Report -- June, 2011.


Every month in our ministry, God shows us something new to do for the community in our outreaches. It is imposible to solve all problems of humankind at once but whatever we do to uplift the lives of the suffering people of God matters a lot. For example making ten people to understand the concepts of good hygiene and to practice it in their respective villages/ trading centers is something great that may change the behavior of the whole community.

When you provide drugs to a poor person or child who was dying due to lack of it (drugs) can change his life permanently. Who knows what these people given a chance to live could do to change the lives of many. There are so many examples I can give but that is not very important now. Man stands because of fellow man and that’s why God uses people to preach the gospel, support the needy and to serve the people in all ways as the spirit leads them. He will never come to this world to do these things physically but he uses us.

Seaside church, Lord of life, Jim and Nancie and all that have given to support Christian Foundation to fulfill its duty, you may not know how God is using you but I want to tell you that there is great work that you have done here through hope4kids. By giving a chance to the poorest to access drugs, food, bibles and supporting the malnourished children through our ministry, you have brought hope to many who were hopeless. Spiritualy, you have preached the gospel of salvation, physically you have fed and gave them hope to live! Indeed, we have acted as your hands and feet.

When you are not here physically, don’t think that you are not serving God. The money you give to bring food, medicine, education and clean water to those in need has impacted the lives of many people in Uganda. The one who sows and the one who harvests share the blessings. We lean on each other to do Gods work because without people in Africa you wouldn’t be able to serve the community here and without you we wouldn’t have been able to reach out to them. But praise be to God who gives us the grace to continue serving him with patience and humility. May God bless all of us abundantly.


Rehabilitating Toilets at Tororo Hospital.

Friends, as you are all aware, Christian Foundation is involved in teaching about good hygiene and sanitation in our outreaches. We normaly use the orpotunity of meeting people in our outings to share with them about good hygiene because when you go deep in the villages of Uganda it is still a problem. Latrine coverage is not impressive and good hygiene is far from many people’s minds. The problem is compounded with rampant poverty which makes people to focus on working for survival (having a meal on table) forgetting that good hygiene and sanitation are very important for someone’s health. Some are ignorant of the fact that poor hygiene is the reason why many people die of diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid and others.

They need knowledge on how these diseases come. That’s why I always say that it is useless to pray for a person sick of a disease caused by poor hygiene. It’s better to teach him the causes and how poor hygiene spreads diseases. Preach to him the gospel of salvation but don’t forget to tell him to dig a pit latrine and compost pit on top of telling him to wash his hands with soap. God is a champion of good hygiene and he becomes happy when we become hygienic.

Some team members who come with hope4kids have seen the poor state of the toilets at Tororo hospital especially those of male and maternity wards. Infact one of the hope4kids team members at one time got concerned to the extent that she promised to help the maternity ward (repairing toilets) when God blesses her. But off course we can not wait for her. The toilets were built many years ago and they lack maintenance due to limited budget of the health ministry which makes hospitals like Tororo fail to repair them. There is no secret about this because whenever you have visited the male and maternity ward you have smelt the stench. At the male ward. Urine mixed with other things sometimes spills over to the veranda of the ward making patients and their attendants become uncomfortable.

The toilets are completely blocked and dilapidated. It is against this background that we decided to begin working on them using the meager resources that we get from friends/donors one by one. It is too bad to go to the hospital seeking for healing and you end up carrying other sicknesses. They (toilets) have becoming a health hazard. That’s why we have decided to work together with the hospital administration to work on them as part of our efforts to talk to people about good hygiene and to promote sanitation. We got the plumbers and they are replacing old pipes with new ones and as God blesses us with finances, we shall replace the rotten doors as we do the general repair of painting and building the cract verandas and walls.

God is continuing to do great work in the hospital and prison. As usual, this month we did our work of feeding the children and cooking food for other patients who are on treatment without good diet. We also gave drugs (which are not in hospital stores) to the sick and other items like surgical and disposable gloves which are needed by the health workers to give treatment to them.

Sometimes you find the ward in- charges when they don’t have items like syringes, canulars and gloves to treat the sick. That’s how we come in to provide what is lacking according to the need. Although we still have challenges in this program, God is working and many lives are getting impacted. At least medics are finding it somehow easy to treat the sick who get healed and get discharged because of this program. I know with time God will bless us and we shall have enough money to make this work more impacting.


The Mulago Hospital Boy.

In my last report, I talked about a young boy whom the doctors referred to the national referral hospital in Mulago. I promised to inform you in this months report how the boy is fairing. According to doctor Kasozi who is helping him, the tumor which was between the head and neck didn’t need an operation.

They gave him drugs and it begun disappearing but it developed a hole between the head and neck. According to the doctor, he now needs plastic surgery which will be done in Kampala but he is too malnourished making the doctors not to do it now. They want him to gain first before they do it. Again this is where we are coming in at least to help to support the poor parent to buy good food. We can not meet all the expenses but we shall work with the doctors and the parent to make a contribution within our means.

On the spiritual part God has done great work this month in both prison and hospital. He has touched many and some of them have been discharged from the hospital and those who are in prison have been (some) released. Our target in these outreaches is to bring many to Christ as we serve them in many other ways. Your support is not in vain. Continue to pray for us and don’t get tired to give when God blesses you.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 30 kg 3000 90,000
2 Flour 40 kg 2400 96,000
3 Beans 15 kg 2400 36,000
4 Bananas 4 bunches 12,000 48,000
5 Meat 20 kg 7000 140,000
6 Cabbages 10 heads 1500 15,000
7 Passion Fruit 5 kg 4000 20,000
8 Cooking Oil 10 lts 5000 50,000
9 Cakes 30 dozen 24000 36,000
10 Spices   30,000 30,000
11 Eggs 10 trays 700 70,000
12 Milk 300 lts 13000 390,000
13 Sugar 50 kg 2700 135,000
14 Drugs     1,028,000
15 Soap 3 boxes 70,000 210,000
16 Toothbrush 10 dozen 7200 72,000
17 Razor Blades 40 pkts 4000 160,000
18 Charcoal 2 sacks 25,000 50,000
19 Toilet renovation     1,000,000
20 Transportation     100,000
21 Communication     70,000
22 Volunteers     300,000
23 Mulago Patient     200,000
  TOTAL 4,346,000


1 Bal c/d 37,500
2 Donation for June 2011 4,000,000
3 Local Contributions 326,000
4 TOTAL INCOME 4,363,500
6 Food 631,000
7 Drinks 525,000
8 Drugs/Xray/Mulago Patient 1,258,000
9 Hygiene Materials 4,420,000
10 Toilet Renovation 1,000,000
11 Transport 100,000
12 Communication/Internet 70,000
13 Volunteen Allowances 300,000
14 Total Expenditure 4,326,000
15   37,500
16 Bank Charges 5,000
17 Bal c/d 42,500

Receipts for certain items are not catered for because they are not found in formal busineses here.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.