Hospital/Prison Report -- November 26, 2009.



On behalf of Christian Foundation for Community Development, I appreciate you because of the sacrifice you made to visit with us Tororo hospital and Morukatipe prison despite the busy schedule you had when you were here. You have been supporting us and it wouldn’t look good for you to go back to the USA without visiting these places where your support has been going. Perhaps you have been hearing about our hospital and prison visits and the need to support people in these facilities. We on the ground have been talking about feeding the sick, taking relief aid to prisons and the need for the gospel in these places but most of you had not got a chance of visiting with us. I believe you had a view and taste of the sicknesses and poverty ravaging entire communities that we normaly talk about. My brother Dave whom I visited with in the male ward could not believe what he saw in Tororo hospital after seeing people with no soap and others malnourished (dying of hunger) beside the sicknesses.

On the same note, we were once again blessed to have, Pastor Larry, Pastor John, Kirk, Angie and all of you on the prison visit. You brought a smile on their faces when you took them soap and razor blades. Last week I visited and all of them look clean and well shaved. The prison community needs a lot of support like in sanitation, health, relief aid and reintegrating them back in the community. They also need bibles and other Christian literature to learn the word of God among others. Your support is vital in these areas and I appeal to you all who visited with us to share with friends and all the American community about the need of reaching out to the sick and those in prison. We look forward to continue working in partnership with you all. Peace.



God is great because I see him blessing our ministry day by day. I pray that he blesses you all that are praying for us. Friday was my happiest day when I saw team members cooking food which was enough to cover at least three wards for the first time since we begun cooking for the sick in Tororo hospital. Your work of showing friends and well wishers what we are doing is bearing fruit.

God has touched Natalie Eggum and some few friends here (in Uganda) that come in once in a while to support us, a thing that made us proud dulling last Fridays visit. As early as 6:00 am some team members were already in the kitchen cooking food for the sick. We had bought more food than we normally do including that one of malnourished children like eggs and we wanted to be in time since we don’t have big saucepans to cook. By 11 am the first round of food was ready and Pricilla, Sarah and Nalongo served the first meal at mid day. We begun with the male wards where we served. It’s unfortunate that many organizations don’t consider men in their activities. The men in Tororo hospital suffer a lot. You find men who were brought from neighboring districts without anybody to attend to them. They are poor (no food, soap, medicine and others) and suffering from many ailments like typhoid, Aids, diabetes fractured legs etc. We have made it a must at least to serve one mens ward with food and God is touching them to accept salvation on our visits. Beside the hospital treatment (few of them who can), find it easy to walk to our house for more prayers every evening.

We are trying to strengthen our follow up by visiting those who get discharged from hospital (before getting well) and it is working especially on those who come from Kisoko Sub County. Those who got saved in our outreaches normally come together for fellowships under a pastor who is helping us in this work. We are supposed to visit them on 14th Dec next month.

Members That Visited:

Pastor Andrew prayed for the sick and Eric (the writer) shared the word of God. The scripture was got from the book of John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The message was about the love of God to his people. Listeners were told that God loves them despite their sicknesses and he wants to heal them. It was important to tell people who felt rejected and hated that God loves them. Many people responded to the gospel and they accepted Jesus as their savior.

After the preaching I asked those who would love to accept Jesus as their savior and 30 people accepted. Among these was a Muslim woman who was sick with her daughter. Andrew prayed for her and we handed her to Susan to make sure she stands firm in her salvation. The mission ended at 6:00 pm and we converged in our house for the last prayer of the day and went home.



God is helping us in serving him although we still have some challenges. Yes, we now have our charcoal stoves and big pots for carrying food but saucepans for cooking remain a challenge. There is also a transport challenge in our outreaches and we need your prayers so that we overcome them.


Received from Hope4kids: 275,000 Ugshs
Our contribution: 31,700 Ugshs
Total: 306,700 Ugshs

1 Soap 2 boxes 42,000 84,000
2 Sugar 13 kg 2,200 28,600
3 Rice 15 kg 2,000 30,000
4 Cooking Oil 2 ltrs 6,000 12,000
5 Beans 8 kg 17,000 13,600
6 Eggs 3 trays 6,000 18,000
7 Meat 7 kg 5,000 35,000
8 Passion Fruit 6 kg 4,000 24,000
9 Cabbages 7 heads 1,000 7,000
10 Ripe Bananas 5 clusters 2,500 12,500
11 Irish Potatoes 12 kg 1,000 12,000
12 Tomatoes 2 kg 3,000 6,000
13 Onions 1 kg 3,000 3,000
14 Charcoal 2 basins 5,000 10,000
15 Internet Services   8,000 8,000
16 Transport   3,000 3,000
  GRAND TOTAL 306,700

In Uganda, most business are informal which makes us not to get some receipts especially for fresh foods. Such foods even can’t be got from our supermarkets. That’s why we have not sent you some receipts. God bless you all.