Report -- April 30, 2010.



Beloved friends/partners, praise the name of the living Lord!!
I thank the Lord without limit because of your support that has made us reach this far. The support and trust you have put in us has enabled us to serve the Lord in hospital and prison even dulling the time when everyone is unsettled because of the financial crunch that hit hard most world economies including the United States. It has been a sacrifice on your part to continue sharing with the sick and those in prison by sending in the support to feed the hungry sick who are admitted in Tororo hospital. Many people when they are living in comfort don’t think beyond their families and kinsmen but you have shown the love of Christ by doing what he tells us. That is feeding those who are hungry, visiting those in prison and doing good to humankind. All of us were bought by the blood of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross. There is no white, black or Arab. We are people of the same family. Here in Africa, people are not living a dignified life but they have learnt to thank God in all circumstances. In most public hospitals people go their either to die or access some drugs and diagnosis if a chance arises. I mean when drugs are available because sometimes there are no drugs at all in health facilities. People are expected to buy the drugs and if you are too poor to buy, you wait for death. I told the hope4kids team which was here that for us when our people fall sick especially with complications like cancer, diabetes and others, we rely on divine intervention because a poor man can not afford such a treatment. We are serving among communities who are the majority poor and we must give them a word of hope. We know that the international community is standing with us to fight poverty, ignorance and disease which deprive us of our human dignity and by the grace of God Africa particularly my country Uganda will raise and shine in the Lord.


Bibles for Ministry.

I was extremely happy when I visited the Tororo public hospital with the hope4kids team. I had one of my happiest moments because my prayer request of getting bibles for ministry was answered. May the Lord continue to touch many to donate bibles. We preach to unbelieving poor who need to read the word of God once they believe. A good bible version here ranges between 15000 -20,000 shillings which is a far reach of our people. I and the team were so happy to have these bibles for ministry. The 1520,000 shillings that was given to us to buy bibles through Angie did great work. At least we got 100 bibles and we are giving them to people who get saved in our outreaches. Last Sunday, it was beautiful because we gave out 40 bibles to people who accepted Christ in the hospital.


Blankets and Clothes.

Although it is not very common to find patients who don’t have what to dress and cover themselves in hospital, sometimes we encounter such cases in our outreaches. We always contribute to buy clothes and blankets when we can but sometimes we don’t have the money. In our recent outreach with hope4kids, we were blessed to have a gentleman called Jon who realized that problem and donated 4 blankets that we gave the sick. Also our team had 2 dress suits for women, three jean trousers and two shirts that we gave out. This outreach was very, very good for me. We still need your support and my appeal to anyone who reads this report is that he shares with a friend pertaining this need in Tororo hospital. Thank you Christian Foundation for Community Development members, thank you John, thank you hope4kids and Seaside church for always making our outreaches a success. We don’t praise man but Apostle Paul tells us that such men deserve respect. Men and women in these organizations deserve the respect. We give the glory to God because of you!!


CFCD April Outreach.

What can I say friends. I am happy that many Churches are realizing the goodness of hospital/prison ministry. On our visit we had three pastors from different churches. The system of working with born again churches to preach, follow up those who get saved and direct them to join the churches near their homes is working. We have encouraged the pastors and provided them with lunch (those who come from far) whenever they come to do this work. Many people are getting strengthened in their salvation because of this strategy. We visited with:

1 - Pastor Andrew, Assemblies of God Church Ndaiga.
2 - Pastor Daniel, Glorious Revival Center.
3 - Pastor Charles, Pomede Church.
4 - Acham Stella Susan, Tororo Christian Center.
5 - Marion Akello, Tororo Christian Center.
6 - Kobusingye N, Assemblies of God Ndaiga.

This time we didn’t talk about hygiene because of time. Patients were many and we wanted to visit most wards. We visited 2 women wards, Children’s ward and 2 men’s wards. Pastor Daniel preached the gospel, Charles translated, Pastor Andrew wrote the names of those who got saved, ladies served food and gave out soap and sugar. I the reporter did the work of photography. We cooked a variety of foods and at least we tried to serve everyone in the wards that we visited. Food was not enough but those who missed out were able to get a piece of soap or ¼ kilo of sugar.



