Report -- December, 2010.




To all our partners, thank you for the patience, care, love and giving to all our projects. 2010 has not been an easy year because the effects of the financial crunch that hit the world economies is still visible. But we thank God because he continued to give you courage and grace to support the disadvantaged people at Tororo hospital and Morukatipe main Government prison through Christian Foundation for Community Development. The God who provided for you and provided to us through you will continue to do it the more up to when more souls come to him.

At the end of 2009, I prayed to God to take us to another level in ministry by expanding our resource base so that as we preach the gospel in these facilities, we take a meaningful material blessing to those ones in need. Despite the challenges, that we encountered, God never disappointed us and today our working relationship with hope4kids, Seaside and others has been strengthened by the zeal to serve the Lord. We have received a lot for the year in terms of preaching the gospel and food and relief distribution to both the sick and prisoners. This has strengthened us to continue trusting in him as we do his work. Bibles have been distributed, food has been served and items for personal hygiene distributed to those in need and the gospel is being preached.

It would be useless for us to support the needy sick without preaching to them the gospel. Since the year begun, mre than 600 people have accepted the Lord in both hospital and prisons according to our records. We normaly direct and tell people who accept Jesus to fellowship with other believers in their respective village churches. Many who got saved visit us and they testify about the Lords goodness. We are proud that the outreaches have done great work because Pomede church in West Budama Tororo district was born out of the hospital ministry and it is growing steadily under the stewardship of Pastor Chalice. We have given them spiritual support and I believe it is going to become one of the greatest churches in the area. Your support has not been in vain and on my own behalf and the CFCD ministry, I wish you a prosperous new year 2011. May God grant us more mercies and love in this new year as we serve him. Peace.



When we trust in Gods power he always makes us victorious in all the wars that we encounter. Serving God is not just a matter of talking but action. However much we have faith and believe in God, if we don’t go out to make things happen, we become unfruitful servants. I thank God that I and my team members have not just sat but we have gone out to make things happen. To us its success when we preach a full gospel where the weak are supported, the hungry fed, the sick access treatment and the miraculous signs of Gods power get manifested. Through CFCD ministry, many people have been helped and are hopeful of tomorow. They now count themselves to be people worthy living before God. As we begin something, God blesses us. In ministry as we move, along the way we have encountered a lot of challenges.

These challenges need a godly approach and action. Whenever we meet these challenges, we pray to God and we don’t fold our hands waiting for mana from heaven. I have worked with my wife Susan and team members to look for solutions and God has been bringing in people to help/support in one way or another. He has used both blacks and white. This has made us to see the hand of God in whatever we are doing. Christian Foundation has contributed to spiritual and health needs of the people in Tororo and from our partners and friends we have got the ability to reach out to those who are in need deep in their communities.


Tororo Hospital Fund for the Sick.

The problems in most African hospitals are many. Christians who don’t do hospital ministry have not known the great need to minister to the sick and be part of the solution to their problems by contributing towards their needs. In Uganda , we have two categories of hospitals. These are public and private hospitals. The public hospitals are largely visited by the poor who can’t afford fees for private hospitals/clinics and the private ones are visited by those ones who can afford a fee. Over 11 million people in Uganda live on less than one dollar a day meaning that most times they go to bed without a meal. Since these people have blood and flesh, they equally fall sick and always their prayer is that they get well because they have families to look after. These are the people you find in public hospitals that are not well equipped and drugs are rare. Well doctors and nurses are there but these few find their hands tied unable to save life due to lack of drugs and equipments.

We prayed for a fund to help the poor sick access medicine and it took long to realize. We never waited for money to come from out but whenever we would visit and encounter the sick whom doctors have prescribed the drugs and have no money, we would buy according to our ability at that moment. The turning point was when the hope4kids team was here and in our outreach encountered a cancerous child and woman. The team members contributed money to take these people for further treatment in a referral hospital and iam happy to tell you that both patients are doing good now. The woman (Adikin) was smelling and she had become reject but now I tell you that she is doing good although she still visits the doctor.

