Report -- July, 2010.




The majority of African people daily face challenges that range from diseases, hunger, ignorance and poverty. This has resulted into a lot of suffering because people lack the basic needs of life so as to live with dignity. An African person can go to church and he testifies how God provided a miracle to him/her because when he had no hope of getting supper, someone brought him a plate of food. In the developed world this is no testimony because food is a must for every citizen. It becomes worse here when someone falls sick because on top of failing to get quality treatment in hospitals, hunger quickens the death of the person. That’s why we appreciate the support our friends give us particularly from hope4kids international and seaside church in California. The support has brought hope to so many people in hospitals, prisons and communities in Uganda. Food, soap and juice that we normally take to the sick in hospital are part of treatment. Iam not a medical person but logic tells me that without these things a person’s health is in danger if he is only taking drugs (if he is lucky to access them). Iam happy that of recent we have begun taking blankets, clothes and toys to babies especially newly born. My prayer is that this support for clothes and blankets continues because there is an average of 240 babies born in Tororo hospital every month and most of them are born of poor mothers and child mothers.


My Testimony.

At one time I almost died when I was sick because of lack of treatment and what to eat. When I had just come to eastern Uganda, I had a job and I was doing well by African standards. Time came when I resigned my job and joined business. I invested in a restaurant and road lime manufacturing businesses both of which were doing good. Perhaps my ambitions of making money were faced by a challenge of management because what I was doing could not stand. I invested in cotton produce in northern Uganda and it was not long before I begun facing problems like those faced by Job in the bible. Every business of mine crumbled like a wall and I found myself without even a penny to help me move on with life. What made matters worse is that thieves would steal me in anything I would try to do. My wife was taken away from me by the parents because I had not paid dowry (it’s a culture here) and I had no money to buy even a goat. Every room I would rent for accommodation, thieves would become a menace because they would target and steal my property.

Time came when I had no money to rent a decent room for accommodation and I resorted to renting the cheapest house (which was almost falling) where I slept without a mattress and a blanket. A neighbor called Okitella helped me with a sheet which I would cover myself while sleeping on a papyrus mat for a whole year in Tororo. Mind you I had not even transport to make me reach Kampala and iam a man who comes from a distance of about 500 miles in western Uganda on the border with the republic of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The semi permanent house where I was sleeping was almost falling on me because I would use wires tied on the timber of the roof and heavy stones down to prevent the room from being blown off by the wind.

Life was hard on me because in all these problems that I was facing, I fell sick and that was the moment that I called up on God day and night to rescue me from the situation I was in. I had no money to go to private clinics where I would get quality treatment and a good Samaritan dropped me in tororo hospital where I was immediately admitted. As always the situation, drugs were scarce in hospital and yet I needed to buy the drugs the doctors would subscribe for me. I would share hard cassava bread with my sick neighbors in hospital and one of them I remember took the responsibility of sharing treatment with me and he gave me 15 tablets of chroloquine from which he had bought for himself.

When life became hard with no hope of accessing drugs for treatment, I walked slowly to the hospital gate and talked to a good Samaritan who offered to take me at the house I had rented. God is gracious and wonderful! In my prayers he answered me!! A gentleman called Tito Opendi had a debt of mine of 200,000 Uganda shillings (approximately 100 USD). He heard about my sickness and he came to visit me in my house which was going to fall on me anytime. When he reached my residence, the first thing he suspected was aids because I looked pale and malnourished and the whole body had turned charcoal black. Since he was a board member of an organization that supports aids patients in Tororo, he offered to take me for a test and to give me transport back to western Uganda where I come from. The appointment to take me for testing was 20th September 2000.


The Encounter With Irene.

This man Opendi had paid me my debt of 200,000 shillings and promised me other help. This money helped me to access treatment in a private clinic called COVECO but ignorantly I was treating malaria. Before the D-day (of taking me for aids test), I met a lady called Irene who was an aids patient. I told her about my sickness and immediately she advised me to test malaria, syphilis, diabetes and typhoid. She was mainly suspecting that I had typhoid and indeed when I tested these things it was typhoid that wanted to kill me. The rest of the tests were negative. When time came, Tito came to take me for aids test, he found me on typhoid treatment and I told him what I tested. He gave me help of 70,000 shillings which helped me later when I recovered.

