partners could witness what we are doing.

Our dear guests the primary purpose for serving in the hospitals and prisons is to preach the word of God and pray for the sick in these facilities. The bible tells us in the book of Mathew 25: 35 that I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was hungry and you fed me and I was naked and you clothed me and I was in prison and you visited me. We as Christians it’s our responsibility to care for the sick because the bible tells us to do so. Good health and food provision to the needy is a responsibility of every Christian and it is one of the prerequisites to enter heaven.


About the Rehabilitated Toilet..

Friends, one of our objectives is to make sure that the people live in a hygienic environment. The hospital staff and the public know how the rehabilitated toilet had become a health hazard to the people. I used not to feel comfortable whenever I visit the male ward because of the stench that was coming from that toilet. The patients also would feel uncomfortable but they had no option. We could not wait for the money to come from government although we knew it would come at a certain point but we felt we have a duty to serve. When we talked to the hospital authorities, they gave a nod to our plan and that’s how we begun the work.



Our dear guests, allow me to share with you little about our achievements. From using the little resources we had, the lord has enabled us to grow and serve the community in Tororo. I always hear about briefcase organizations but we are not one of them. We begun in a small way and God blessed us when he brought hope4kids international to partner with us in taking the love of Christ to the communities. They found us at work, we were not folding our hands waiting for aid from America but we were working. God has used hope4kids to increase our capacity to serve and iam happy that our services have impacted many poor who visit tororo hospital. In more than two years, we have been able to deliver relief aid to Morukatipe prison in form of soap, razors for shaving and silver fish to boost their diet.

We have supported the malnutrition ward of Tororo hospital with milk, sugar, cooking oil and other necessities whenever the funds allow. Iam happy that almost daily we give milk to children! It’s not only that our guests. We have also fed the sick in this hospital and we have provided drugs and x-ray services to the poorest patients according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Our dear guests of, iam happy to tell you that we have managed to support poorest patients to access surgeries in hospitals recommended by the medical staff here in hospitals like Lacho in Gulu and Mt elgon hospital in Mbale. We have not got the funds to do this work effectively but we believe God will provide us with money to continue doing this work.

In our hygiene and sanitation program, we have delivered materials like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and toilet papers to the sick. We have taught the sick and their atendants the use of these things and how to use them. Iam happy that today we are handing over a toilet rehabilitated by our ministry.


More are coming.

As God blesses us, we hope to paint the male ward and provide the water and washing basins in this ward. We also hope to work on another toilet for male surgical ward. We don’t have much resources but whenever God provides we shall always work because it is our responsibility as an organization to suplement the governments efforts to provide health services to the community. We know that the health budget for the country is still wanting due to limited resources but we are committed to continue working with the government whenever the opportunity comes.

Vote of thanks..

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank all of you for honoring my invitation to attend this function. I also want to thank the hospital administration particularly the medical supretendant and the hospital administrator for allowing us to serve the community in this hospital. They have made our work easier because of their support.

I personally want to thank Sister Connie Bwire for the support and love she showed us during the work on the toilet. In fact she is the one who requested me to work on the toilet but we already had the plan. Her request to me served as a catalyst to begin the work.

I thank the church partners especially King of Kings church, Tororo Christian Center, Kingdom preparation Ministry and others that I have not mentioned. They have done great work to bring a spiritual blessing to the sick and those in prison.

I also want to thank my staff. They work tirelessly to see that we serve the people of God.

May God bless you all abundantly. Great work is waiting for us. Let’s have the zeal. For God and my country.


Other activities.

A lot has been done this month. We have visited prison (unfortunately the prison authorities have suspended photography there), we have cooked food for the sick and fed the children at tororo hospital. We have also visited malnourished children that we are supporting in our program. In all our outreaches, we have not forgot to preach the gospel and pray for the sick. Pastor Charles has done this work well and according to the records he gave me 60 people accepted the Lord this month alone.


in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 30 kg 3200 96,000
2 Millet flour 50 kg 2500 125,000
3 Beans 30 kg 2200 66,000
4 Cooking Oil 40 lts 6000 240,000
5 Cabbages 10 heads 1500 15,000
6 Bananas 3 bunches 20,000 60,000
7 Meat 30 kg 7000 210,000
8 Ripe Bananas 10 clusters 3000 30,000
9 Cakes 40 doz 2000 80,000
10 Eggs 30 trays 7000 210,000
11 Spices 6 clusters 40,000 40,000
12 Silver Fish 1 sack 180,000 180,000
13 Passion Fruits 10 kgs 4000 40,000
14 Milk 300 lts 1300 390,000
15 Sugar 2 bags 250,000 500,000
16 Soap 4 boxes 70,000 280,000
17 Toilet Paper 4 cartons 12,000 48,000
18 Tooth Paste 15 doz 9600 144,000
19 Tooth Brush 15 doz 9600 144,000
20 Bibles     616,000
21 Drugs/X-rays     1,435,000
22 Transportation   150,000 150,000
23 Communication   70,000 70,000
24 Allowances     300,000
25 Toilet Deb     700,000
26 Charcoal 2 sacks 40,000 80,000
  TOTAL 5,626,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
1 Bal c/d 0
2 Donations 6,400,000
3 Local Contributions 68,000
  TOTAL INCOME 6,400,000
4 Food 1,032,000
5 Drinks 930,000
6 Hygiene Materials 616,000
7 Bibles 450,000
8 Drugs/X-rays 1,435,000
9 Transport 150,000
10 Communication 70,000
11 Volunteer Allowances 300,000
12 Toilet Debt 700,000
13 Charcoal 80,000
14 Painting 700,000
15 Bank charges 5,000
  Bal c/d 0

Friends, some items lack receipts especially those found in informal markets. The inflation here has risen to 20.2% making some prices to almost double. We appreciate your support because it has kept us moving. However, we tried to tackle every area that needs support in our ministry by dividing resources among nutrition ward, prison, food for the sick in general including paying on the debt that we incurred dulling toilet rehabilitation.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.