Report -- May 30, 2010.



There is a saying here that co-peration is the key to success. The success that we are seeing in our outreaches is because of the good partnership that we are enjoying with Seaside Community Church and Hope4kids international. I thank God because of what he is doing in our ministry. For a long time, we have been encountering certain challenges that need finances. In spite of all this, we have not run away from responsibility because we feel God has called us to serve him in this area. We have not folded our hands to wait for manna to fall from heaven but we have tried our level best to look for solutions by talking to our partners and not forgetting to pull resources locally whenever we can to realize this success.

For example, in our prison outreaches we need soap, razor blades, bibles and clothes. It is difficult to divide 100 USD that we normally receive from our partners between hospital and prison needs. Team members with my wife Susan have done great job to work with me to deliver the needed aid (at least in a small way) to prisoners and the sick in Tororo referral hospital. Had it not been God to touch these men and women plus your support, our outreaches wouldn’t be a success as it is now. Although we still need much to reach other prisons and hospitals in Uganda, we thank God because of where we are. By the grace of God, our vision will be realized fully. We normally visit two times in a month and the authorities accepted us to take photos at least once in two months. Even people here wonder how they can allow us to take photos yet they have not allowed any organization here to do the same. I think its Gods favor! Our prayers and those of our partners are working and God will continue to open for us the way to minister to him near and far. Now that the Lord has given us favor to serve in these places, we have begun looking at how these programs can be sustained.


Angie's Response to My Request.

When the hope4kids team was here last April, I was privileged to talk to Angie pertaining our ministry. She had a suggestion that I should always buy eggs to give to the sick because they are nutritious. I sent her a mail after she had flown to the USA explaining how the money we get can’t be enough to buy all that we need for ministry. In fact I told her how we have been finding ourselves in debts and how God has been seeing us through in a way that sometimes can’t be believed by man. It was great because her reply was of good news for us because my request for additional money was granted and we were able to buy not only eggs but also looking at other things we need like source pans. She sent us 905250 for the may wire. She told me that the money was from Seaside Church. God bless you Seaside. This money helped us a great deal. We at least bought a set of source pans and solved other ministry problems. Also the very money helped us visit the prison on 21st May 2010.

It was a great outreach although we didn’t take the photos. Remember we always have a chance of photography once in two months and next month is when we have a chance. I believe we shall be visiting with the team that is coming from the United States. This ministry has changed men and women. The soap and razors we take has made them smart and clean shaven and the gospel that we preach has totally changed those who believe. This is seen in the testimonies of the people who get released and visit our office. This is a ministry that you should not miss. It is beautiful to praise God with the inmates as you give them a material blessing.


Hospital Outreach Ministry.

Though there are restrictions in prison especially on photography, it is a different story in hospital. The medical superintendent Dr Obonyo and the hospital administrator Mr. Oboke Amos are good partners. They allowed us to cook food for the sick and to give them other basic needs like soap, sugar and other items as whenever we have them. Taking photos has not been a problem because we normally seek the consent of the sick and their attendants and they like it because they appreciate what God is doing in their lives through our ministry. The hospital visit took place on Sunday 23rd may 2010. Susan and Marion did great work that day. In fact they worked from six o’clock up to 5:30 pm when the outreach ended. They cooked a variety of foods, boiled eggs, blended juice and did much other work. Many team members had gone to church since it was a Sunday and they joined the team after the service though others failed due to tight programs in their respective churches.

People that Visited:
Pastor Daniel
Pastor Andrew
Kobusingye Jane
Acham Stella Susan
Apio Jane
Marion Amuge.

Daniel is the one who preached the gospel and Andrew wrote names of those who got saved. He also distributed bibles among newly born again. Sister Apio Jane is the one who translated while Kobusingye, Susan and Marion served food and gave out sugar.

As usual, I communicated a hygiene message to the sick. This is because there are some sicknesses that can be avoided once people become aware of the dangers of poor hygiene. Diseases like typhoid, cholera and diarrhea can be avoided once people learn how to use soap after leaving the toilet. In other words to wash their hands with soap and boiling drinking water is one of the messages that we normally share. This message has changed the behavior of the sick and their attendants. This is seen when you enter their wards.

The Gospel.
The sermon was got from the book of psalms chapter 86:15. It says: But you O lord are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.

Have you ever known that God is compassionate and gracious? Daniel asked. Despite whatever we go through, our God is compassionate and he loves us. He has all the powers to make us live and to provide for us once we trust in his name. Our God can not be compared to evil. Because he is gracious, he will not be happy when he sees you suffering. When you accept the Lord today, you will experience Gods grace and healing. He will provide all that you need on this hospital bed. Some of you didn’t have what to eat before we came here. Don’t you think its God who has made us to cook for you? If he can take care of you through someone whom you don’t have blood relationship, what can fail him? Accept God today and you will begin experiencing his hand. The message was simple in all wards. When we added the people who got saved in all wards at the end of the outreach, it was 50 and 11 of them got the bibles that we gave out. In all wards, Daniel led those who believed to confess Jesus and he prayed for the sick. The outreach ended at 5:30 pm.




Money Received: 905,250 Ug shs.
Our Contribution: 95,250 Ug shs
Total: 1,000,500 Ug shs


1 Source Pans 1 Set 200,000 200,000
2 Rent 1 month 150,000 150,000
3 Bibles 11 NIV 15,000 165,000
4 Soap/Prison 4 Boxes 42,000 168,000
5 Soap/Hospital 1-1/2 Box 42,000 63,000
6 Rice 10 kgs 2,500 25,000
7 Sugar 10 kg 2,300 23,000
8 Eggs 6 trays 5,500 33,000
9 Sweet Potatoes 1/2 sack 25,000 25,000
10 Irish Potatoes 10 kg 1,000 10,000
11 Cabbages 4 heads 1,500 6,000
12 Beans 8 kgs 1,500 12,000
13 Meat 6 kgs 5,000 30,000
14 Cooking Oil 2 ltrs 5,000 10,000
15 Ripe Bananas 5 clusters 2,500 12,500
16 Passion Fruits 4 kgs 4,000 16,000
17 Tomatoes 1 kgs 4,000 4,000
18 Onions 1 kgs 3,000 3,000
19 Carrots 1 kgs 3,000 3,000
20 Transportation   30,000 30,000
21 Trans From Market 2 Pairs 5,000 5,000
22 Internet   7,000 7,000
  GRAND TOTAL 1,000,500

Receipts of perishable foods are not catered for. Such foods are not founds in formal businesses. God Bless you all.