Report -- March 30, 2010.




Friends, I always give the glory to God whenever I get an opportunity to report to you what is happening in our outreaches. As a brother in Christ once said, "you are our hands and feet." You are not in Uganda to participate physically in our outreaches but your support has enabled us to visit in your absence. The bible says that one who sows and one who waters share the blessing. We have touched the sick with our hands in prayer and have gone to hospitals and prisons because of your support. The blessing is for us all! Let’s guard it zealously as we work in partnership to reach out to the poor, sick and those in prison with Christ’s love. Let's not get tired to give them food, clothes, soap, and other basics that are needed for good health. If moralists can do that, what of us who have known and tasted Christ’s love? We know challenges are many but when we work in partnership, together we can convince the privileged of the world to support those who are suffering. My prayer is that God blesses you abundantly as we support those who desire to live a dignified life. Your support has enabled us to share Christ’s love and improved our capacity to contribute towards improving the plight of patients in an African hospital.


Encountering HIV/AIDS Patients.

There is a young couple that is admitted in Tororo hospital for over a month now. One of them having accepted Jesus Christ in our outreaches, she visits our house for prayers and counseling whenever she feels distressed. A person can not hold back his/her tears when you listen to the story one of this couple, nurses who attend to them and sympathizers. Because of the suffering they go through, I and madam Susan were moved to share with them in all ways whenever we have something. Both the couple is young. The man is 24 years while the woman is 18 years of age. Unfortunately, both the man and wife are orphans. The mans mother who was hailing from western Uganda (about 400 miles from Tororo) died when he was a small boy and the father married another woman who developed hatred for him. His father sold all the land that belonged to his mother and the boy became a wanderer sleeping anywhere he can find. God helped him to grow and become a man. He got a young girl who is equally an orphan whom they stayed together as husband and wife. The girl herself has no father and mother and she grew up in a rough environment with no food, shelter or clothes.

Unfortunately after they got married, it became clear that the man was suffering from HIV/AIDS after four years. The symptoms of the disease could not allow him to settle and earn bread for his family and that became the genesis of suffering in their family in an African village where it is hard to access treatment. One born again Christian got touched by their suffering and he helped to bring the man in Tororo hospital.


Treatment Without Food.

According to Sister Connie (the nurse in charge of the male ward), these people have nothing to eat, drink or even relatives to visit them in hospital. They have a baby who was born free from Aids but when the mother tested she was found to be HIV positive. The only safe person in this family is the baby but there are fears from the medical workers that the baby also will contract aids if the mother continues to breastfeed her. I talked to the mother to win her but she told me that the only food she can afford for her is breast milk because she has no money to buy her food. They are surviving on sympathizers in hospital but even that is difficult because sympathizers themselves have no food to share. I thank God because he has given us the grace to share with them whenever we are able. God had a plan when he gave us a house to rent that is opposite the hospital. Perhaps it would be difficult to share with such people had we to be far away. My prayer is that God saves the lives of this couple with their child who is free from HIV. According to sister Connie, Taso organization has come in to give this man Anti Retrivial Drugs (ARVs) but the biggest challenge for them is food, drinks and other basics that such patients need while on treatment.


Not Only This Couple.

It is not only this couple that we have met on our outreaches. There are so many aids patients and others suffering from different ailments who need help. When they get a chance of accessing some drugs, then feeding becomes a problem. The ministry of health doesn’t have a budget for food and poor people who get admitted in hospitals remain at the mercy of God. We have not stopped to share with the sick who come to our house daily (those who know about our work) and the 100 USD that we get from Hope4kids is a boost in our outreaches. That’s why feeding the sick has become one of our major activities and my prayer is that many more give to feed the sick because there is great need and the resources at our disposal are very few.



As I wrote in our last report, CFCD is not only preaching the gospel in hospitals and prisons but also involved in hygene and sanitation campaigns in these places. We need a healthy, spiritually sound man who can testify about the goodness of the Lord. Although in future we are looking at holding radio talk shows to sensitize the community about hygiene and providing sanitation kits if funds allow, we saw that it is good to communicate a message of hygene to the communities in hospital and prisons dulling our outreaches. We were blessed to have Mr Osinde from the District department of health on our team when we visited who shared with the sick and their attendants about good hygene. In brief he told the attendants in particular to:

1- Boil water before giving it to patients.
2- Wash hands with soap before feeding patients.
3- Wash hands with soap before squeezing juice from fruits for patients.
4- Washing patient’s clothes, sheets, blankets with soap immediately when they are dirtened.
5- Boil water and let it to cool before they use it to bath patients.
6- Avoiding giving cold food to the sick.
7- Dispose off any feaces/urine immediately when the patients defecate.
8- To dig pit latrines (those who don’t have) in their homes when they get discharged.

