Report -- August, 2010.



As the ministry grows, the challenges become many. Since Christian Foundation for Community Development (CFCD) came into existence two years ago, the favor of God has been on this ministry and it is growing to a level I never expected. From cooking three kilograms of rice and two of beans, we are now cooking 15 kgs and above and at least 7 to 10 for beans not to mention other foods! We have also been able to take soap and sugar in a more meaningful way. Thanks to the American friends that have stood with us in ministry. It has been this collective effort that has made us what we are and our God will always reward you. Indeed when you give out something expecting God to bless you, he does bless you. But when you do something to man expecting to be blessed by him, then you will fail in your mission. The blessings of God are irrevocable. Whoever reads this report on the website, I appeal to you all to support this work because it is Gods work and he uses people to fulfill his purpose.

This is a noble cause that deserves supporting in all ways. In a country like Uganda which needs the support of donor countries to finance almost half of its budget, ministries like CFCD can do great work to reach out to the suffering communities in the villages where people are lacking quality health services, clean water and food. They can supplement government’s efforts to take services to these people who are in dire need of help. We have supported those ones who are sick in hospital and those ones in prison by providing a material blessing but my prayer is that God begins to provide in a special way so that we look into sustainability issues because people need good health and to become productive if we are to overcome the challenges. However, in all this your support is vital. If you feel moved to support us in our endeavors to serve God in this ministry of helping those who are not privileged, please don’t hesitate to contact Seaside Church in Huntington Beach, California. Together God will use us to reach many suffering people in the hospitals and prisons of Uganda. May his blessings be witnessed up on you. Peace.


Village Outreach for the Sick.

All along our desire has been to reach out to the sick in villages who don’t have any means of accessing treatment in hospitals or clinics because of poverty. Although I have been seeing it as an impossible thing due to lack of finances, iam seeing God taking us to that direction. After the team which was here in July this year helped us take a lady called Adikin and Baby Ekanya both of whom who needed an operation, circumstances are forcing us to head that direction but we are praying to God to give us the means of reaching out to these people. Prior to taking Adikin to a good hospital for further treatment, people were approaching me to visit a certain lady who is bed ridden in West Budama. This ladies birth place is in Ntugamo district a distance of about 500 miles in south west Uganda and she got married to a man in Tororo who died of aids a few years back.

Here in eastern Uganda, women’s rights are not recognized like in other places of Uganda where widows are free to inherit their husband’s property when they are dead. They feel like the clan should enter in to manage the wealth the man had and even to give the widow another man who is a brother to the late husband. It becomes worse when a woman is coming from a far off place and is not educated. This woman found herself a victim of such violations after the death of her husband. Some brother’s inlaws wanted to inherit her which she refused and it was not long before herself fell sick. This became her time of suffering because she was no longer able to fend for herself and the children since she has no energy. The inlaws stole whatever property she had and she remained with nothing in a house which is without doors or windows. This is a house which was being constructed by the husband who was a policeman before he died. Unfortunately he died before he could complete it. She simply entered it with her three children who are girls. Recently, she was lucky that an organization which supports aids people access Ant Retrieval Drugs (ARVs) started her on this medicine.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this medicine is strong and it needs good feeding. Since this woman didn’t have food, her health deteriorated to the extent that she developed poor/slow speech and she begun walking with difficulty. She doesn’t have food, soap, beddings, clothing, medicine for infectious diseases and the house which she sleeps in is sickness itself. I could not hold back my tears when I visited her and I found that she doesn’t even have a latrine. Her children dug a small hole for her near the house where she limps with her walking stick to have a long call because she can’t walk a long distance to the bushes. This woman doesn’t have anything called bed or even a mattress. A dog of a whiteman in the western world sleeps better because her and her children sleep in rags in a house that does not have security.