At a later date I had to go with him to test aids and I was found to be negative. The money he gave me helped me a great deal because I had to use it to earn a living in a small way. I made paper bags locally for packaging lime and God made that little money to expand which has helped me up to this day. When I begun the hospital and prison ministry, this money is the one which helped me to take a material blessing to the sick. I thank God who rescued me from death and gave me the love for ministry. That’s why I take his love to these places (hospital and prisons) because I tested what the poor sick and prisoners go through.


Blessed month of July 2010.

Our God is good and he is always faithful to answer our prayers when we call up on his name. Whatever happens in CFCD is not because of mans power but because of prayer. Something new always happens whenever the seaside/hope4kids team is here. What makes me happy is to see that whatever we pray for is exactly what happens. We were so much blessed in the month of July especially through seaside team members. Pastor Larry did great work to mobilize his church members to visit with us the hospital and prisons and it was wonderful. His wife Jeannette, Mama Elaine, Jennie and Jay did great work. The money that we received from these people helped us buy bibles which we distributed among prisoners when we visited the second time with Angie. Infact it was not only bibles but the clothes which mama Elaine and Jennie helped gather, we gave them out to women prisoners and men. It was beautiful distributing this material blessing of soap, clothes, razorblades and bibles after pastor Bob and Dave Peters had finished preaching and praying to these prisoners. It was a good experience to many people who had visited an African prison for the first time to share with these people. Your support was good because you even saw it worthy to collect clothes and blankets for the babies in hospital. Because of this blessing, many mothers have called me to say thank you and others have visited me at our center. It really showed a Christian heart and the gospel of salvation is being valued highly in Tororo because of the big heart of Christianity you have been exhibiting while in Uganda. May the Lord continue touching you to help his suffering people.


Woman with a Tumer and Baby Ekanya.

In one of our hospital outreaches, together with team members we encountered a woman who had a cancerous tumer and a baby whose head was rotting. These people were in dire need of help because the doctor’s hands were tied due to reasons I can’t tell. This woman called Adikin was coming from a deep village in West Budama called gwara gwara. She had a tumer on her heal which was giving a bad smell. Before she came to hospital, her husband had abandoned her and he took all her children. A good Samaritan is the one who dropped her in hospital. Her tumer would leak almost a litter of a smelly fluid and people had begun running away from her. She had become a reject of society because not even a relative was willing to come near her. She had no house, food, treatment and other basic needs of life. Her day of redemption came when we visited Tororo hospital with the hope4kids team. After seeing and praying for her, she had no idea on what to do with the smelly tumer. Infact when we left the hospital, the following day she left the hospital for village because she was not getting the help she wanted.

When Rachael Cinader told me about the team helping her access further treatment in a hospital with better facilities, I became very excited. I could not waste time searching for her in the villages and one lady who new where she comes from offered to take me to where she was staying. I found her, when she was in deep pain and sorrow. She could not believe it when I told her that we are taking her for further treatment. She gave me a brief history pertaining her sickness and we agreed to meet in town the following day to take her to Mbale hospital. I left her with transport and a person to bring her to town where I was to meet her. I also gave her money for food because she had nothing to eat. The following day we met at our center and God brought a good Samaritan to take care of her as she was to be admitted in Mbale. I hired a car that took us to Mbale and the doctors begun giving her and the baby Ekanya the treatment which was lacking. Both of them were operated upon! The boy is in Kenya now doing good and the woman’s wound is healing.

Wendy Stokes did great work to hire her a house near smile Africa and Pastor Ruth is doing a good job to make sure that she eats. With the support from Wendy, I have got a nurse who is dressing her wound daily and it is healing steadily. Wendy also did great work to buy her a mattress. Although she has the cancer, we believe in God to intervene in all situations and even if she dies it will be a dignified death. At least now she has hope of getting treatment and what to eat!


July Monthly Wire Report.