The message was given by Pastor Daniel. He preached from the book of 1 Peter 3:12. It says: For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open unto their prayers. But the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

Pastor Daniel told the listeners that the ears of the Lord are open to those who seek righteousness. I know you have your religions and you are zealous to what you believe in but withought believing in Jesus Christ and the power of God that raised him from the dead it is just a waste of time. Says Daniel. Jesus loves you and he wants to heal you both the body and soul. Once the soul is healed, you will begin a righteous life and his ears will be open to your prayers. I know you are in great pain because of your sicknesses and your relatives are in great anxiety because of you. Some of you have called upon the names of your clan gods, others virgin Marry and the saints. The bible says that whatever we shall ask in the name of Jesus Christ it will be granted to us. The saints don’t give the healing, clan heads don’t give the healing, but the healing is given by our Lord God almighty through his son Jesus Christ. In order for you to attract the Lords attention, seek righteousness so that he listens to your cries. Today the Lord is talking to you. Choose righteousness or evil. What can you do to attract the Lords ear and face to you? Choose righteousness! Continues Daniel. After visiting the wards that we intended to visit, 40 people came to the Lord. Pastor Charles and Dan himself led them into a prayer of confession. After confession, the team prayed for their sicknesses by laying hands on them. We distributed some of the bibles that were provided by the Hope4kids team. The outreach ended at 6:00 p.m and we went home praising God.


Prison Outreach.

The whole of this month has been busy for us. After the 19th hospital visit, we got another chance of visiting with few hope4hopekids team members led led by Angie. They bought 25 trays of eggs which our team (CFCD) members boiled. All of us carried the eggs from our house in trays to the hospital to be distributed among patients especially children and women. It was beautiful because the patients who heavily depend on carbohydrates for survival got something nutritious. We also gave out some few bibles to people whom I and brother Jon Bloom of the team distributed among those whom we preached. It was a Friday and on the following day (Saturday), I met with the Officer in Charge prisons to discuss about our Sunday visit to inmates. After agreeing with the OC pertaining our visit, I shared the word of God with him and he accepted Christ. He invited our team in his house on Sunday after the outreach.


Sunday Outreach.

God is doing great things in the prison. Prison warders and their bosses are accepting the Lord, bibles have been distributed for the first time, and many people are picking interest in the ministry. The service with the prisoners begun at 10.00 am with praising led by the prisoners themselves. After the praising we heard from the head of the prison fellowship that meets everyday in the afternoon. After the report I was invited to speak to the congregation. I introduced the team that I had visited with and then gave a word of encouragement to those who are believers. Afterwards I called Pastor Daniel from Busia to preach the gospel. The gospel was got from the book of Luke 19. It was about the man Zachaeus the tax collector. The emphasis in the gospel was on how Zachaeus promised back what he took from people 7 times and how salvation entered his house. After the sermon, 30 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour. Pastor Andrew from Assemblies of God Church in Ndaiga led them into a prayer of confession after which he prayed for their sicknesses. We distributed bibles and other literature that were given to us by the hope4kids team. They were not enough because many people who are Christians could not get but we promised to get them copies when God blesses us again. The service ended at 1.00 p.m and Mr Tebigwayo (the deputy in charge) who had accepted the Lord the previous day came with his car to take us for lunch in his home. We glorified God because we found when he had mobilized other people in his house whom we preached to and accepted the Lord. We prayed for his family and called up on Gods protection. He gave us a lift back to town at 5.00 p.m.



Money Used: 319,900 Ugshs


1 Rice 15 kg 2,500 37,500
2 Sugar 12 kgs 2,200 26,400
3 Soap 2 boxes 43,000 86,000
4 Cooking Oil 2 lts 5,000 10,000
5 Meat 10 kgs 5,000 50,000
6 Beans 8 kgs 1,500 12,000
7 Cabbages 8 heads 1,000 8,000
8 Irish Potatoes 12 kgs 1,000 12,000
9 Sweet Potatoes 15 heaps 1,000 15,000
10 Passion Fruits 5 kgms 3,000 15,000
11 Ripe Bananas 6 clusters 2,500 15,000
12 Eggs 3 trays 6,000 18,000
13 Carrots 1 kgm 2,500 2,500
14 Onions 1 kgm 2,500 2,500
15 Tomatoes 2 kgm 3,000 6,000
16 Charcoal 3 basins 5,000 15,000
17 Transportation   5,000 5,000
18 Camera Cells 2 Pairs 3,500 7,000
19 Internet   6,500 6,500
  GRAND TOTAL 319,900

Receipts for perishable foods and charcoal are not catered for. You can’t get such things in the formal businesses here. Even in our supper markets they can’t be found.