Good Samaritans talked to Taso organization and they were given mosquito nets but they tie them on the wall of the house and they sleep on real earth without any cement. Any godly person who is able can not allow this woman and her children to live in such conditions without doing something to help. They are living by the grace of God. When I visited her, I was moved to do something by appealing to friends and well wishers to do something and reverse the plight of this family. There is hope that she can live and gain energy to fend for her family if she is supported to access the basic needs of life. In fact there are so many aids patients who are on ARVs and they are living positively and able to take care of their families. They have been able to live for years. The day I went to visit her was the day we were to have a hospital outreach. Since we were cooking food for the sick, I felt obliged to buy her a few kilograms of maize floor, beans, and sugar. It was a smile on her children’s face because that day they got what to eat. I resolved to talk to all who matter to save the life of this woman and her children so that they have a hope of living.

I have talked to Pastor Charles of pomede church to give them spiritual counseling as we look for a solution to their other needs. From the maize that we planted to help us in our outreaches, I have offered 20 kilograms which will be grinded to get her maize floor, my wife also has contributed 5 kilograms of beans and iam talking to individual friends to contribute whatever they can get for the glory of God. My appeal to everyone who reads this story is that he/she does something to help this woman. I know there are many who are suffering like her but whatever contribution we make to this noble cause will be victory to humankind. The leadership of seaside church or Gene toth of the same church can help in making the assistance reach here. After all they have been standing with us to feed and help those who are sick.


19th Hospital Outreach.

The hospital outreach went on very well. As usual team members were present and Susie and Eseza were early in the kitchen cooking. We try our level best to see to it that the sick get good food that helps them to recover quickly. This food is far from their reach because as much as they want it, the majority of them don’t have the money to buy it. The food was ready in time and we left at once to hospital were we served it and preached the gospel. People were many who accepted the Lord. Daniel from Grace Harvest Church in Iganga preached the gospel from the book of Acts 27:29 – 34. Fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks, they droped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight. In an attempt to escape from the ship, the sailors let the life boat down into the sea, pretending they were going to lower some anchors from the bow. Then Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, “unless these men stay with the ship you can not be saved.” So the soldiers cut the ropes that held the life boat and let it fall away. Just before dawn, Paul urged them all to eat “for the last fourteen days,” he said you have gone without food- you haven’t eaten anything. Now I urge you to take some food. You need it to survive. Not one of you will loose a single hair from his head.

There was a time when Paul when Paul was sent to Rome to appear before Caesar to face charges because of preaching the gospel. As they were sailing in the sea, the boat were he was became a problem and everybody got scared not knowing what will happen to their lives. The people on board used their wisdom to save their lives from danger not knowing that only God is the one who saves. They tried their best to offload the ship to make it light so that so may reach a shore. Paul realized that the life of everybody was in danger if they don’t heed to divine intervention. Paul warned that their lives were in danger if they don’t stay in the ship The soldiers heeded to Paul’s advice they continued on their way in a situation which was terrifying. Just before dawn, Paul urged them to eat something because they had not eaten for fourteen days. He told them to eat to survive because there was no one who was going to die. This Paul was urging them to lean on God for their lives and even to eat food which was good for their survival. I know that most of you in your wisdom have tried many things to get well. You have visited witch doctors and fortune tellers, you have tried all kinds of medicinal herbs and many doctors, but since you have not got healed. I urge you to turn to God who has the power to even use doctors to treat you well. I tell you when you fail to do what iam telling you will loose your life. Daniel said.

Had the men in the boat not to heed Paul’s advise, all of them would have perished! But God is good because he loves you. Accept the Lord and get saved. Where your life has been threatened for long because of sicknesses, God will provide hope of living. Call up on his name and don’t use your wisdom to look for solutions to your life. Your life is in the hands of God and he has given you a chance to listen to his servants. That’s why for us when we come to visit you we come with food because we know you need it to survive. Eat the food that is being served you because you are not going to die, Daniel said. Accept the Lord and you get rescued from both hell and sicknesses! After the preaching, in all 35 people accepted the Lord. Pastor Daniel led them to confession. We prayed for their sicknesses and they ate the food that we served them and received soap and other material blessing that we carried with us. We went back home praising the Lord.


Prison Outreach.