Partners and friends, I apologize in advance for delaying to send this report in time. Our monthly wire came at a time when we had a lot to do. It has been so busy here especially in our outreaches. However, I thank God that he has given me time to send this report pertaining what happened in hospital and prison. I thank all who support us to make this to happen. I see myself getting involved in ministry more than ever. All this is because you stood with us. May God bless you.

Its my prayer that your support continues to come as it is now and even to increase the more because the needs here in our ministry are many. We are currently concentrating in Tororo but it’s my prayer that some day we find ourselves reaching many prisons and hospitals in other districts of Uganda where there is a great need of support as we share the love of Christ. The money that we have received these two months has done great work in prison and hospital. We have been going with a small material blessing but I thank God because now we are visiting in a more reasonable way. Three or 4 boxes of soap that we have been taking to prison was not helping much but at least now we take more than that. It was great when we visited on 23rd july because at least we see every inmate getting a piece of soap. In a prison where the numbers of inmates range between 400 and 520, it brings joy to each and every one of them when he gets a piece of soap, a packet of razorblades and others. Our team members took soap, razorblades and smearing oil to women inmates and their children.

It was great hearing the prison authorities and the prisoners themselves testifying about the Lords goodness. The gospel was preached and many of them came to the Lord. We gave few copies of bibles to those who believed and I thank God for this increased support. Although the prison has its rules and regulations that doesn’t allow freedom to do what you want, I thank God that we are ministering in this place. We didn’t take photos because we are allowed to do it once in two months, but God willing next month they will allow us and we shall continue doing the needful to send you the photos whenever the chance arises. Keep with that spirit of supporting this ministry and talk to many about it. We need bibles and I pray that God continues to touch you to stand with us.


Hospital Outreach.

Recently God blessed us with a permanent volunteer to help me with ministry work especially cooking for the sick. Sometimes our team members need to fend for their families which has been hampering our activities because things are not done in time. It was good because Eseza cooked the first meal for the sick and Ida was in time to come and help her. She can help me in our prison outreach, hospital and Early Childhood Development Program. Pray with us so that God brings a person to stand with us to make us able to give her a monthly allowance.

The hospital ministry went very well. Because of the grace of God to those who are in need of help, CFCD team members are welcome anytime in this facility and I thank God because of the support from the medical staff especially the hospital administrator. We do our work of ministering with ease and people are happy of what we are doing. We visited quite a big team with members coming from King of Kings, Tororo Christian Center, True vine and Cross of Grace churches. Pastor Daniel preached the gospel while the rest served food, prayed for the sick and gave out other things that we had carried with us. Many people came to the Lord (35 in number) and it was a mission worth thanking God. The outreach ended with prayer in our house and we hugged one another as we set off to go in our homes.



Received: 939,250 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 71,750 Ug shs
Total: 1,011,000 Ug shs

Received: 940,000 Ug shs
Contributed: 232,800 Ug shs
Total: 1,172,800 Ug shs

1 Soap 8 boxes 43,000 344,000
2 Razor Blades 40 packets 4,000 160,000
3 Smearing Oil 20 tins 2,000 40,000
4 Transportation   30,000 30,00
5 Rice 20 kg 2,200 44,000
6 Sugar 20 kg 2,600 52,000
7 Cooking Oil 3 ltrs 5,000 15,000
8 Beans 8 kg 5,000 12,800
9 Meat 6 kg 5,000 30,000
10 Irish Potatoes 20 kg 10,000 20,000
11 Cabbages 8 heads 1,500 12,000
12 Tomatoes 3 kg 3,000 9,000
13 Onions 2 kg 3,500 7,000
14 Carrots 2 kg 3,000 6,000
15 Green Paper 1 kg 4,000 4,000
16 Passion Fruit 4 kg 4,000 16,000
17 Ripe Bananas 5 clusters 3,000 15,000
18 Office Rent 1 month 150,000 150,000
19 Soap 1 box 43,000 43,000
20 Transportation   5,000 5,000
21 Internet   8,000 8,000
  Bibles 10 copies 15,000 150,000
  GRAND TOTAL 1,172,800

Receipts for perishable items are not catered for because these foods are only found in informal businesses. God bless you all.