Report -- July, 2011.


Malnutrition in Tororo Reaching Epidemic Levels.

Since Christian Foundation begun supporting the malnutrition ward at Tororo hospital, the ministry had never encountered the challenges that are faced with this unit (malnutrition) like today. The challenges have been there but because of the number of malnourished children that get admitted in this unit each month, the problem is reaching epidemic levels.

Today, there is an average of 40 children that get admitted to this unit according to the in charge of the ward Mr. Okia. Most of the children’s mothers died of Aids and the granny’s are the ones taking care of them. Before Christian Foundation came in to support this unit to access basic foods needed to treat malnutrition, the hands of the In Charge of the unit were tied forcing him to tell these grannies and mothers to contribute money to buy milk, sugar, cooking oil and other necessities which was difficult for them. This means that many children were dying because of this problem.

Recently, the numbers have increased and it has forced us to make adjustments in our budgeting to make sure they get the support needed. Thanks be to God because these things have happened at a time when we are able to something daily to help solve the problems at this unit because of the support from hope4kids and its partners. I, personally have been urging politicians to compel government to look for money to solve this problem at least through sensitization but I have not seen anything yet.

It is not only in Tororo that this problem is escalating but even in other parts of Uganda. Last month it was reported in the news papers that children in Namutumba district Busoga region are so malnourished to the extent that some are dying of the problem. Although sometimes it happens due to lack of food, sometimes it is the level of ignorance among our communities that have compounded this problems. People need to be sensitized using radios, churches, mosques and even hospitals through outreaches like ours.

In a small way, Christian Foundation ministry has used the outreaches to share with mothers pertaining good feeding for children and we are using the experience of the chief nutritionist of the unit at Tororo hospital to visit some of the children we support in the villages with milk formula to talk with mothers and some members of the community in our follow ups. Our prayer is that many organizations and government come up with comprehensive programs to fight this vice through sensitizations and feeding.


A Challenge to Christian Ministries..

Many Christian organizations especially church ministries that visit hospitals tend to stop at preaching and praying for the sick. There is great work that can be done in hospital on top of preaching and praying for the sick especially in our Ugandan hospitals. There are so many children suffering from kwashiorkor and malasmus and it becomes funny to pray for a child with such complications to get healed without giving him/her food. Food on top of prayer heals a malnourished child. Even our Lord Jesus Christ when he was in this world would feel hungry and that’s why he would feed a big congregation

Malnourished children need nutrious foods and sensitizing the parents on how best they can feed their children. Food is medicine to malnutrition. That’s why it is important for us to identify areas of service as we serve the sick in hospitals. I normaly share with the brothers how it is more less useless to pray for a person suffering from dysentery without telling him about good hygiene. Equally it is more less useless to pray for malnourished children without sharing with mothers and guardians pertaining good feeding of children using affordable meals. When we do this, the ministry of Jesus becomes perfect!!


Hope4kids and Christian Foundation
Teams visit to Tororo Hospital.

Whenever the team visits tororo hospital with us, the sick always become hopeful. Laying hands on the sick in prayer in our outreaches has done great work and many of them have got discharged. A day after our visit with hope4kids, most people in female ward got discharged. When our field volunteers visited, they found many beds empty. The drug program and the prayers have done great work. We were blessed to have Pastor Larry of seaside church and other members who prayed for the sick. We distributed items like soap, toilet papers, toothpaste and tooth brushes. We also gave sugar to almost all the wards. Mama Jeanette Larry didn’t visit with us but she blessed us with money to buy milk for the malnutrition ward when I met her at the hotel.


Prison Ministry.

Sudden Transfer of Tororo Prison Heads. After Assemblies of God visited the prison with our team members, it so happened that the Officer in Charge of the prison and his deputy got immediate transfer afer two days. Mr. George Lenga and Tebigwayo his deputy have been God fearing men and indeed they have been a blessing to our ministry. We are happy about their transfer because last year we prayed for their promotion and God has done it. Mr. Tebigwayo is now the District prisons commander Mayuge district and Mr George is now the regional prisons commander in charge of Karamoja region. We have already got invitations to go to both mayuge and karamoja. Soon we shall visit Mayuge prisons but we are still praying for Karamoja. However, we need you to pray for the new officer in charge because he has not allowed us to take photos at this facility although we have a green light from the big people. Soon I will be meeting with him to discuss in detail pertaining the use of photos in our outreaches.

Spiritual Activities. Although I have not talked much about preaching salvation in our outreaches. It is the primary thing we do whenever we visit. Malnutrition and hygiene programs are secondary. Christ first, and others will follow. The preaching in both outreaches was done by Pastor Emma and Pastor Andrew from King of Kings and Assemblies of God church. This month alone 50 people have accepted the Lord and we have directed them to join evangelical/Pentecostal churches in their respective villages. Some former prisoners who accepted the Lord dulling our outreaches got baptized at a ceremony where my wife Suzan got baptized by the Tororo Christian Center (TCC) pastor.


in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Millet flour 60 kg 2500 150,000
2 Rice 50 kg 3200 160,000
3 Bananas 6 bunches 15,000 90,000
4 Beans 20 kgs 2400 48,000
5 Meat 20 kg 7000 140,000
6 Cooking Oil 20 lts 6000 120,000
7 Spices   30,000 30,000
8 Cabbage 12 heads 1500 18,000
9 Eggs 20 trays 7000 140,000
10 Cakes 20 doz 2400 48,000
11 yellow bananas 6 clusters 3000 18,000
12 Milk 300 lts 1300 390,000
13 Sugar 50 kg 4000 200,000
14 Passion Juice 60,000 60,000 60,000
15 Soap 4 boxes 70,000 280,000
16 Tooth Paste 10 doz 7000 70,000
17 Tooth Brush 10 doz 7000 70,000
18 Toilet Paper 4 cartons 13,000 32,000
19 Allowances   300,000 300,000
20 Transportation   150,000 150,000
21 Toilet Repair   1,000,000 1,000,000
22 Office/House   400,000 400,000
23 Communication   70,000 70,000
24 Water   20,000 20,000
25 Electricity   20,000 20,000
26 Charcoal 2 bags 26,000 52,000
27 Drugs     1,550,000
  TOTAL 5,626,000


F I N A N C I A L   R E P O R T
1 Bal c/f 42,500
2 Donation for July 2011 5,000,000
3 Local Contributions 626,000
  TOTAL INCOME 5,668,500
4 Food 962,000
5 Drinks 650,000
6 Hygiene Materials 452,000
7 Volunteer Allowances 300,000
8 Drugs/x-ray 1,550,000
9 Transport 150,000
10 Others 1,562,000
11 Bank Charges 5000
  Total Expenditure 5,631,000
  Bal c/d 0

The inflation here has made many things to become expensive. The prices of goods and foods are almost double compared to last year. Beside that, receipts of certain items are not catered for. They can only be got from informal markets.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.