Report -- May, 2011.



In the Midst of Inflation and High Cost of Living,
God Still Cares.

In Uganda today, things are not well with the poor especially in villages. The inflation has risen from 6% to 16% making the lives of the poor hard. Prices for food and essential goods have gone too high to be afforded by the common man. Those responsible for the economy tell us that it’s because of the turmoil in Arab countries that have made prices of everything to shoot up because of the oil prices. Although God is providing for the sick, through our outreaches, it’s my prayer that he intervenes to stabilize the situation.

Through our partners and friends, God has not let his people down because he knows that they need life and love. Though the situation is bad especially because of peoples empty warets in Uganda, the sick at Tororo referral hospital and the prisoners in Morukatipe prison have continued to get food, hygiene materials and medicine because of your support. Think about how these people would be, had it not to be the support that you give. In fact you have given to God but not man. These people are weak, poor and sick yet they need to live. A person who is weak, sick and poor can not afford to provide himself with drugs when he is sick and he can not afford to put food on the table for himself and children. But because of your working with us, we have given hope to many people at these facilities who would die of hunger and disease.

Together, we have created an impact in the community as it is seen on the ground because there are so many people who can testify to this. Together, we can continue making a difference among the communities that we serve and our gospel will always be accompanied by actions because true gospel is that one that cares for the sick and those ones in prisons. In this, the scripture that says,” cast all your anxiety unto him because he cares for you”. 1 Peter 5: 6. When God takes care of us, it is good for us to take care of others because he loves us all. In this, this scripture would have been fulfilled in our lives. May his grace continue to drive us into his will.


Emanuel Reffered to Mulago Cancer Institute.

In our outreaches, we normally meet a lot of challenges because of the suffering sick that we encounter. The outreach of this month was no exception. We encountered the only boy of a single father who was admitted in Tororo hospital. The father was in constant tears because of this boy who was in great pain with no hope of being assisted at Tororo hospital because they have no machines to help in the diagnosis of his sickness. One of the doctors called Wabomba at the hospital refered this boy to Mulago national referral hospital Cancer Instute to a certain doctor called Kasozi who was to help him in the whole process. At Tororo hospital, he was not getting drugs and the swelling between the neck and head had developed a sore. Dr Kasozi is the one who had taken a biopsy to Mulago and they had told him that the boy had cancer. I requested for Dr Kasozis telephone contact whom I called to ask whether that kind of cancer can be treated. I didn’t want to spend a lot of resources on this boy whom I thought cancer will kill with in a short time because such resources can buy medicines that can heal more than ten people. When I called the doctor in Mulago, he told me that type of cancer can be treated and the boy becomes well. I talked to the boy’s attendant pertaining the referral and we helped with transport and upkeep money.

According to doctor Kasozi, the boy is not going to be operated. He has taken many tests and they have discovered that he has wounds in his stomach as a result of this disease. The medicines that he uses are expensive but we hope to inform you more pertaining this boy and his treatment in our June report. He is currently admitted in Mulago hospital and soon our social worker will visit him. There is a lot of needs in our hospital outreach but because God has brought us all this far, we believe in him to continue providing.

I am happy that since we last begun this ministry, for the first time we are able to support the malnutrition ward at Tororo hospital for twenty days every month by providing daily milk, sugar and cooking oil. Three days every week we are able to serve the children ward at this facility with poriadge mixed with milk, eggs and cakes. The Christian Foundation Ministry has not stoped at serving nutritious foods to the sick but also we have focused at hygiene and sanitation. Initialy we used to share with people in all wards but this time we have put much emphasis on sharing pertaining this program with mothers especially in the children’ ward.

On our three day visit every week to the children ward, the first thing we do is talking to mothers of children pertaining good hygiene and sanitation in hospital and their homes. We don’t have money for radio talk shows but we feel it’s an opportunity to meet these mothers at hospital and we share with them since they are the ones who take care of children and keep the home according to African culture. As our ministry grows, in future we are looking at using village churches as a springboard to spread this message as we monitor at how it is impacting the community.

On the malnourished children, by the grace of God soon we shall begin distributing improved protein seeds for agriculture to mothers who have land so as to reduce on malnutrition among children which is almost reaching epidemic levels and our volunteers will help to monitor how children are doing in their communities. Many people in hospital this month have come to the lord beside our other programs. The bible challenge is still big but we have tried our level best to buy a few copies that we share between hospital and prison. In all 40 people in hospital came to the Lord.


Prison Outreach and Stevens Testimony

God is doing great work in prison. I thank him because we have been able to show you what he is doing in photos at least once in two months. Many people are getting saved and released. This means that after committing their lives to Jesus a miracle is done and those who lack bail money get it and those who appear before the judge find the Lords favour. The convicts who accept the Lord also finish their jail sentence happy people.

Today there is a strong fellowship in prison. The brothers come together for fellowship and prayer every Sunday and Wednesday after work. On the may visit, they heard testimonies from our team members that encouraged them to stay firm and trust in the Lord. We were able to visit with one of released prisoner who is serving in a church across the border in Busia Kenya who gave a testimony. (some peope at both Uganda and Kenya border have homes across and they are free to go anywhere they like).

Steven is a man who has been very active in our outreaches leading prayers and praising. He was released over a month ago after spending five years in jail. His testimony was touching and you could see his patience in prison and what God did for him to come out of jail without spending even a shilling after half a decade. According to him, he was arrested after buying a stolen mobile phone ignorantly something that landed him in trouble. Little did he know that robbers had stolen it from a doctor whom they shot with bullets but luckily survived. After the intelligence trucked the phone, he found himself in a chain of young men that were netted as suspects.

He got saved that year after going through terrible pain at the hands of the most notorious security officials of the violent crime crack unit in Nalufenya Jinja district. His parents and relatives tried their level best to get him released but all in vain. After them trying and failing to secure his release, he dedicated himself to preaching the gospel in prison where himself was a prisoner. After his testimony, Pastor Emma preached about Joseph’s life in prison and his release. After the sermon, 39 prisoners came to the Lord. We distributed the few copies of the bibles that we took and after that we prayed for their sicknesses. In both the hospital and prison outreaches, 79 people accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 40 kgs 3,000 120,000
2 Yellow Bananas 10 clusters 2,500 25,000
3 Meat 20 kgs 7,000 140,000
4 Bananas 6 bunches 10,000 60,000
5 Silver fish 50 kgs 1,800 90,000
6 Cabbages 15 heads 1,500 22,500
7 Maize Flour 70 kgs 2,000 140,000
8 Eggs 15 trays 7,000 105,000
9 Cakes 20 dozen 7,000 140,000
10 Spices consolidated 30,000
11 Milk 300 ltrs 1,300 390,000
12 Sugar 50 kgs 2,500 125,000
13 PassionFruit 10 kgs 4,000 40,000
14 Soap 6 boxes 70,000 420,000
15 Razor Blades 40 pkts 4,000 160,000
16 Tooth Brush 20 dozen 7,000 140,000
17 Bibles 30 copies 15,000 450,000
18 Drugs consolidated 1,500,000
  TOTAL 4,097,500

Where receipts are not catered for, it means that the items are only found in informal open markets especially perishable foods. The inflation in Uganda is currently very high making most commodities to almost double the cost. Pray for us in Uganda.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.