After the hospital ministry, we rested for two days and went for prison outreach on Sunday 22nd august 2010. For the first time we took something to eat at the request of the prison authorities because according to what they told us, one prisoner had died partly due to poor feeding. We bought four basins of silver fish and a 20 litter Jerecan of cooking oil. Also as usual we took them soap and razor blades. It was great because we had an opportunity of taking some photos. However, the devil is bad because I forgot the batteries for the camera that I had bought for taking photos in the vehicle that we had hired to take us to prison. The batteries that were their (in the camera) were able to give us about five photos before they became exhausted. When I called the driver to bring back the batteries, he had already reached a far distance on another job.

Nevertheless, we were happy after seeing the number of prisoners who are strong in the Lord. Over 100 prisoners are strong in the Lord and they are committed in their fellowships that normally take place dulling lunch hour. Pastor Andrew from Ndaiga Assemblies of God is the one who preached the gospel. The verse was got from the book of 1 Corinthians 10: 13. It says: No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that so that you can stand under it.

Particularly Pastor Andrew talked to those who are in prison but are innocent to know that all the temptations they have gone through are common to man. He said that jail can be for anybody but appealed to the inmates to be God fearing and prayerful so that God provides a way out. He urged the prisoners in general to realize that God is in control and they will secure their release once they put their trust in him. I know some of you are here because you lacked to get bail money. Your families to raise 100,000 shillings for your bail is like going through the eye of a needle. But I want to assure you that God can turn everything around once you put your trust in him. Andrew said. Beside that it is very important for everybody listening to me to accept the Lord as his personal savior. We have seen many people who have done it going to Pastor Eric’s office to thank him because of the word of hope that has been preached in this place. Accept the Lord brothers and sisters. After the preaching, he called up on those who want to get saved and 40 people accepted the Lord. For the first time the number of women who accepted was bigger than that one of men.

The biggest challenge we have is to give them bibles for reading. Iam happy that most of those who have received our bibles have grown in the word and others have been released. I promised to appeal to our friends and brothers and sisters especially from America to support us give these people bibles. I know a promise is a debt and I have the debt of giving them bibles next month. Anyone who can help God will bless him. We also had time to talk to those who accepted the Lord. Men and women separately. We also talked to those who are saved pertaining giving them some skills in crafts making. Pray for us so that God provides us money to buy materials to begin this project. Our main target is to make sure they have the income that can go to help their children especially in buying scholastic materials. This exercise will also enable us to make a contribution in reintegrating them back in society. We thank you all for your support.




Received: 924,000 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 182,000 Ug shs
Total: 1,106,000 Ug shs

1 Rice 15 kgs 2,200 33,000
2 Sugar 15 kgs 2,600 39,000
3 Cooking Oil 3 lts 5,000 15,000
4 Soap 2 boxes 43,000 86,000
5 Potatoes 1/2 sack 15,000 15,000
6 Beans 10 kgs 1,500 15,000
7 Meat 8 kgs 5,000 40,000
8 Cabbages 10 heads 1,500 15,000
9 Passion Fruit 5 kgs 4,000 20,000
10 Bananas 6 clusters 3,000 18,000
11 Onions 1 kgs 4,000 4,000
12 Tomatoes 2 kgs 3,500 7,000
13 Carrots 1 kgs 4,000 4,000
14 Green Pepper 1 kgs 4,000 4,000
15 Royco 1 tin 2,000 2,000
16 Charcoal 3 basins 5,000 15,000
17 Transportation     5,000
  TOTAL 333,000
18 Silver Fish 5 basins 35,000 175,000
19 Cooking Oil 20 ltrs 190,000 190,000
20 Razor Blades 50 pkts 4,000 200,000
21 Soap 4 boxes 43,000 172,000
22 Transportation 6 kg 30,000 30,000
23 Internet 20 kg 6,000 6,000
  TOTAL 773,000
  GRAND TOTAL 1,106,000

Where receipts for certain items are not catered for, that means they are not found in formal businesses especially perishable foods.

God bless you all.