Report -- September, 2010.



Once upon a time in the land of hills in western Uganda there was a man who had sharp eyes and he could see things in a distance of a kilometer. One day, he lost one of his eyes in an accident. One eye was removed and he remained with one which could not help him see things in a distance the way he used to do. He hated himself and he became suspicious of everybody who would be pass by him because he thought that people laugh at him. He even begun blaming God for what happened to him because he thought God was unfair and he is the one who subjected him to such a horrible accident that made him loose his eye. This gentleman had a friend in a distant land whom he had taken long without seeing. One day he said to his wife, “Let me go to visit my friend Yakobo before I die so that we share more lasting moments together. I lost my eye in an accident and death can strike before I meet the gentleman who is dear to my life” He rode his bicycle from morning to evening and finally he reached Yakobos home.

In Yakobos home, he was welcomed by Yakobos wife and daughters. He introduced himself as the best friend to Yakobo and he told them that he has come to meet and talk with a friend before he dies. They gave him a chair and he begun asking: how is my friend? They told him that his friend was okay and happy in the Lord. He narrated to them how he got an accident and lost his eye and that he has come to share his sorrow with the only friend Yakobo because the whole world abandoned him. Imediately, they sent the young boy to call Yakobo who was seated under a mango tree behind the house. Behold here comes Yakobo being led by a young boy to his visitor using a stick.

Yakobo was totally blind! He had lost his two eyes at the hands of thieves who invaded his kraal of cows to take them away. Yakobo was given a seat and he asked who his visitor was and they told him that Rwamirengye from Ikumba. He stood up in joy to give him a hug. Rwamirengye could not believe that the man who had two eyes had lost all two yet for him he had one. Two friends had met. One totally blind and another partially blind. Yakobo bust into a new song of praise and his family joined him.

The song said: “I praise you God because you are almighty and the greatest. You stopped death from taking me and you gave me a chance to accept you as my savior. Oh God, thank you for giving Rwamirengye the gift of life. Your name is worthy to be praised and I will praise and worship you as long as I live”!!

Rwamirengye fell dumb with no words. After the song, Rwamirengye cried and said: My brother, this is how you are? At least me I have one eye. As they were still talking, Yakobo requested to be taken for a long call and here the boy that helped him was ready to take him to the latrine guiding him with a stick. From the latrine he came back with a broad smile because his visitor was around. Yakobos wife mingled millet bread and slaughtered a hen for him. They were served the delicious meal and they ate together. Yakobo rejoiced with a friend! He sleped for two days and on the third day he went back to his home. On the way back, he thought about his life, Yakobos blindness and how he praises God despite all that he went through.

He said, “I have one eye but I hated myself and I have no good words for God. See how a totally blind man praises God. At least me I have one eye and iam not totally blind. If a totally bind man can praise God, what ought I to do? Why is it that iam not thanking God? When he reached his home, he knelt down in his room and asked for forgiveness from God. He said, “God I thank you because I have one eye. Forgive me because I saw myself as a reject and as someone who can not do anything to help others. See God how Yakobo gave me a meal in his house and how his Home is blessed. From today, I will always do your will. He called the members of his family and they rejoiced together and he gave them a testimony how he met the Lord in Yakobos home.


Worldly Challenges Can not Stop us From Doing Gods Work.

What does this story teach us? There are so many lessons we can learn from these two friends as we are still living in this world. I will not go into details but I will share with you something small pertaining this story. In this world there are many ups and downs. The bible says in the book of John; 16: 33 I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Since last year, things have not been easy globally. The financial crunch that hit the USA could not leave the world economies stable. However, I thank God because economies are recovering slowly. Although many people were loosing jobs in the USA, the Christians there continued to stand with us in our hospital and prison outreaches. The brothers and sisters there could not stop giving us the support but instead they increased something that has enabled us to pay the rent for our center without much strain. The support that we receive means that you appreciate and thank God in all situations and you are ready to continue doing his work despite the challenges. Our Lord Jesus told us that in this world there is trouble but that we should be of good cheer because he overcame the world.

Like these two men who lost their eyes, Things in the developed world dulling the economic hardships were hard and here in Uganda were hardest. However, all of us new our calling and we continued trusting in God who has helped us overcome. Like the one eyed man, the brothers lost ecomic opportunities and for us here the situation worsened. Our trusting in God has strengthened our partnership and iam glad that the support from Seaside church/hope4kids is still coming. We are still rejoicing in the Lord and by his will we shall continue reaching out to many hungry sick and those who are suffering in prison. Africans are not privileged like people in the west but are always grateful to God because of you. When something bad happens to you, God gives you another chance. Together we can continue to serve him even in hardships up to when he restores his joy in full to us.


Visit to a Widows Home in Morikiswa.

In the report of last month, I talked about a widow who is bedridden in a house which is sickness itself. I talked of how I and Susie were to give her and her suffering children few kilograms of maize floor and beans. God enabled us to fulfill our promise but still more is needed to give this woman and her orphaned children hope to live. I thank God that since we came to the home of this suffering family, pastor Charles of Pomede has several times visited to pray for them and the children now go to Pomede church for prayers. It was hard on me but the spirit told me to use some money from our monthly wire to buy this woman and her children more food because the food that I gave to them had got finished.

We bought some beans, rice, maize floor and sugar. I delivered it with Pastor Charles and we called three members of the community who once in a while give in a hand of cooked food to witness the good heart of Christians and we urged them to do more to make sure that these orphans and the widow live. We thank the Lord because the children now are happy and their mother’s speech is coming back slowly because it was lost due to sickness. Continue praying for her!


Prisoners are getting released.

