Report -- March 7, 2010.




Christian Foundation for Community Development (CFCD) is doing its best to make sure the total man gets catered for spiritually and physically. Although our main objective is to preach Jesus Christ in our outreaches, we have realized that a message about hygene and sanitation is vital to be communicated side by side as we minister in hospital and prison. Poverty and the environment our people live in coupled with ignorance is one reason why many people die of diseases which can be prevented. Especially in rainy seasons (like now), the medical personnel are overwhelmed by diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and others yet these diseases can be prevented by simply observing proper hygiene. Sometimes we feel sad after preaching to someone and he gets saved to hear the next day that he has died because when he got admitted in hospital there were no drugs at the time or that he was not observing hygene properly. The majority of Ugandans live in villages where people have no regard for hygene because they are always occupied with thoughts of how to survive. The health inspectors are always active in urban areas leaving people in the villages at the mercy of God. It is hard to blame these people who can comfortably eat food without washing hands even when one has just come out from the toilet because they do it in ignorance when accualy it is dangerous to their lives.

After realizing this problem, our ministry has come up with a simple program of talking to patients and their attendants about hygene and sanitation. Our team members are using the hospital visits to communicate this message since we don’t have money to buy airtime on radios to reach a wider audience. We just begun last month and it was part of our outreach. One person in our team was teaching about it and the targeted people seemed to understand the message. We don’t give them gloves to use when for example cleaning the wounds of the sick, medicine to treat the drinking/washing water but we offer the little knowledge we have about hygene. Talking to them about the dangers of taking unboiled/ untreated water, eating food without washing hands with soap, and giving them other information that can help them avoid certain diseases is enough. God willing in future we shall have sanitation kits and tools so as to make a strong impact in this activity. It is not good for a relative to attend to a patient in hospital and before the patient gets well the attendant himself falls sick. This is the only way we can make our contribution towards good health in a small way. It is not good to preach and pray for the sick in hospital and prisons and you don’t tell them how to avoid certain diseases. We need a healthy community that is spiritually, physically and mentally sound.

In order to reduce on food costs, this year we are venturing in agriculture to get maize grain to help us feed children with poriadge and we have already rented a garden in town (behind our premises) which we are diging now to plant vegetables and beans for the patients in hospital. We need your prayers and support in all these endeavors. God bless you all.



Partners, i normally love my report to reach you before the month ends. However, being too busy with other work and pastor Peter being busy in the village (he is the one who had the money) could not allow me make it in time. I will always endeavor to do it before the month ends. I received the support on 20th February 2010 and the visit took place on 28th February. We bought what is needed for the visit before time and by 27th February, everything was ready. We bought soap, rice, sugar and the food which was needed for the outreach. These things are very important when we are serving God in these places. It is part of the African culture to carry something to eat and drink when you are visiting someone hospitalized or prison. In fact here when you don’t have the money to buy something like juice or food for the patient/inmate, you suspend the visit. However, some people simply visit when they don’t have….but still feel the embarrassment. And when a sick person or prisoner sees you, he/she normally expects something from you. That’s why we normally carry with us a spiritual blessing accompanied by a material blessing. First we do it because it is part of the African culture and secondly because the Lord tells us to do so. People in our missions are realizing the love of God because it has not been common in Uganda for Christian organizations involved in evangelism to cater for the needs of the sick. People are seeing the total love of Christ in us and they are accepting Jesus in our missions. They don’t accept because of the food we give them but because of the challenge they get when we visit.

The visit was on a Sunday and as usual team members who were available visited with us. God is touching many people from different churches to serve with us. Many of our original team members are scattered because God blessed them with what to do outside Tororo. However God brought others to serve in their stead and they normally join us whenever they have time.

The People that Visited.
Acham Stella Susan, Tororo Christian Center
Marion Okwi, Tororo Christian Center
Kobusingye Nalongo, Assemblies of God Ndaiga.
Damian Okecho, Upper Room
Philip Owere, Deliverance Church
Eric Sabiiti Alinda, Christian Foundation

People that Cooked.
Marion, Stella and Kobusingye Nalongo cooked for patients.

Photography was done by Acham Stella Susan. But she didn’t do perfect work because she didn’t capture other activities apart from preaching.

Eric preached and Damian helped in translating to Jopadhola language.



The scripture was read from the book of acts 3: 1-10. It says:
One day Peter and John went to the temple at three o’clock in the afternoon, the hour for prayer. There at the beautiful gate, as it was called, was a man who has been lame all his life. Everyday he was carried to the gate to beg for money from the people who were going into the temple. When he saw peter and john going in, he begged them to give him something. They looked straight at him and Peter said, look at us! So he looked at them expecting something from them. But Peter said to him, I have no money at all, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I order you to get up and walk! Then he took him by the hand and helped him up. At once, the mans feet and ankles became strong. He jumped up, stood on his feet, and started walking around. Then he went into the temple with them, walking and jumping and praising God, and when they recognized him as the beggar who had sat at the beautiful gate, they were all surprised and amazed at what had happened to him.

The devil is bad because in most cases when a person is sick it rejoices over his suffering. Some of you who are sick here it turns you into beggars. I know that some of you have sold land, cows and everything you own but the sicknesses have refused to go. The lame man who had become a beggar had lost hope. His people had given up on him and he was a beggar at the gate up to when peter and john came. Some of you are here with nothing to eat or drink and yet you are taking drugs.

Today we are here as the servants of the most high God. We don’t have money to take you for special medication nor do we have enough food to give you. But what we have we give it to you. This is Jesus of Nazareth who is going to heal your disease and save you. Accept Jesus now and see his hand! Eric said. The man got healing the moment he received Jesus and he proceeded to the temple with Peter to give a testimony. Once you accept the Lord today, everything will be better for you. After the sermon we called those who want to get saved as our custom. In all 25 people accepted the Lord.

Every evening Monday and Friday we do the work of follow up. Following up sick people has a lot of challenges. It means sharing with them the little you have especially food (to those who have no one attending to them). We have to identify churches where they can fellowship from once they go back in their villages so that they stand firm in their salvation. I thank God because he has given us the grace and many people come testifying to us what the Lord has done. This ministry has opened for us ways of service because people give us prayer requests pertaining sicknesses and God is doing great things. The outreach ended at 6:00 p.m. Till next time when we shall visit both the prison and hospital. Gene, friends, Seaside and all well wishers, thank you.



We Received: 315,000 Ugshs
Our Contribution: 30,900 Ugshs
Carried Forward: 21,600 Ugshs
Total: 367,500 Ugshs

1 Rice 20 kg 2,500 50,000
2 Sugar 20 kg 2,400 48,000
3 Soap 2.5 42,000 105,000
4 Beans 8 kg 1,500 12,000
5 Irish Potatoes 12 kg 1,000 12,000
6 Cooking Oil 3 ltrs. 5,000 15,000
7 Cabbages 7 heads 1,000 7,000
8 Meat 8 kg 5,000 40,000
9 Tomatoes 2 kg 3,000 6,000
10 Onions 2 kg 3,500 7,000
11 Carrots 1 kg 3,000 3,000
12 Green Paper. 1 kg 3,000 3,000
13 Salt 2 pkts. 500 1,000
14 Passion Fruit 6 kg 4,000 24,000
15 Ripe Banana 5 clusters 2,500 12,500
16 Ripe Banana 2 basins 5,000 10,000
17 Transportation   5,000 10,000
18 Internet   7,000 7,000
  GRAND TOTAL 367,500

Receipts for fresh/perishable foods are not catered for because such foods are found in informal businesses. In a rural town like Tororo such foods can’t be got even in supper markets. I wish you all Gods blessings.