Report -- January, 2011.




A few weeks ago on our hospital outreach, we encountered a young lady who was gang raped in Malaba town by suspected Kenyan and Ugandan thugs who are drug addicts at the two Boder towns of Malaba. The police could not apprehend anybody pertaining this crime but they managed to rescue this lady whom they brought to Tororo hospital. According to the information that we got from nurses, she was unconscious and bleeding when she was brought to hospital. Up to now she has not regained her speech.

She was given first aid and because there were no drugs at the time, she finished three days without any treatment according to the sick neighbors whom we talked to. By the time we came in to help, this lady was dying of hunger although she had finished partial treatment that she received later. There were no antibiotics (some) in the hospital that she needed and we could not waste time except to help and buy her some of the antibiotics that were lacking.


No Relatives.

This woman has nobody to take care of her. After looking at the condition she was in, I remembered the story of the good Samaritan in the bible. The good Samaritan rented an inn for the person who was attacked by the enemies and hired somebody to take care of the victim at a fee. Since the Police picked her from Malaba, we suspect her people reside there. There is a phone contact we got which somebody told us that it is for her relative but the guy denied knowledge of her. Since she can’t speak, it is hard up to now to know her relatives. With in that week, I met a friend of mine called Dafin and I told her about this horrible act. I went with her to the hospital and she sacrificed to give the initial help of bathing, feeding and washing for her the rags she was covering herself with.

Unfortunately, Dafin could not continue to help because she is a married woman with a family to take care of. This necessitated me to hire someone at a fee to take care of her. However, Dafin comes to see her whenever she can with at least a flask of porriade for her to take breakfast. It has been difficult to get people to attend to her continuously because of the condition she is in. We rely on poor patient attendants in hospital whom we hire for a fee because they have their own patients to attend to.

Normally, we hire them for a week and when their patients get discharged, we try to get others to do the same work. We found this lady coiled in bed without anything to cover herself but God is good because a good Samaritan called Margaret (of Tororo Orphans Club) bought her a bed sheet to cover herself. The legs were paralyzed and there was nobody to help her respond to natures calls whenever she would feel like going for one. In other words, she would respond to calls on her bed and the whole ward would be filled with a stench. I believe the medics were stranded with her not knowing what to do. We have been buying for her antibiotic drugs and I talked to a nurse to be injecting her with the drugs that we buy.

Also the hired attendant gives her the drug tablets to swallow in time. The arms and legs are paralyzed and we are now using the aromatherapy to massage her so that she gains the flexibility of the muscles to walk. We have done everything to help her because even one of our team members offered to take her for ultra sound scan to see what could be in her lower abdomen where she was feeling a lot of pain especially when siting. Iam now happy that she can sit without difficulty and she can walk when somehow supported. We are doing everything with the advice from the medical staff at Tororo hospital. Although it is expensive to treat her, we believe that soon God will heal her. We also talked to doctors to examine her blood to see weather she contracted HIV. Fortunately, the results show that she is HIV negative. She is no longer unconscious but she seems to have a mental problem may be because of trauma and she has not regained her speech although she can now smile.

The bible says that those who are well don’t need a doctor but the sick need one. That’s why Jesus used to eat with publicans, sinners and tax collectors. This woman may have landed in the trap of lumpens but God loves her. He even loves those who did such an act so that they repent and experience Gods goodness. By extending a hand of help to save the life of this woman, when she totally gets healed and gains his sanity I believe she will have a big testimony and many people who are seeing her in hospital will come to know Jesus because of his goodness. It’s not only this lady benefiting from our services in this hospital but also there is another lady who has HIV and we have been helping to buy her drugs to treat symptoms. We helped her test CD4 count in Mbale because she was in a bad condition. Now she has been started on Anti Retroviral Drugs because of our quick interventions. The people in hospital are now realizing that God is good after seeing what is taking place in the life of this lady.


Bwire Helped to go for Further Treatment in Lacho Hospital Gulu.

Mr Bwire is one of the lucky sick people at Tororo hospital to benefit from our fund for the sick. For quite some years, he has suffered with a urethra problem. Pastor Charles of Pomede is the one who brought him to my attention when he told me about his problem of raising money for treatment/surgery. Indeed when he took me to this mans home, I saw how needy he was.

What Tororo hospital does to help people with such cases is to give them a tube to help them pass urine through the hole made on the lower abdomen. Bwire had suffered with a lot of pain for a long time but thanks for the partnership between CFCD ministry and its USA partners. A week ago, we managed to send him to Gulu for an operation in Lacho hospital. Lacho hospital is cheap and its one of the few that do such operations in Uganda. The few others that are able are too expensive for most people. A few days ago he was operated and the operation was very successful. We are proud to be part of this noble cause! This gentleman tried to sell part of his land to raise money to access good treatment but it cant fetch enough money. Thank you Jim, Nancie and other partners to help the sick people of Uganda. May God bless you abundantly.


Hospital Ministry.

A message of salvation accompanied with a plate of food brings hope to many people whom we minister to in hospital. Although we have encountered people who don’t accept Christ in our outreaches, the act of serving food to all without discrimination has made those who don’t believe in Christ to acknowledge that there is divine power that moves us to serve God in hospital. The seed is sown amongst them and it has been easy for other ministers to lead them to salvation in their respective villages. At least we have met many testifying to this. My team and gospel ministers from different churches who minister with us have done great work! The kingdom of God expands whenever we go out to minister. Sometimes we feel sad because of the problems we encounter that the sick people face but when they accept Jesus together with their attendants, we rejoice.