In our outreach to the prisons last month, we held a special prayer for those who accepted the Lord but are lacking money for bail or people to stand surelity for them in court. This month, six people who had completed years and months on remand got released. Their cases were dismissed because the complainants are not coming to court. God has answered our prayer for that day!


Challenges of Prison Ministry.

One of the challenges we face in this ministry is the the transport money for prisoners who get released. I mean those who come from far. Although we don’t tell people to come to our center to seek for assistance when they get released, inmates in our prison fellowships end up coming to our center when they get released. Some come to say thank you for praying for us and others come to say thank you and to request for assistance to reach their respective homes. Since we can’t accommodate them, we find ourselves looking for money to transport them to their home Districts. Our God is good because he has been providing that transport although now iam finding myself entering money for a material blessing in both hospital and prison to make them reach their homes. Some people whom they released come from as far as Moyo on the Uganda Sudan boder and others come from central Uganda.

The prison department only provides them with transport that can make them reach where they were arrested from. For example, if you are from western Uganda and you were arrested in Tororo, they give you transport for Tororo. It’s up to you to look for ways of taking you back to the west. This is difficult especially if you have finished a year on remand or if they had sentenced you to 4 years in jail. Pray for us so that we get a way of helping to reintegrate these people in society particularly those who accepted Christ as their Lord and savior.


The Tororo Hospital Outreach.

The material blessing in our outreaches has truly shown the heart of Jesus and true Christianity. In a country where the majority of the sick people lack basics of life like good food, soap and sugar, the provision of such things to needy people in hospital has changed peoples lives especially those who accept salvation. The support from Seaside has done much work in this area and therefore the word of God from CFCD team is highly appreciated by the people and the medical staff in hospital.

The volunteer in this program Eseza Aisha assisted by Mama Susie did great work to cook food for the sick. Aisha trained in catering and together with Susie they make sure that hygiene of the highest order is exercised. We are aware that we are dealing with patients and we want to give them the best. That’s why we talk to patients and their attendants pertaining good hygiene because we know that some sicknesses like diarrhea, typhoid and others are a result of poor hygiene and sanitation.

This time we tried to buy a variety of foods because we have realized that a patient can have appetite let’s say for rice but not for Irish potatoes. We decided to be giving them a choice to choose what they want from our menu and for the first time we added bananas on what we have been cooking. By 6:00 a.m, Aisha had arrived at our center to begin the work of cooking. By 1:00 p.m, food was ready and team members who participated were present ready for the outreach. Pastor Charles of pomede is the one who shared the word of God. The message was got from the book of John 5:1-9. It says: Some time later, Jesus went up to Jerusalem for a feast of the Jews.

Now there is in Jerusalem near the sheep gate a pool which in Aramaic is called Bethesda and which is surrounded by five covered colonnades. Here a great number of disabled people used to lay-the blind, the lame, the paralyzed. One who was there was an invalid for thirty eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he has been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “do you want to get well?” “Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While iam trying to get in, someone else goes ahead of me.” Then Jesus said to him, get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” At once, the man was cured, he picked up his mat and walked.

Pastor Charles told the sick that no matter how long it takes Jesus is able to reverse the condition of sickness to a healthy life. The paralyzed sick man was on the pool for thirty eight years. Even his people had got tired of taking care of the sick man who does not get healed. He was abandoned at the pool without someone to help him enter when the water gets stirred. Many people who found him at the pool would enter and get healed because he had no energy and a person to make him be the first to enter. His luck for healing came when Jesus was passing by and asked him whether he wanted to get healed. Many people have come in this hospital when they are sick and got cured when you are here. Even the relatives and friends have given up on you because they see your condition is not improving. But today the Lord Jesus has visited you and he wants to heal you! Charles said.

When we come here, we come to give you hope in Jesus name and when we pray for you, Jesus must heal both your body and spirit. Man thinks you can’t get healed, but Jesus asks a simple question; Do you want to get healed? Your willingness and faith to get healed is going to make you leave this hospital a healed man. The pastor said. After the preaching, he called for those who wanted to get saved and many men and women that day accepted the Lord. We prayed for the sick and believed in God to heal them. In fact by faith he told them how many of them will be discharged in one week and indeed it happened. 20 women and 17 men accepted the Lord. The outreach ended at 6:p.m and as usual we converged in our house for a word of prayer and then we went home.



Received: 643,000 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 3,400 Ug shs
Total: 646,400 Ug shs

1 Rice 20 kgs 2,200 44,000
2 Bananas 2 bunches 9,000 18,000
3 Irish Potatoes 10 kgs 1,200 12,000
4 Beans 13 kgs 1,800 23,400
5 Meat 12 kgs 5,000 60,000
6 Maize Flour 20 kgs 1,200 24,000
7 Cabbages 10 heads 1,500 15,000
8 Ripe Bananas 6 clusters 3,000 18,000
9 Passion Fruit 6 kgs 4,000 24,000
10 Tomatoes 2 kgs 3,000 6,000
11 Carrots 2 kgs 3,000 6,000
12 Onions 23 kgs 2,500 5,000
13 Green Paper 1 kg 3,000 3,000
14 Royco 1 tin 2,000 2,000
15 Cooking Oil 3 lts 5,000 15,000
16 Sugar 20 kgs 2,600 52,000
17 Soap 2 boxes 42,000 84,000
18 Charcoal 1 Sack 23,000 23,000
19 House Rent 1 month 150,000 150,000
20 Prison Trans.   50,000 50,000
21 Internet   7,000 7,000
22 Transportation   5,000 5,000
  GRAND TOTAL 1,106,000

Where receipts are not catered for, it’s because such things are not found in formal businesses yet we need them in our outreaches.

Blessings to you all.