End of Year Report -- December 31, 2009.



From the bottom of my heart allow me to say thank you for all the support you have given our organization since the year begun to the end. It has not been easy for us to reach out to the suffering people especially in Tororo district which is our primary area of operation without enough finances. The support we have been getting from you helped us (at least in a small way) reach out to the sick in hospital and those who are suffering in prison. I wish all people could be like you and see the need to reach out to these people with the love of God accompanied with a material blessing.

An ailing person in hospital and the inmate in prison lives between life and death. He is not sure of living another day due to the pain and suffering he goes through everyday. These people lack food, beddings, medicine and other things which are needed for survival. There is no living man who can’t fall sick or be jailed for one reason or another. When society shuns such people, there is no way God can bless us because he loves them too.

For the scripture says in the book of Mathew chapter 25:31, When the son of man comes as king and all the angels with him, he will sit on his royal throne, and the people of all nations will be gathered before him. Then he will divide them into two groups, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from goats. He will put the righteous people on his right and the others on his left. Then the king will say to the people on his right, Come, you that are blessed by my father!! Come and poses the kingdom which has been prepared for you ever since the creation of the world. I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was a stranger and you received me in your homes, naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you took care of me, in prison and you visited me. The righteous will then answer him, when Lord, did we ever see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you a drink? When did we ever see you a stranger and welcome you in our homes, or naked and clothe you? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you? The king will reply, I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these members of my family, you did it for me!

Brethren, whatever you have given to support the prison and hospital community, God will reward you. We don’t give to bribe God or because we have nowhere to put our money but we give because God wants us to do so if we are to get his blessings. Some recipients of your support like prisoners need total rehabilitation, integration and reconciliation to the community. In future we are looking at empowering them with technical and other skills that can help them so that they live with the rest of the community in harmony. CFCD needs your support in this because when we win them for Christ and support them to earn a living, the name of the Lord will be lifted high. As a Christian based organization, we are committed to continue offering a platform to ministers of the gospel to minister to both the prison and hospital communities. We are also committed to continue working with the government to deliver relief aid and to offer skills support especially to prison inmates when funds allow.

On behalf of CFCD, I thank all our friends from America who have stood with us to serve the community in Tororo. We cannot forget to say thank you to Seaside Community Church and Hope4Kids International because of the work they have done to support and pray for us. I can’t mention the names of all people and not get tired. However allow me to say thank you to Natalie eggum, Pastor Larry, Pastor John Boyer, Jack Dishon, Kirk, all from Seaside church. I can’t forget Tom eggum, Elizabeth and the whole staff of hope4kids. These people have helped us at one point or another whenever God touches their hearts.

Thank you! Thank you and thank you very much. We look forward to continue working in partnership with you and to complement each others vision. Happy New Year!! Blessings.



A lot of things have taken place since the year begun. For an organization which got formally registered in 2008 to reach where it is, is an indication that God himself is doing his great works. CFCD has offered a platform to ministers of the gospel to minister in both prison and hospitals, a lot of people have come to the Lord, taken relief aid to prison and hospital helped the poor sick access further treatment.

Evangelism in hospital: CFCD has given an opportunity to gospel ministers from Christian evangelical churches to preach the gospel and pray for the sick in prison and hospital. Since working with Christian churches in these places is one of our objectives, we have visited with churches which are committed to this noble cause. Prominent among these is King of Kings church Tororo, Assemblies of God Church Ndaiga among others. We have also visited with Christians from miracle center, True vine, Deliverance church, Anglican Church and others. We give the ministers a chance to follow up those who get saved and this is done two times in a week. We provide lunch and transport to the ministers who come for follow up ministry (those who come from a long distance) and counseling. Counseling is done from our rented premises opposite the hospital. This has helped the new Christians to stand firm in Jesus by confronting certain problems with prayer. The new believers are always directed to join churches in their villages and the church that does the follow up directs them to churches to join where they can be nurtured spiritualy especially its branches or its main church.

Evangelism in prison: Our team members and partners also have preached and prayed for the sick in prison. In prison, things are done differently because we work according to the directions of prison warders. The ministers from partner churches visit the prisons with a word of hope to the prisoners. Two times in a month our team with gospel ministers visits with a material blessing and whenever we get finances for transport, we facilitate them (ministers) to follow up those who get saved. I am happy to report to you that many people have come to the Lord through this ministry and this is evidenced on the way people (those who get released) visit us in our office thanking us for our prayers. CFCD team normally takes relief aid in form of soap, sugar, blankets, razorblades and others according to how God blesses us. Since prison is a security facility, some things like cooked food are not allowed. Our hands are somehow tied because there is a great need to reach out to this community with skills support, food, medicine and others if we are to create a lasting impact. The average number of prisoners in the government main prison is 500 including women. Some of these people are guilty for the offences they committed and others are innocent. Remember, according to Ugandan law, you are innocent until when you are proved guilty but you are a suspect who needs safe custody. You can take up to four years in prison before the courts proves you innocent or guilty. If such people get technical skills at least for one year, by the time they get released they will be useful members of the community. The inmates deserve all the services that a free community gets because they fall sick, some lack skills particularly the youth, they don’t get enough food and they lack other basic necessities of life.

