Report -- March, 2011.



The Long Search for Nights Relatives.

The hospital outreach began on 18th march 2011 with a search for Nights relatives in Bukedea District. Night is a lady who was brought to hospital unconscious by the police after she was raped by the thugs in Malaba town. We have been working with the hospital medical personel to give her drugs and to provide her with food, soap and others on top of paying attendants who have been taking care of her. God has granted her the healing (although it is coming slowly) because she gained consciousness and her speech is getting perfected although she is yet to gain sanity because after gaining consciousness she could not speak.

According to the medics at Tororo hospital, her condition is okay and what she needs is someone to help her perfect the speech and to help her walk properly.

Because keeping her in hospital is expensive, we sent one of our volunteers with a photo to Malaba to look for her relatives. Fortunately or unfortunately, the person we sent got a lady who offered to help us locate her people in another District called Bukedea in eastern Uganda. Pastor Peter of Kingdom Preparation Ministry escorted us to look for her people. We left for Bukedea at mid-day on 18th march to look for her people in Kidongole Sub County. It was unfortunate because our guide took us to Bukedea basing on what Night told her before she fell sick and fortunate because she took us back to Malaba to people she suspected were her relatives. We drove everywhere asking people in all trading centers in the sub county weather they know the sick person but we failed to find her relatives.

Our guide had told us in the middle of the journey that she doesn’t know the relatives of the sick person but she was basing on what she told her before she got problems. It was a big burden to us because here we are carrying a sick person whom we don’t have any blood relationship and some of us had fear for legal implications in case anything bad happened to her. We brought many ideas on board on how to help Night including me taking her to my home to take care of her and taking her to police so as to get assisted to locate her people.

Remember, the hospital authorities had written a discharge report which they gave us and the police in Tororo had given us an authorizing document to take her to her relatives. We were torn between me taking her to my home and taking her to police for help. At this moment whatever we said we were very conscious because we didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the law. Infact iam the one who brought the idea of taking her to police so that we work together to get her people. It was not because I was tired of her but I was bearing in mind the repurcations should anything bad happen to her. The bible says that we should be wise as serpents and calm like doves. God does not want us to be foolish and we land into problems. After some deliberations, we decided to drive and take her to Bukedea police station.


At Bukedea Police Station.

What took us to Bukedea police station was to seek for help. In fact we had wanted the police to give Night safe custody as we work together to look for her people. Here, the police could not help instead they advised us to take her to a bigger police station in Kumi district where they said that there are facilities to keep her safe. As we were still stranded, one police officer told us that he knows Night. According to what he told us, he used to meet her at a certain restaurant in Malaba and the owner of the restaurant used told him that she comes from Mukula in Soroti district.

We left Bukedea at 7:10 p.m going to Mukula. We still failed to get her people and opted to look for help at Kumi Police station. The district police commander was good because after narrating him the story, he immediately called the community liason officer and the welfare officer so that we get a solution. We learnt that the only facility they had was a cell with women inmates. When we went to check the cells, the conditions were horrible. Deep in the night, we decided to bring her back to Tororo to seek help from police.


At Tororo Police Station.

We reached Tororo at 3:30 am the following day in the morning. We went straight to police to seek for help of taking her to the people whom our guide claimed were her relatives in Malaba. In fact our guide told us that they are the ones who brought her to Malaba to work for them as a house help but later denied her. The Tororo police called Malaba police station to give us the assistance needed. We drove to Malaba police where they gave us assistance to arrest the people who brought her to Tororo but deliberately refused to give information as to where she is born. Prior to that when we were in Bukedea, we got a contact of one of these people but when we asked them where Night is born they denied knowledge of it. Our intention was not to jail them but we wanted information pertaining where she is born. We arrested them and one of them led us to another. I told Pastor Peter and Dafin that the patient is going nowhere back to hospital and even our homes. We must get her people so that we we give help when they are with her. She either remains with them or the police takes her on behalf of the government.

I told them that it will be cheaper for the ministry to help her when she is with her relatives and to work with police to locate her people. Pastor Peter understood my position. He opened the door of the car, brought the sick out and together we helped the sick to enter the house of one of the relatives. The denials immediately stopped! We gave the things that I had bought for the sick to help her and the police instructed them to take care of her. I and pastor peter collected 30,000 shillings from our pockets to begin with helping to buy her food that day. The following day, Daffin, I and Peter went back to see her. They had bathed her and she looked clean!! I assured them of our help once they tell us the truth and I pledged to continue helping her.


The Condition.

Compared to how she was when we first saw her, the condition has greatly improved. She can now sit, walk unsupported, (though she needs someone near her) and her speech is getting perfected. Remember she was not speaking before we came in to help. Her only problem is that she is still mentally not stable. The information we got is that before she got this problem, she was very normal.


Mission Worthy.

It has been expensive to maintain her in the hospital for the last three months that we have finished with her but I thank God because of what he is doing in her life. Many people approached me to give this lady help and iam happy that she has not died. It is good to always be faithful to our mission. When you begin something good, it is good to be patient and faithful to accomplish it.


Visiting the Sick at Tororo Hospital.

Seaside church, Lord of Life and Hope4kids, I will always say thank you for your support. Your standing with Christian Foundation in its outreaches has given hope to many in the community. God has stood with us through you and my dream for Christian Foundation is getting fulfilled. I prayed and I believed that one day the ministry will help the sick in hospital/homes by giving them medicines and food. Iam seeing God doing it now.

