Report -- November, 2010.




Hope4kids efforts to continue bringing team members from the United States to visit Africa is highly commendable. According to what we hear and read in newspapers, most people in developed countries fear coming to Africa because of bad publicity in the media and they think that Africa is a continent of wars, diseases and poverty. It is not easy for a person to visit a place where his/her security is not guaranteed and where he can catch diseases. However, I am happy for all the American citizens who have visited Africa since hope4kids started funding projects here. True, such problems exist but that does not mean that the whole continent is on fire. The good part of Africa outweighs the bad part. People are jolly, generous, and they love God. If you want to see God's arts of creation and how people praise him, come to Africa!! Yea, diseases, poverty and insecurity in isolated places exist but its time to become part of the solution other than being part of the problem. The moment the international community distances itself from such problems, the more the problems affect the world because Africans are part and parcel of Gods creation.

The Word of God tells us that God will never leave himself without a witness. The team that has visited Africa particularly my country Uganda have witnessed a lot of things here and they have become part of the solution to the problems affecting Africa. They have supported education, fed the hungry, delivered medicines to the sick and they have helped to give shelter to the poorest of the poor. The team that visited this month did great work in places where they went. Especially in prisons and hospital where we minister, we saw God using them in delivering soap, bibles, sugar, and many other things. The delivery of these items may not be daily but it makes a hopeless person to become hopeful and to feel worthy before the sight of God. Thank you team members for what you did. We are proud because of your support and to work in partnership with you.

As Christian Foundation for Community Development ministry, we are committed to continue working with you to deliver the necessary aid needed to the people of God whom the conditions have denied human dignity. We thank all the churches in USA that are working with hope4kids to support us to reach so many people in villages, prison and hospital. They have shown the Christians in their churches that there is great work to be done in Africa and the Christians have responded well. These Christians are storing their riches in heaven by sharing with the needy on earth because they have realized that earthly riches we get them and use them to serve and glorify God. Let’s keep this spirit burning and the Lord who never lies will bless us now in this world and the world to come.


Neckleces, Bungles and Ear rings for Women Inmates.

The bible tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes that do your work in the morning and in the evening do not let your hand go idle because you don’t know what will succeed first. We know that God is there to bless us but we can’t fold our hands to wait for donors only to bring hope to our people. We can begin something small and God blesses us on the way. As we serve God in our outreaches, I always think about the sustainability of our programs in a meaningful way. Hope4kids and Seaside Church have stood with us in delivering a material blessing to the places we visit and it has helped us to preach the gospel with more confindence.We want this to continue because we are still encountering the sick and the hungry in our outreaches.

My vision is to establish a Gift and Craft Center in Tororo where we can train former women prisoners to acquire skills in crafts making for the purposes of reintegrating them in society. This will help them to become self employed and part of the proceeds will go to buying medicines, food and clothes for women prisoners and their children in custody. Inother words it will give the released women prisoner’s skills and give hope to those still in prison. Through this program, also women will be connected to churches for the purposes of discipleship. We saved little money and few friends here in Uganda contributed in a small way to begin this program. My wife Susie and Beti trained first on how to make the bungles and ear rings. In turn they are training women inmates who are soon completing their sentences and we hope to use them to train others who get released once God provides us with funds to start this center. The women are already doing great work and when the team was here, they bought the products which were made by them. They looked beautiful. The program is called: LIFE AFTER CUSTODY. Pray for us so that God provides all that we need. We must preach a full gospel.


Feeding the Children at Tororo Hospital.

Recently, we also began feeding children at tororo hospital. We normally work with the Nutrition Department so that we give the children necessary foods good for their growth. We cook poriadge mixed with milk for them two times a week. We also give them an egg. We begun this program after realizing that many children die quietly in villages because of malnutrion. We give them food accompanied with a message of using simple foods to fight this problem. Many people talk about infant mortality rate but they have failed to realize that malnutrition kills so many children in villages who don’t appear in the data of those who die before reaching the fifth birth day. Pastor Phil and Kent of Lord of Life Church are working with hope4kids to support the children at Tororo hospital with Nutritious foods and soon we shall be feeding them if all goes well. Thank you Lord of Life.