Relief Aid: Both patients in hospital and inmates in prison have benefited in our outreaches. CFCD has fed the hungry sick in Tororo hospital. We buy and cook food for the patients and give them other necessities like sugar, soap and sometimes offer other help like blankets and cloths to those we find lacking. We have taken the same help to prison in a small way because the prison community is big and very needy yet our resource base is very small.



The Church in Pomede: The bible says that we should bear fruits for the kingdom. I am happy that the hospital ministry is bearing fruits and fruits that all of us are proud of.

There is work that is taking shape in a village called Pomede in Kisoko Sub County. Seven months back when we ministered in Tororo hospital, we didn’t know that God will do something special for the glory of his name. We ministered and prayed for a patient who is related to a gentleman called Charles a born again Christian from Pomede. Charles himself was taking care of the patient in hospital. There were three other patients from Kisoko Sub County who got saved and we gave Charles the responsibility to follow them up because of the distance. Since Charles at one time served as a minister in one of the Kampala churches (according to his testimony), he helped us a great deal to disciple these people.

They began coming together for prayer in a home of a gentleman who wanted prayer because of the problems he had. The family of that gentleman became Christians and their home became a center of evangelism. They ministered to some other people in the village who also accepted Jesus and the fellowship became big. Pastor Charles came to me two times asking what to do because the village authorities had begun suspecting them to be a cult. I promised to visit them which I did on 14th November 2009. Because of the great work I saw, I talked to Pastor Emma of King of Kings Church to give them a covering letter to operate as a church which he accepted. On the Sunday of 20th December 2009, I visited again with one of our team members Acham Susan. The church is doing well with over 20 members. They have a lot of challenges like shelter but what is important is that they are strong in the Lord. I pledged to buy them a simple tauporine to protect them from sunshine because they meet in the open under tree shades. They are under the leadership of Pastor Charles. The hospital ministry has mothered a Church!!!


19th December 2009, "The last visit of the year"

Meals: Meals were cooked by Acham Stella Susan, Nalongo and Sarah. Mama Mukwaya helped Acham and Nalongo to serve food and gave out other items like sugar and soap. Prayer Leader: Eric came late from a meeting and he immediately joined Pastor Emma to pray for the sick. Pastor Emma preached the gospel and that day ten (10) people accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior.

Challenges: Christian Foundation for Community Development has so many challenges like any other organization which is growing. All these challenges need the help of both the donors, friends and well wishers of CFCD. We have many programs which are virgin and we need the support to implement them. Some of the programs are, Sanitation, Women empowerment through credit, Child programs and others. Currently, the active ones are hospital and prison programs. Due to lack of funds, we are implementing these programs in a small way and hopefully men and women who love to see humanity living with dignity will stand with us to reach out to the suffering people in these places.

There is Food and other Needs: There is a challenge of reaching all the Tororo hospital wards with cooked food, soap, sugar smearing oil and special foods for malnourished children. Also there is a great need of reaching the prisoners with aid like blankets, mattresses, dry food, razorblades, clothes, spray chemicals, medicine and others. The organization also has a challenge of rent for the office premises.

Transport: Although God blessed us with a house near the hospital which works partly as our office, and a place where we counsel, cook and keep things for the hospital outreaches. There is a great need of transport. Well, we no longer carry food to the hospital from long distances but we still have to visit other places where the sick are and also we visit prisons. For example, the journey from town to Morukatipe government prison can cost from 60,000 shs to 80,000 shs which is almost 50 USD (i.e. to and from) if the people visiting are many. There are so many other outreaches which are miles away from town that need transport.


Next Year Plans. (2010)

We intend to establish an early childhood development center in Morukatipe prison. There are so many poor children around the prison including those of women inmates. Also the prison warders have many children whom they are looking after. Some of these children have not had a good upbringing because their parents and guardians are ignorant of bringing up a child healthy and mentally fit for learning sometimes due to poverty. Since the prison is our main area of operation, we decided to carry out this program in the same area.

Appeal. CFCD has not folded its hands waiting for help from the donors only. We have talked to our friends here in Uganda who love the ministry plus making our own contributions. We thank all for their support. Had they not come on board to help us whenever they can, we wouldn’t have reached this far. Their help and that one from Seaside church through hope4kids has helped us at least take a big step in reaching out to the disadvantaged. We need funds to support our activities in all ways. Iam appealing to all people of good will and well wishers to support the noble cause of reaching out to the disadvantaged of the community particularly in prison and hospital. We shall always endeavor to update you of our activities as we have been doing in our monthly reports.



Received from Hope4kids: 180,000 Ugshs
Seaside Community Church: 63,000 Ugshs
Our contribution: 28,200 Ugshs
Total: 306,700 Ugshs

1 Rice 12 kg 2,200 26,400
2 Beans 7 kg 1,500 9,500
3 Irish Potatoes 13 kg 800 10,400
4 Sugar 12 kg 2,400 28,000
5 Cooking Oil 3 liters 5,000 15,000
6 Soap 2.5 boxes 42,000 105,000
7 Cabbages 6 kg 1,000 6,000
8 Meat 7 kg 5,000 35,000
9 Passion Fruits 3 kg 4,000 12,000
10 Ripe Bananas 4 clusters 3000 12,000
11 Internet Services   7,500 7,500
12 Market Transport   4,000 4,000
  GRAND TOTAL 271,200

As usual, items that are not catered for in receipts especially fresh foods are not found in formal businesses here in Uganda. God bless you all as we continue working together in partnership.