Since last November when I met Jim and Nancie, our discussion pertaining the fund for medicines to the sick in Tororo are bearing the fruits. Two people have been operated upon in hospitals with better facilities in Mt elgon hospital and Lacho hospital. We have helped others to access x-ray services and we have bought drugs for those who can’t afford. Though we have not realized our target as we had anticipated, we thank God because out of our small budget, we have managed to squeeze and do something for the sick. I believe soon or later we shall be able to meet our target in all the wards at Tororo hospital. Your responding to my appeal has encouraged me to continue in advance in Gods service. Our government hospitals are rarely stocked with drugs and it’s where the poor go.

Your support is very much appreciated. For sure, it is hard for a person who lives on less than one dollar a day to be able to buy a dose of duocotexin tablets for malaria which is now 10,000 shillings (about 4 dollars) in some places. He has to decide between food and medicine which can take him 4 days to save that money. The few people we can help now can walk with their heads tall because now they have the hope of living.I now have a list of people whom I say thank you for making the people in your churches and communities know that Gods family is large and that in Uganda there are people who need their help to live.

The encouragement in the bible is that we remember the poor especially widows and orphans. Gene and Elaine thank you for your efforts! Jim and Nancie, continue with the good work. Pastor Larry, Pastor Phil, Kent and Laura God bless you. The hospital outreach was good and many people came to the Lord. We were able to support the malnutrition department and to feed the sick. 30 people came to Christ.


Prison Visit.

After a few visits to prison without bibles to give to prisoners who get saved, we were able to squeeze from our monthly wire to buy a few copies. The prison outreach is good for gospel ministers. The prison gathers people of all categories and it is an opportunity to minister to them. It would be difficult for some of them to pay attention to the gospel had it not to be prison. The educated, illiterates, Politians and many others including petty thieves are found in prison. It gives us an opportunity to share with them Gods word and to let them know that he cares for them and he wants them to turn away from their sins.

The prison community also needs the services that we offer other suffering people of God because of the conditions they live in. We have seen some of them dying in hospital due to lack of drugs. A few days ago, I shared with the prisons commander Tororo and he told me about this challenge. Their health unit is totally without drugs and when they take sick prisoners to the main hospital in Tororo, they sometimes find the same fate waiting for them. In future God willing we shall squeeze our budget to buy them few drugs.


The District Governor Accepts the Lord.

At one time dulling our prison visit, the deputy Officer in Charge prison and his family accepted salvation. Now it was turn for the district governor Mr Martin Etori who accepted Jesus Christ dulling our visit. This man was jailed because of political and land quarrels with his opponents. We have known each other for along time and we had shared the word of God before. When the O.C invited me to talk to the inmates, my first word was about his good leadership skills and how people wished him well in all his trials. I told him before the prisoners that he is not the first person of high standing to be in prison. I talked about men of God including Peter, Paul and Joseph.

I told him and the audience that Jesus Christ who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords was at one time a prisoner of the Jews. My message to him and the rest of the prisoners was that God wanted to show them that he is more powerful than human beings and he wanted them to listen to the good news since they failed to believe in Jesus when they were free outside jail.

Pastor Emma of King of Kings gave a moving message that day. He talked about Jesus when he was crucified with the criminals. One of them mocked him and he could not show any kind of remorse to repent his sins. Instead this man who was criminal was bullying Jesus. But the man on the right rebuked him by saying that you don’t even fear God. For us we deserve what we are going through but this man is innocent. He repented and told Jesus to remember him when he reaches in his kingdom. Immediately he was forgiven by Jesus when he said verily I say unto you we shall be together in paradise. Pastor Emma told the inmates to behave like the gentleman who allied himself with Jesus and repented.

Some people even your fellow prisoners may mock you when you accept Jesus but its better for you to stick to Jesus who can rescue you from the physical and spiritual bondage. You who doesn’t want to ally with Jesus by accepting him this is your time because to repent because when you behave like the criminal who mocked Jesus you will not be forgiven. That criminal went to hell that day. Emma said. After the sermon, 35 people came to the Lord. Emma led them into a prayer of confession and we prayed for their sicknesses. We gave them the bibles that we had brought. Although they were not enough, we rejoiced because of their accepting including the district head.



Received: 2,000,000 shillings Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 308,000 Ug shs
Total: 2,308,000 Ug shs

1 Rice 15 kg 3,000 45,000
2 Beans 8 kg 2,400 19,200
3 Sugar 50 kg 2,500 125,000
4 Milk 150 lts 1,300 195,000
5 Meat 12 kg 6,000 72,000
6 Bananas 3 bunches 10,000 30,000
7 Silver Fish Half Sack 100,000 100,000
8 Passion Fruit 4 kg 4,000 16,000
9 Yellow Banakas 6 clusters 3,000 18,000
10 Eggs 10 trays 6,500 65,000
11 Spices   15,000 15,000
12 Cooking Oil 20 lts 5,000 100,000
13 Soap 4 boxes 70,000 280,000
14 Razor Blades 30 pkts 4,000 120,000
15 Bibles 30 copies 15,000 450,000
16 Drugs     88,800
17 Transport 2 Prison   35,000 35,000
18 Transport 2 Bukedea   200,000 200,000
19 Charcoal 2 sacks 25,000 50,000
20 Debt      
21 Medical Bill     276,000
22 Internet Services      
  GRAND TOTAL 2,308,000

Some items like soap, sugar were divided between three programs namely prison, nutrition department and the general hospital program. As I always remind you, some items don’t have receipts especially fresh foods. They are found in markets but not in formal businesses. In Uganda the economy is not doing very good and the inflation is very high making commodities very expensive. Prices of certain commodities are almost double.

God bless you all.
Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.