Report -- April, 2011.



The Outreach Boost

Every monthly donation to Christian Foundation from our partners deserves a thank you. To all who donated to us I say thank you and may God bless you urbandantly. Our growth is both your strength and ours. I know for sure God has used you to support the suffering people in Uganda and your support has caused great impact to the hopeless people by giving them hope. Because of your support, children at Tororo hospital are being fed, the malnourished children are being supported and the poor sick are accessing drugs from our ministry. This makes me nod my head in approval as I say be blessed because blessed are the hands that give. It’s my prayer that God touches so many people to give to this noble cause and for them to come to Uganda to see what God is doing.

The month of april was a blessed month. We had the hope4kids team here who visited with us both the prison and hospital and it’s with in this month that hope4kids increased my monthly wire to cover all expenses in our outreaches. A tleast this money did great work in all our projects. I am now able to divide the money in all projects that we are undertaking at Tororo hospital and Morukatipe prison. From a mere budget of slightly over 100,000 shillings that used to come from friends of Christian Foundation in Uganda, God has enabled us to take a great step with the help of friends from USA. It used to be difficult to use this money to only feed one ward at the hospital but now we can feed all the wards although not on a daily basis.

The 4,000,000 shillings that Angie decided to send us has already begun impacting the lives of both the old and young who can’t access treatment in private hospitals and have a good meal to eat when they are sick. The hospital authorities are very cooperative in what we are doing and by the grace of God, soon Nagongera health center (IV) will begin to benefit from our programs. My desire is seeing the poor from rural areas having the hope of living other than dying like chicken due to lack of drugs. After we have given them hope of physical healing, then the gospel of salvation can have a meaningful impact to them because the inner and physical person will be in unity to praise the Lord.


Turning Point in Hospital Outreaches

Over a year ago when I met Kent and Laura, and Pastor Phil of Lord of life church in USA , I didn’t know that God had intended to bless the people of Uganda through them by supporting our ministry. Their donations to feed sick children and malnourished ones has improved on my monthly wire from hope4kids. Food is part of treatment but without drugs a person can’t have complete healing. My meeting with Jim and Nancie at Tororo hospital dulling our outreaches last november became a turning point in our ministry. They were moved to do something about the poor sick at Tororo hospital after encountering a man who was dying due to lack of money to only buy a dose of antibiotics of about 2 dollars. When I told them that it’s a general problem and most people die due to lack of drugs and how my ministry is unable to provide such things due to budget constraints, he was touched and promised to help. He talked to friends in USA who came in to support the hospital fund for the sick.

I am not saying that the government is doing nothing about it but due to budget constraints of the ministry of health, it is a common thing to find curable diseases killing people in Uganda because of lack of drugs. It is difficult for the hospital to have all drugs and sometimes you find when they totally don’t have them making the work of the medical personel difficult. This is where we come in to save the situation because most drugs are a far reach of the poor who equally need life and have families to take care of. We buy drugs which are lacking in the hospital for the poorest of the poor that cant afford them and we buy at a retail price to cover the gap. Next time when the hope4kids team comes to Uganda , they shouldn’t expect to find the wards congested because we are providing drugs to the sick whose life is saved and get discharged. Infact since the beginning of this month the congestion has reduced drastically because after prescription, the sick get drugs and they get healed.

Seaside, your beginning to support Christian Foundation was not in Vain. You now have Lord of life, Jim and Nancie Rhodes working with you to make us reach many people. Many people now are being impacted by your support. By the grace of God, other areas of Uganda which are hard hit by poverty and diseases shall be reached when God blesses us the more.


Hope4kids Team Visits Prison and Hospital with us

In some of our outreaches, we had an orpotunity to visit with the hope4kids team when they were here. We visited both the prison and hospital so that they acquaint themselves with what an African patient goes through. They also visited with us the prison and they witnessed what God can do to change the lives of those who commited crimes and those who are suspects. It was great because in prison after Pastor Raul from Lord of life shared the message of Christ, 61 prisoners accepted the Lord. We had also carried with us soap and razorblades for hygiene purposes. In hospital, it was a great day for us to visit with the team. The team had bought sugar and soap and the ministry had cooked food for the sick. They joined us abit late when we were serving food to the sick. Pastor Emmah of King of Kings church had preached the gospel and 30 people had accepted the Lord. The team joined us to pray for the sick and everybody got blessed because of this outreach.



Received: 4,000,000 shillings Ug shs.
Total money used: 3,943,000 Ug shs
Balance: 57,000 Ug shs

in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Soap 6 boxes 70,000 420,000
2 Sugar 50 kgs 2,500 125,000
3 Razor Blades 30 pkts 4,000 120,000
4 Cooking Oil 20 lts 5,000 100,000
5 Milk 250 lts 1,300 325,000
6 Eggs 20 trays 7,000 140,000
7 Cakes 40 pkts 2,000 80,000
8 Silver Fish 1 sack 160,000 160,000
9 Poriadge 50kgs 1,500 75,000
10 Rice 40 kgs 3,000 120,000
11 Beans 30 kgs 2,400 72,000
12 Meat 30 kgs 7,000 210,000
13 Bananas 9 bunches 10,000 90,000
14 Spices 30 pkts 40,000 40,000
15 Cabbages 30 head 1,500 45,000
16 Fruits 15 kgs 4,000 60,000
17 Yellow Bananas 8 clusters 2,000 20,000
18 Charcoal 3 sacks 25,000 75,000
  Sub Total 2,277,000
19 Drugs     1,301,000
20 Bibles 15 copies 15,000 225,000
21 Transport (prison)     70,000
22 Transport (hospital)     70,000
  Sub Total 1,666,000
  GRAND TOTAL 3,943,000

Where receipts are not catered for, it means that the items are only found in informal open markets especially perishable foods. The inflation in Uganda is currently very high making most commodities to almost double the cost. Pray for us in Uganda.

Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.