In November, God touched a couple when we visited the hospital. Jim and Nancie from El-Centro showed humility and kindness that is worthy emulating. They saw and talked to the patients who were admitted and discovered that most of them lacked money to buy antibiotics to save them from death. In fact one man was in great pain that I myself feared that his private parts would be chopped off. Jim was moved to help this man but it was not possible at that time. However, I being a person staying opposite the hospital made sure that the man got treatment and I bought the drugs which were needed. His life was saved and he went back to central Uganda where he hails from. God’s power moved Jim and Nancie when they went back to the States and resolved to help us start a fund to help the sick access drugs and surgeries needed. Last month, we intervened to save the life of a young to a Mbale hospital who had suffered for six years but it was too late to save his life. He died after two days but this gave us a resolve to continue with this fund.



Another challenge in our outreaches has been encountering malnourished children. Hope4kids/Seaside church helps us to take food to the sick in Tororo hospital but we had no program to give the malnourished children the foods they need. Whenever I visit villages in Tororo, many of the children are malnourished and they die in the villages slowly without anybody’s notice. I have heard people talking about infant mortality rate but malnutrition contributes a big number and these children are not captured in the published figures. In Tororo hospital malnutrition ward, there is an average of 15 children who need special foods every day.

The government is supposed to provide it but sometimes they go for months without food perhaps due to beuraucracy. We saw it better to make a small contribution of sugar and cooking oil whenever we can. This has made Mr. Okia the head of nutrition department at the hospital to commit himself to work with us whenever he is called up on especially in sensitization, In future, we hope to use radio and find people in their villages to talk to them about proper methods of feeding.


Life After Custody (pearls/jewelry project).

One of our objectives in CFCD is to inculcate Christian values and morals in the community as we give them skills that can help them to create income generating projects. Since our resource base is small, we saw it wise to work with the prison inmates particularly women by giving them skills that can help them earn a living and support their families after prison life. Also purpose of this project is to teach skills and generate income that can help us buy the requirements needed for our outreaches in prison. This will help us in sustaining the program of taking the relief needed to inmates. Susan and Beti Naigaga are the ones teaching the women prisoners in this project to make necklaces, bungles, ear rings and paper beads.

We have been finding the inmates in their facility but because of transport challenges we agreed with the prison authorities to train those who are remaining with a few months to get released. Since we don’t have a center yet, where they can train from, those ones who get released will be training at our house opposite the hospital. Our plan in future is to have a center in Tororo town where we shall train former inmates in handcraft making, tailoring, hair dressing and necklace/ear ring making. This will give hope to young girls and women who have found themselves in prison due to violence and prostitution. On the same note they will begin to earn money that they have worked for other than selling themselves in bars and streets. In adition to that, it will be easy to disciple them.


Personal Hygiene.

In our outreaches, we realized that hygiene is one of the biggest problems and its challenges are enormous and affecting most of the sick in Tororo hospital. Recently, there was jigger infestation in Busoga region and one politician reasoned that it’s because of poverty that people are beginning to die of jiggers. When they tried to reason him out, he defended his word by saying that his region is the poorest in Uganda and people are too poor to buy necessities like soap, smearing oil and spray medicines.

Although I don’t wholly agree with him, partly that’s the reason. How can you expect someone with two clothes, walks bare footed and lacking soap to wash his cloths, hands and bathe be safe from such infections and diseases. Because people are lacking, they have surrendered their lives to hopelessness and death. In hospital, we have seen relatives of the sick who have come to attend to them falling sick themselves. When you ask what the problem is, the answer is that he has dysentery, he has typhoid, he has diarrhea or even he has cholera. This made us not to stop at only preaching the gospel and giving out food but to also package a hygiene message.

I can pray for a cancer patient for divine intervention since we have no such drugs and equipment to monitor its progress in our hospital but not praying for divine intervention for a person who has cholera or dysentery. The only thing to do is to tell that person to observe hygiene by washing his hands and giving him other tips for prevention. We have done this and we are continuing to do it. We don’t only talk but from the little money we get for food, we squeeze the budget to buy for the sick soap and other items for personal hygiene.