He told the patient attendants and the sick to continue applying the simple knowledge they received when they get discharged from hospital so as to avoid diseases like typhoid, dysentery, cholera, dahorea and other diseases that can attack them as a result of poor hygene.


People that Participated in the Ministry.

Unlike other days, we could not visit with many of our team members because of heavy rains that continued throught the day. We were expecting a team from Assemblies of God Ndaiga and Pastor Emma from King of Kings Church but all could not come. Teacher Susan together with Marion were not present because they had gone to school. The cooking was done by two people (myself and Kobusingye Nalongo). It was tiresome work especially on my side who is not a good cook but I enjoyed it. We cooked a variety of foods more than once and we were able to cook well despite the rains. The boda boda man carried the food to the hospital and iam the one who shared the word of God with the sick. Mr Osinde did great work because he is the one who translated for me on top of sharing a hygene message. Nalongo served the food.


The Sermon.

The sermon was got from the book of Luke 18: 35-43. It says:
As Jesus was approaching Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the road side begging. Now hearing a crowd going by, he begun to inquire what this was. They told him that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. And he called out saying, Jesus son of David, have mercy on me! Those who led the way were sternly telling him to be quite. But he kept crying out out all the more, son of David, have mercy on me! And Jesus stopped and commanded that he be brought to him, and when he came near, he questioned him, what do you want me to do for you? And he said Lord, I want to regain my sight! And Jesus said to him, receive your sight, your faith has made you well. Immediately, he regained his sight and begun following him glorifying God and when all the people saw it, they gave praise to God.

This blind man on the roadside used to beg. As any blind man, he had no capacity to do work. He could hear people talking about beautiful hoses, monuments but he had no sight to know what is beautiful or not. He was totally blind. He was at the mercy of those who used to put him on the road side to beg. Whether they dress him in dirt or clean clothes, he could not tell because he was blind. This gentleman had heard about a man called Jesus. That’s why he shouted when he heard that he was the one passing by in the city of Jericho. Because there was a big crowd, he was told that Jesus is the one passing by. Immediately he shouted son of David, have mercy on me. They stopped him from shouting but he shouted the more. His shouting attracted the attention of Jesus who commanded that he be brought to him. He asked, what do you want me to do for you? The blind answered, I want to see. When servants of God come to minister in such a place, know that Jesus is passing by. They come with good news about salvation and healing. If you can have faith like that of the blind man, Jesus is here ready to heal and save you. Today Jesus is passing by in this hospital, don’t miss this chance of salvation and healing.

The devil struck you with sickness and you have suffered for a long time. But God delightes in manifesting his power when people call up on him to intervene in situations that the devil inflicts on them. Accept the Lord! Eric told the patients.

You are confined on the hospital bed like this blind man who was on the roadside. You can not work to feed your family and you can not help yourself. Today Jesus is passing by, do you want to get healed? Your faith will heal and save you if you believe says the preacher. In all the wards that we visited, 18 people accepted the Lord as their savior. We prayed for those who were sick and the outreach ended at 6:30 p.m.


Good News

Last year in our reports I talked about the Early Childhood Development Program which CFCD was intending to begin in Morukatipe prison station. This program was to serve the children of the surrounding villages and the prison warders. Iam happy to inform you that CFCD working with the community started this program and it is already taking care of over 100 children. Recently we had a dialogue with parents and caregivers in Morukatipe. Your prayers and support are vital because when we support children, their future becomes promising.



Received from Hope 4 Kids: 197,000 Ugshs
Our Contribution: 38,500 Ugshs
Total: 235,500 Ugshs

1 Rice 10 kg 2,500 25,000
2 Cooking Oil 2 ltrs. 10,000 10,000
3 Soap 2 boxes 42,000 84,000
4 Beans 5 kg 1,700 8,500
5 Irish Potatoes 15 kg 1,000 15,000
6 Meat 6 kg. 5,000 30,000
7 Cabbages 10 heads 700 7,000
8 Onions 1 kg 3,500 3,500
9 Tomatoes 2 kg 4,000 4,000
10 Yellow Bananas 4 clusters 2,500 10,000
11 Passion Fruits 4 kg 4,000 16,000
12 Charcoal 2 basins 5,000 10,000
13 Transportation   5,000 5,000
14 Internet   7,500 7,500
  GRAND TOTAL 235,500

The receipts for fresh foods are not catered for. They can only be found in informal businesses here but not in shops or supper markets. I mean upcountry supper markets here in Uganda. God Bless you abundantly.