Second Prison Outreach.

After visiting the prison with the team, we had another chance of visiting to preach the gospel. This was because of a special invitation to pray for those who have been on remand for along time and they are to appear before the high court judge soon. The high court takes long to sit and they deal with cases of capital nature. The complainants of some of the cases have never returned to court a sign of loosing interest. They wanted our blessing so that God gives them his mercy. We preached the gospel and gave them a material blessing. 35 of them gave their lives to God and we expect the judge to set them free soon.


Hospital Outreach.

Hope4kids raising the money for hospital outreach from 100 USD to about 300 USD has done great work to enable us visit with a material blessing whenever we visit. The sick people while admitted need good food that can raise their apertite. The majority of the sick in this hospital only test on meat on Christmas if they are lucky and yet they have the apertite for it. That’s why we endeavor to cook good meals to give them good diet and comfort when admitted. We prepare good and soft food that can be eaten by a sick person like: Meat, vegetables, rice, bananas and others. We do this to show them that God takes care of them and he can give them a good meal too. On this planet, even in Africa, there are families which serve such a meal to dogs while human beings in some places are dying of hunger. Isn’t it worthy to serve the poor sick with a more nutritious meal in an African hospital once in a while? Thank you Seaside Church for the feeding program through Christian Foundation to the sick!

God is raising our ministry in the way that people never expected. Because our primary mission is to spread the word of God in prisons and hospitals, God has brought many ministers from different churches to serve with us. They have done great work because this month alone I have met 15 former prisoners who accepted the Lord in our outreaches praising the Lord. Those who come near town have joined me in my church where they are being discipled by Pastor Eric Wandera.God willing next year, we shall have another team to visit Kisoko and Mukuju prisons both of which are found in Tororo. Friends, your support is not in vain because many people who saw the light in hospital and prison are now testifying about the goodness of the Lord in different churches and villages where they live and fellowship from.

People did different work in this outreach. Beti Naigaga and Susan cooked the food, Pastor Charles preached the message and Nalongo Kobusingye helped in giving out soap and sugar. Pastor Charles gave a simple message from the book of John 3;16-17. The verse is common and simple but with a powerful message. It says: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Pastor Charles talked much about Gods love through his son and how he is ready to save whoever comes to him through his son Jesus Christ. The message was powerful because it touched the lives of many sick people and their attendants. At the end of the outreach, 40 people had accepted the Lord. We prayed for their sicknesses and led them into a prayer of confession. It was a good job well done because we fished people for the Lord.



Received: 7,004,000 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 124,100 Ug shs
Total: 844,100 Ug shs

1 Transport to Prison     30,000
2 Soap 2 boxes 48,000 96,000
3 Silver Fish 3 basins 30,000 90,000
4 Razor Blades 20 pkts 4,000 80,000
5 Soap 1 box 48,000 48,000
6 Rice 20 kgs 2,200 44,000
7 Sugar 20 kg 2,500 50,000
8 Cooking Oil 3 lts 5,000 15,000
9 Royco 1 tin 2,000 2,000
10 Beans 7 kg 1,800 12,600
11 Cabbages 8 head 1,500 12,000
12 Potatoes 15 kg 1,000 15,000
13 Bananas 2 bunches 10,000 20,000
14 Meat 15 kg 5,000 75,000
15 Passion Fruit 5 kg 4,000 20,000
16 Tomatoes 3 kg 3,000 9,000
17 Onions 2 kg 2,500 5,000
18 Carrots 3 kgs 3,000 9,000
19 Green Paper 2 kg 3,000 6,000
20 Charcoal 1 sack 24,000 24,000
21 Office Rent     150,000
22 Transport     5,000
23 Internet Services     6,500
  GRAND TOTAL 844,100

Receipts for perishable things are not catered for because they are(perishable things) not in formal businesses. Sometimes food prices are up due to different factors like when the dollar gains against the shillings.

Blessings to you all.