I am happy to inform you that most people who have ever been admitted in Tororo hospital know that we observe strict hygiene. When they come in line to pick food for the sick in our outreaches, they wash their hands and plates with soap. They now know how to keep the sick clean and disposing off the dirt in toilets and dust bins. We are continuing with this campaign because it’s bearing fruits. Apart from typhoid, other diseases are now rare and we still urge the patient attendants to boil water or use medicine in treating the water before they drink it to avoid typhoid.


December Hospital/prison Outreach.

The December tororo outreach was very successful because we were able to fish a number of people to bring them in Gods kingdom. As usual, we carried with us a material blessing that we distributed among the sick including food, soap, sugar and others. Throught the year the team members have done great work to preach and to contribute the little whenever they can not forgetting to participate in the ministry to the sick. Although it was a Christmas month and many people were on the move to villages, some team members got time to join me to serve the sick in Tororo hospital. The gospel was preached by pastor Charles of Pomede King of Kings church from the book of 1Peter 5from verse 6. The key words were: “cast your worries to him because he cares for you.”

After the sermon in which he told the sick to cast all their sickness, hunger and all their problems to Jesus who cares for them, 28 people in the whole hospital accepted the Lord. It was a ministry worthy proud of seeing people getting saved in a season of celebrations. There is no one who died (the ones who accepted the Lord) according to the report I got from the medical personnel. All of them got discharged!

In prison it was great. We found when for the first time Government has given them rice and two cows to slaughter on Christmas. Although they didn’t allow us to take photos for security reasons, (The bosses had gone for workshop and the juniors used campaign period as an excuse) the material blessing we took to them gave them more joy. We had a lot of testimonies from the brothers who are already saved and it was great. Iam happy to announce to you that many people who got saved when we visited with Pastor Larry and the hope4kids team got released. This showed the power of God and people who saw what happened and testify about it have made many to trust in the Lord. Simon Owor from Tororo Christian Center preached the gospel and many came to the Lord. We are visiting again this January and we hope to take some photos that we shall send to you. 30 people accepted the Lord. This is an experience you shouldn’t miss when you come to Uganda to see prisoners praising and dancing and jumping for God!



God has used our friends and hope4kids partners to provide in many ways to provide a material blessing to Gods people but this has not stopped us meeting challenges. As the ministry grows new challenges come. Lord of life church is coming in to provide us with nutritious foods which are scientifically made to feed the children at tororo hospital especially the malnourished ones. This plus the increment on our monthly wire from hope4kids/seaside church has given us a boost to expand our services in Nagongera hospital but the challenge remains to distribute personal hygiene items and food at least once in a week in each hospital. Some patients especially in Nagongera don’t have clothes and sometimes what to cover themselves though it’s not so common. We have a challenge of transport because we hire whenever we are going for prison outreaches and we need at least three permanent volunteers who at least can get a monthly allowance.


Future Plans.

By the grace of God, in our future plans we plan to have a Crafts/Gift center where we can train the released women prisoners in hand craft making and sell what they make in the same place to raise money to help other prisoners. In doing this we will give the former prisoners skills and some of them can be employed at the center. We also plan to extend our ministry/ services to western Uganda where there are many prison farms that are accommodating the transferred prisoners from other parts of the country to complete their sentences.



Received: 740,000 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 14,400 Ug shs
Total: 754,400 Ug shs

1 Rice 15 kg 2,200 33,00
2 Beans 8 kg 1,800 14,400
3 Sugar 20 kg 2,500 50,000
4 Soap 5 box 58,000 270,000
5 Meat 15 kg 5,500 82,500
6 Royco 1 tin 2,000 2,000
7 Potatoes 20 kg 1,000 20,000
8 Cabbages 6 heads 1,500 9,000
9 Tomatoes 2 kg 3,500 7,000
10 Onions 1 kg 3,000 3,000
11 Carrots 1 kg 3,000 3,000
12 Green Pepper 1 kg 4,000 4,000
13 Passion Fruits 5 kg 4,000 20,000
14 Yellow Bananas 5 clusters 3,000 15,000
15 Transport (market)   5,000 5,000
16 Razor Blades 20 pkts 4,000 80,000
17 Silver fish Half a Sack 90,000 90,000
18 Transport (prison)   40,000 40,000
19 Internet Services   6,500 6,500
  GRAND TOTAL 754,400

No receipts for perishable foods. They are notfound informal businesses.