Report -- February, 2011.



Aids Patients at Tororo Hospital.

Tororo district is Uganda’s gate way to the coast of Mombasa that serves the land locked countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Congo and recently Southern Sudan. Because of its strategic location, many people especially truck drivers and business people head to Malaba daily on their businesses and the population in Tororo has become the biggest victim to Aids because people who search for sex and sex workers are many in the district. I don’t have the statistics of every district to know the percentage of aids patients but when you visit Tororo hospital in all wards and you interview the patient attendants, you feel the magnitude of the problem.

The women ward is the most hit. On our recent outreach, I interviewed 30 patient attendants in the women’s ward about the sickness of their patients but I discovered that 12 out thirty had aids. Among these was a young girl of 12 years who was being taken care of by her equally young two sisters who are aged 14 and i6 years respectively. They have no father or mother. This is a big problem to the country because people tend to have relaxed about the sickness making it to ravage entire families.


What can CFCD Ministry do in Future?

As I informed you in my previous reports, our work as a Christian ministry goes beyond preaching the word of God and we involve ourselves in other activities that give God glory besides preaching good news about Christ. We shall use the opportunity that we have to visit the hospitals and talk about the dangers of aids and advise the sick and their attendants on how to live positively. We shall use an aids counselor (whom we shall give a small allowance) to communicate this message and off course we are ever ready to also use a Christian approach to make these people live a dignified life with Christ at the center of everything.

The aids patients at Tororo hospital are among the most vulnerable because they are poor. Most of them (including children) have no good diet and testing the CD4 count is hard because there is no machine to do that at the hospital as per now. They take their CD4 count once in a month to Mbale town for testing, something that makes the patients suffer with no anti retrievals drugs yet somehow they can access them if they are lucky. They are given septrin and when the conditions become so bad especially on maintenance in the hospital, they go home to die.

We have been providing money to the attendants to take blood samples for CD4 count testing in Mbale.These are few patients we are able to help and some have been able to access ARVs. We can’t do all but we shall always use the few resources to help the sick in Tororo.


Night Recovering.

The hospital fund for the sick is doing great work. People who had no hope of living are now getting saved from the diseases that would have killed them. In my last report I talked about a lady called night who was gang raped in Malaba by lumpens and drug addicts. Everybody new that this lady would die because when she was brought, she was unconscious. Iam happy to announce to you that this lady gained consciousness and now she can try to walk and feed herself something that she was unable to do. It has not been easy for us to take care of her because there is no relative who has ever come to claim her. However, we have hope that when she gains her speech properly, she will be able to talk to us. We have spent money to hire people to attend to her but it is worth spending. She is gaining her speech although her mind seems to be upset. I thank God that our message has not stoped at catering spiritual needs but also health, physical and material needs of the sick.

In our outreach, many people came to the Lord! Our team members have done great work to link those who accept Christ to churches in their respective villages. We have seen a church emerging in Pomede because of our ministry and it’s my prayer that people who accept the Lord continue to be firm in their salvation. Pastor Emma gave a good moving message that made at least 30 people to accept the Lord. He talked about the lady in the bible who suffered with the issue of blood for a long time. The moment she believed that even touching the garment of Christ she can get healed, she got the answer for her problem. As part of our outreach, we served the food that we cooked and we gave out a few soap, tooth brush and others for their personal hygiene.



It’s unfortunate that my camera got lost and I can’t send you the photos. In April when my friend Angie brings me one, I will be able to send you enough photos as I have been doing. (This report contains photos from a previous report. Only the receipts are current. --Editor)

The prison ministry is a wonderful ministry and God is doing great things. Although we are still limited with resources to buy bibles for those who accept Christ. A word of comfort and encouragement that the prisoners get has made those who believe in the Lord to stand firm. I believe in the Lord to provide enough resources for this ministry so that they can continue to learn the word of God. The problems prisoners face in Tororo are like those faced by the rest of the members of the community. They lack drugs and they fall sick, they lack the basic needs of life and others. We have not managed to solve all their problems but with the help from friends in the United States of America through hope4kids, we have made our contribution. We have delivered soap for washing/bathing, razorblades for shaving their hair and we deliver silver fish to improve on their diet.

Some people may not understand why we do this because they take all people in prison to be criminals but it’s not like that in Uganda. In fact when people find themselves in prison behind bars, that’s when they appreciate the pain and sorrow these people go through. Beside that, it’s not good to see someone sick or in prison and you say God bless you and stay cool. The gospel accompanied by a material blessing demonstrates Gods love to these people and it has helped us to improve on the quality of the gospel preached in prison facilities. After all God tells us to remember those who are sick and in prison. Simon Owor preached a simple message from a common scripture from the book of John 3:16. It says, for God loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

He generally talked about the love of God and how it is important for those who are in prison to believe in him if they are to lead a life worthy of children of God. After preaching the gospel, 25 of them accepted the Lord. If anybody loves prison ministry, please don’t miss a visit with us on our outreaches when you are in Uganda. Where you think people commit suicide and are sorrowful, you will find people singing and dancing for the Lord. That’s what the Love and power of God does!



Received: 1,500,000 shillings Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 1,000,000 Ug shs
Total: 2,500,000 Ug shs

1 Rice 20 kgs 2,200 44,000
2 Beans 8 kgs 2,000 16,000
3 Sugar 50 kgs 2,500 125,000
4 Cooking Oil 23 lts 5,000 115,000
5 Meat 10 kgs 6,000 60,000
6 Bananas 3 bunches 10,000 30,000
7 Cabages 8 heads 1,500 12,000
8 Spices   15,000 150,000
9 Passion Fruit 5 kgs 4,000 20,000
10 Ripe Bananas 6 clusters 2,500 15,000
11 Eggs 10 trays 6,500 650,000
12 Milk 150 lts 1,300 195,000
13 Silver fish Half Sack 80,000 80,000
14 Charcoal 2 sacks 25,000 48,000
15 Soap 6 boxes 60,000 300,000
16 Razor Blades 30 pkts 4,000 120,000
17 Tooth Brush 6 dozen 4,800 28,800
18 House Rent   600,000 600,000
19 Internet Services   8,000 8,000
  Sub Total 1,896,800
1 Rice 30 kgs 2,200 66,000
2 Beans 15 kgs 2,000 30,000
3 Passion Fruit 5 kgs 4,000 20,000
4 Millet Floor 10 kgs 1,800 18,000
5 Drugs   100,000 100,000
6 Patient Attendant   180,000 180,000
7 Detergent Soap 1 tin 23,000 23,000
  Sub Total 437,000
  GRAND TOTAL 1,098,300
  BALANCE 901,700

Comodity prices have gone up here and receipts of some items are not catered for because such items are only found in informal busineses. The patient who was admitted in northern Uganda is still there being monitored by the doctors. According to his attendant, he is likely to be discharged this week. My prayer is that God creates a way to clear his medical bill because I can’t tell how much it will be. I will keep you informed. Also the church in pomade that was born as a result of hospital ministry is still growing.

God bless you all.
Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.