The flesh can die but when we are in the Lord we shall never die. For Jesus tells us that he is the resurrection and life. Whoever believes in him will never die. We shall be with the Lord in heaven. Simon Owor from Tororo Christian Center preached a good message from the book of Mathew 20:30-34. It says: Two blind men were siting by the roadside, and when they heard that Jesus was going by, they shouted, “Lord, son of David, have mercy on us!” the crowd rebuked them and told them to be quite, but they shouted the louder, “Lord, son of David, have mercy on us!”

Jesus stoped and called them. “What do you want me to do for you?” he asked. “Lord,” they answered, “we want our sight.” Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Imediately, they received their sight and followed him.

Owor told the listeners about the faith of these men who were blind. Despite them being blind for a long time, they could not miss the chance of receiving their sight when Jesus was passing by. Some of you have suffered with sickness for along time but its important to listen to the words of the gospel whenever a preacher tells about Jesus. He passes here everyday through his men who preach to you. I know there are so many voices that shut you down, that tell you not to accept salvation. I tell you when you continue calling on the name of Jesus and you don’t pay attention to such voices, you will get saved Jesus will heal your diseases. Says Owor.

These blind men could not listene to what those rebuking them said. They focused on Jesus and said son of David have mercy on us. The bible says that Jesus had compassion on them and asked, “what do you want me to do for you?’ “we want our sight” they said. Jesus touched their eyes and immediately they received their sight. When you focus your eyes on Jesus and you don’t listen to many voices that discourage you, salvation and healing comes your way! Jesus is ever ready to do you good. Even now he is asking what do you want me to do for you. The onus is on you to open your heart and tell him what you want. I tell you brothers and sisters that when you give your lives to Jesus today, you will begin experiencing the Lords goodness. After ministering in all the wards, 35 people gave their lives to Jesus. We also prayed for the sick people in all the wards and many of them have been discharged.


Prison Outreach.

The day we visited hospital was a Friday and off course we could not take long to go to prison since the Lord had blessed us with money to buy the things we normaly take. I talked to the Officer in Charge of the prison who gave me a go ahead although he was not sure weather many prisoners would attend because the Anglican Bishop was visiting the prison to confirm the children of prison warders and a few prisoners of the Anglican faith. I told him that we shall minister to those whom the Lord will give us. I thank God because when the born again team in prison learnt about our coming, they made preparations for us to minister and many prisoners attended the service. We also received information about the administration changes at the facility. From today team members, when you come to Uganda and you want to visit with us, know that the women wing is now autonomous from the men’s wing.

We got a chance of ministering to both men and women prisoners in the men’s wing but next time we shall divide ourselves. Perhaps women to visit women and men to visit men. However, every team member will make a choice of his own. To visit the men or women wing. I could not take pictures because my camera had been stolen in December but I rejoiced in the Lord because of the work he is doing here. Many prisoners who lacked money for bail got it and they are out of prison. Those ones with capital offences were able to see the judge (seeing a judge is not easy) and those who had no evidence to incriminate them were released. Off course some were convicted. Don’t get surprised when you don’t find the faces that you have seen two or three times on your visit. The most important thing is that the saved ones who have been sentenced are still strong in the Lord. At the end of the outreach many prisoners came to the Lord. 30 0f them.

There has been a challenge of bibles but Angie of hope4kids gave me good news that people from USA re ready to give towards this project and I hope to include bibles in our budget next month. The ministry grows with a lot of challenges and I thank all the people who are standing with us. Particularly I thank Seaside church, Lord of life church and individuals like Jim and Nancie and others whom I have not known. God has used you so much to make Christian Foundation cause an impact in both hospital and prison communities. Our activities are now appreciated by the community and the authorities. May the good Lord make our partnership in ministry stronger as we add to his kingdom. Thank you all.



Received: 2,000,000 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 14,400 Ug shs
Total: 754,400 Ug shs

1 Soap 5 boxes 60,000 300,000
2 Razor Blades 30 pkts 4,000 120,000
3 Silver fish half sack 80,000 80,000
4 Transportation   40,000 35,000
5 Sugar 1 bag 150,000 150,000
6 Beans 6 kgs 1,800 10,800
7 Royco 2 tins 2,500 5,000
8 Meat 12 kgs 6,000 72,000
9 Irish Potatoes 15 kgs 1,000 15,000
10 Bananas 3 bunches 10,000 30,000
11 Cabages 8 heads 1,500 12,000
12 Spices - 1,500 12,000
13 Rice 15 kgs 2,200 33,000
14 Milk 50 lts 1,200 60,000
15 Eggs 10 trays 6,200 62,000
16 Cooking Oil 18 lts 5,000 90,000
17 Transportation   5,000 5,000
18 Internet Services     6,500
  GRAND TOTAL 1,098,300
  BALANCE 901,700

The price of food stuffs and some commodities has gone high here. The dollar has gained so much against the shilling and prices are going up day by day. For example a big box of soap that we used to buy 43000 shillings early last year it is now 60,000 shillings. I have not sent some receipts especially of perishable foods because they are only found in informal busineses here. Some items like soap were divided between prison and hospital.

On the issue of treatment for the sick, I hope to send you all the receipts to complete my accountability after knowing how much is the bill for a patient who is currently admitted in Lacho hospital Gulu. However, I have sent you the photos for the patient in Gulu and Tororo hospital whom we are taking care of. I just wanted this report to appear on our website.

God bless you all.
Report by,
Eric Sabiiti Alinda.