Report -- February 3, 2010.


This is 2010 and I bring you all new year greetings from Uganda particularly from Christian Foundation for Community Development Organization based in Tororo. We are blessed to have worked with you throught the year 2009 and beginning 2010 still working in partnership with you. This is our first report in 2010 when we visited Morukatipe prison and the main hospital in Tororo District. We thank God because of the confidence and trust you have put in us to continue sending us support for the ministry. The financial crunch was hitting hard everywhere but God continued to put the burden on your hearts to continue supporting us. It was not by power and it was not by might but by the spirit of God. America was crying jobs and Africa especially Sub Sahara poverty was hitting harder making hunger and disease to escalate. Despite all these problems, you persevered with us. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

I have faith this year is a year of the Lords favours. We at CFCD are commited to continue serving God in both hospital and prison. In our end of year report, we announced what the Lord has done in these ministries and this year we hope to be at another level with your support. We intend to consolidate our achievements by mobilizing resources locally and internationally and involving church ministers the more in our outreaches. We believe that it’s useless for us to take relief aid to prisons and feed the hungry sick in prisons without sharing the word of God. The bible says that what will it profit a man to eat the whole world and he looses life. Yes, prisoners and the sick have a right to eat, drink and have access to basic necessities of life but its also important for them to hear the word of God that gives spiritual life. That’s why we involve the gospel message and prayers in our outreaches. We cater for the total man. We need your prayers this year because this school term we are starting an Early Childhood Development Center in Morukatipe prison station. The prison authorities helped us with a building where the children can have shelter while learning. It was a good boost because it saved us from renting premises. Also Natalie Eggum helped us with documents which will help us to train mothers and service providers in parenting. All this has given us a good beginning. I know there are other challenges like volunteer teacher’s allowances, feeding the children with atleast breakfast and making training materials available for children and teachers but God will bless us. There are so many poor children surrounding the prison and those under the care of prison staff who need this service. Even the children of inmates especially women are in this category.

In order to reduce on food costs, this year we are venturing in agriculture to get maize grain to help us feed children with poriadge and we have already rented a garden in town (behind our premises) which we are diging now to plant vegetables and beans for the patients in hospital. We need your prayers and support in all these endeavors. God bless you all.



This report combines both prison and hospital outreaches for the month of January. Also I will talk about the baptism in Pomede church which was born out of hospital outreaches. God is showing us that he is able to do his works once we become committed and put our trust in him. Doors for us to serve his people are already open in our target areas. The prison authorities have allowed us to visit all the three prisons in Tororo district. These are Mukuju, Kisoko and Morukatipe main prison. On 17th January we visited Morukatipe prison and all the people we visited with were moved at how the prisoners were praising God and at their testimony. As usual, we had carried with us boxes of soap and a few second hand clothes. Because of what God has done in their lives (those who got saved), they shouted with joy the moment they saw our team entering through the second gate. Immediately we joined them in praising before the Deputy Officer in charge Mr. Tebigwayo addressed them. Margaret of Tororo orphans club accompanied us with her visitors from German who greeted the inmates. Margaret is a lady who loves our ministry so much and at every visit when she is able she at least gives us a box of soap and she entertains the prisoners through singing.

Tebigwayos Address. The Deputy Officer in Charge who represented the OC thanked Christian Foundation for Community Development because of the work it has done to work in partnership with the prison leadership to change the lives of prisoners. What made me happy is when he said that after praying for the prisoners to get uniform dulling the previous visit. The inspectors from Kampala visited and took the uniform issue to the prison headquarters where it was decided that they get Uniform. When we visited most prisoners were in new uniform!! His report to us was moving especially when he told us that our outreaches have done great work in prison. There is great improvement in discipline and hygiene (compare the photos with the previous ones) has gone to another level because of our support in form of soap and razorblades. Says Mr. Tebigwayo. Indeed there is change the judicially is trying to deal with inmates cases expeditiously and the innocent ones are being set free. Remember in Uganda you are innocent up to when you are proved guilty. But this does not mean that you are a free man. You are a suspect and you must be in custody. Mr. Tebigwayo himself urged those who have not accepted the Lord to accept if they are to receive spiritual freedom and at the appointed time physical freedom.

Sharing the Gospel. I preached the gospel and Pastor Emma muwanguzi supplemented the message and led the prayers for the sick and those who accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. The sermon was got from the book of John 11: 1. It says: Now a certain man was sick named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of marry and her sister Martha. It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.

Therfore his sisters sent unto him saying, Lord behold he whom thou lovest is sick. Verse 5. Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. When he heard therefore that he was sick, he abode two days still in the same place where he was. Then after that saith he to his disciples, let us go to Judea again. Verse 21. Then Marta said unto Jesus, Lord, if though hadst been here, my brother had not died. Verse 34. And said where have you laid him? They said unto him, Lord Come and see. Jesus wept. Then said the Jews behold how how he loved him.

Eric talked about both the spiritual and physical bondage. He told the inmates not to loose hope in God because he loves them. Some of you may think that God is not fair because your cases have delayed to be heard or because you were sentenced in a maner which you think is unfair but God loves you and is on the way to set you free. Imagine, the bible has told us that Jesus loved Lazarus but he stayed for three days after hearing that the friend is sick. He went there after the man has died. Is that a friend? Asked Eric. But Jesus new that even in death he will set Lazarus free. You may think that God has forgotten you but no!! Even in prison, he is on his way to set you free when you believe and trust in him. You need to change. If you were a thief, a murderer, or a witch God has brought you here so that you hear these precious words.

Pastor Emma’s Supplement. The pastor told those who have not accepted Jesus to completely change from their wicked ways because God knows our sins. He told them to become friends of Jesus like Lazarus if they want his blessings. Jesus raised Lazarus and ordered that they untie him because he was his friend. Do you want Jesus to set you free from prison? Change!! Says Emma. Many come here (in prison) and die here. Whether you have been convicted or not God will help you to walk out free if you believe in him. After the sermon, he called those who believed and 20 people gave their lives to Jesus. The whole team prayed for them and those who were sick. We handed our gifts to the ward leaders and the outreach ended at 1:00 pm.

The People that Visited.
Pastor Emma Muwanguzi, King of Kings Church.
Margaret Bogere, Tororo Orphans Club.
Mr. Hainz, Tororo Orphans Club
Mr. Erik, Tororo Orphans club.
Mr. Gasper Byamugisha
Mr. Mayeku Wilson, True Vine Church
Kobusingye Nalongo, Assemblies of God Ndaiga
Brother Peter, Gospel Assembly Church.
Daphine Akello
Eric Sabiiti Alinda, Christian Foundation for Community Development


Brethren, the Church that begun as a result of the hospital ministry is growing day by day. Before 10th Jan 2010. Pastor Charles came to inform me that the Christians in the church had wanted to get baptized. Since baptism is a main symbol of a true Christian, I could not hesitate encouraging him to baptize the Christians. I promised to send him a team of two people to join the church in the cerebration. On Sunday th, I sent my wife Acham Stella Susan and Diana Rock to join the church. Susan is the one who helped to photograph those who got baptized. They left Tororo town at 9:30 and reached Pomede at 10:00 am to begin the service with the rest of Christians. Pastor Charles that day taught about baptism because he wanted people to understand its meaning the more according to a report I received from Susan. That day 26 people attended church including children. The baptism was to begin atafter service and because the service delayed abit it started at 2:00 pm. Some Christians from the nearby village church came and joined them to celebrate what God had done. Remember, most people here in religious denominations don’t immerse. They sprinkle. The baptism was conducted by Pastor Charles and Pastor Obbo and it ended at 4:30 p.m. People went home praising and glorifying God for the baptism they had received.

People that Got Baptised.

Anyango Caroline Adongo Kezia
Awor Annet Achieng Edisa
Awor Tracey Awori Veronica
Achieng Imelda Nyachwo Angela Esther
Awor Delver Abbo Zeridah
Akello Jane Obbo Charles
Nyachwo Rose Onyango Samuel
Onyango Moses Adikin
Olowo Phiona Sandra
Ochieng Solomon  



Thanks be to God!! For the first time since we begun the hospital outreach, we were happy than before after seeing men, women and children in almost all wards getting what to eat and drink. This is another level that God has taken us. Throught 2009, I would feel bad seeing few patients eating, receiving soap and sugar when others are not receiving. Well, we have been alternating (i.e. visiting the wards at different intervals/days) but 18th January 2010 was a blessing to us because we were able to take a reasonable material blessing. My prayer is that God may continue to use you in such a special way throught the whole year.

As I have already mentioned above, we were all happy at seeing the patients in hospital getting served. God does not make a mistake. Patients were many in all wards but our cooks did a good job of cooking for the patients three times in a day due to lack of big source pans. There were many female patients and they were the ones to get served first. Normaly what we do, the prayers and preaching begin from one ward as people serving the food follow us behind serving food those whom we have prayed for. From mid day up to 6:00 p.m, Pastor Charles did a commendable job of preaching and praying for the sick. There are those people who would need special prayers and indeed God touched them. The message for the sick was got from the book of James 1: 6 to 8. It says: But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

In other words the message was about having faith in God if the sick wanted total healing. He told them that God is ready to heal their diseases but it’s also important to have faith as they wait upon God to do his part. Many people came to the Lord (thirty of them) and as I write this report Pastor Charles is doing the follow up work in the casuality and women wards. The ones who have unique problems will be coming for counseling that takes place at our house Monday and friday. It was a day that we shall live to remember.



We Received: 490,000 Ugshs
Used: 468,400 Ugshs
Balance: 21,600 Ugshs

1 Rice 22 kg 2,200 48,400
2 Sugar 25 kg 2,400 60,000
3 Beans 10 kg 1,700 17,000
4 Cabbages 8 heads 1,000 8,000
5 Irish Potatoes 25 kg 1,000 25,000
6 Meat 10 kg 5,000 50,000
7 Passion Fruit 8 kg 4,000 32,000
8 Ripe Bananas 8 clusters 3,000 24,000
9 Cooking Oil 3 ltrs. 5,000 15,000
10 Onions 2 kg 3,000 6,000
11 Tomatoes 2 kg 3,000 6,000
12 Eggs 6 trays 6,000 36,000
13 Soap 3 boxes 42,000 126,000
14 Transportation   5,000 5,000
15 Internet   10,000 10,000
  GRAND TOTAL 468,400

Fresh foods don’t have receipts because they are not in formal businesses. Also prices for foods here change from time to time depending on seasons. Be blessed.