Hospital/Prison Report -- September 30, 2009.


On 31st july 2009 CFCD received three million shillings from brother Seaside church in California. This money was to pay tuition for a needy young man whom Dishon is helping in University and part of it was to go to prison ministry. The money for ministry was a big boost to us because for the first time we were able to carry with us 10 boxes of soap! Thanks be to God who is opening for us ways to serve his people.



God is doing great work through his servants. Pastor Emma from King of Kings church gave the main sermon and Eric supplemented his sermon with the words of the saving power of God. Pastor Emma preached from the book of Exodus 3: 8. It says, and iam come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them out of that land unto a good land and large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey, unto the place of the Canaanites.

The pastor talked about spiritual bondage and slavery and urged the inmates to receive Jesus as their Lord and savior if they want Gods blessings. The Pastor said: “you are crying to God day and night to rescue you from prison but many of you have not turned away from your sins by accepting Jesus as Lord and savior.” Turn away from your wicked ways so that you live with dignity and honour as God releases you from prison!! The pastor said. After the sermon, he called on those who are sick to come in front for prayers. The team that visited joined the pastor to pray for the sick and all of us believed God to heal their diseases. After praying for the sick, Pastor Eric was invited to talk to those who wanted to get saved. He talked about the love of God from the book of John 3:16 that says: for God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

After talking to inmates about Gods saving power, he called those who wanted to get saved to come in front and be led into confession. 16 people accepted Jesus as their Lod and savior.

Members That Visited:
1 Pastor Emma
2 Pastor Opio
3 Margaret Bogere.
4 Acham Stella.
5 Umaru Muluga.
6 Justin Nzogi.
7 Mukwaya.
8 Nalongo.
9 Sarah.
10 Eric Alinda

The service ended at half past mid day and we went home praising God.



The second prison outreach took place on Sunday 20th September 2009. Because the prison authorities allowed as to take photos once in two months, we were ready with our camera. The team members and friends of CFCD are doing great work to enable us minister in prison. Their money contributions have enabled us this month to buy what we took. There are over five hundred prisoners in the main government prison in the District but we thank God because of what he is doing. We begun visiting prison with one or two boxes of soap but this time we were able to visit with six boxes.

All this is happening because of your prayers and contributions. By the grace of God, before the end of next year we shall be able to take with us a big material blessing. We are coming up with a work plan and budget for our activities in both prison and hospital and your prayers are needed.

We bought soap, Razors and clothes. We were welcomed in prison by the deputy officer in charge (O.C) Mr. Tebigwayo who directed the prison warders to help in organizing the seats and tables where we were to sit. Both the O.C and his deputy are good men. Taking photos in security facilities in Uganda is very hard but these two gentle men have made it easier for us because they have strong conviction that we are serving God. When all the preparations were done, The Deputy O.C addressed the prisoners and urged them to listen to the word of God and get saved if they are to get Gods blessing.

People That Visited
(i) Kudeo Andrew
(ii) Acham Susan
(iii) Margaret Bogere
(iv) Ivan owor
(v) Muzei Omita
(vi) Nalongo
(vii) Baby Abigail
(viii) Eric ( the writer)
Program leader was: Ivan Owor
Praise and worship: Margaret Bogere. Preacher : Pastor Kudeo Andrew Prayer leader: Pastor Eric Sabiiti

Some team members could not visit with us because of their busy schedules. Mama mukwaya was the interpreter of the day in their church, pastor Emma came late and he could not be allowed inside the prison and pastor Fred these days is based in mbale.

The Sermon
The sermon was given by Pastor Andrew from Assemblies of God ndaiga who visited with us. He preached from the book of Revelation 22:24. It says and the nations of them are saved shall walk the light of it. And the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it. The pastor talked to inmates about life to come. He talked about the city of God and its goodness and the people who will dwell in it. He called upon all inmates to believe in God if they are to be in that city.

He generally talked about salvation life. After the sermon, Eric (the writer) was called to talk about the goodness of salvation. He shared from the book of Ezekiel 3:17. He told the listeners that the team partly does Gods work to save themselves from the wrath of God that is coming to those who don’t believe. He said that since the gospel has been preached to them, their blood will be on their heads if they don’t believe in Jesus. “You are lucky that they didn’t shoot you when you were stealing and killing” Eric said. He said those who were falsely accused need to accept Jesus because sin is sin before God if they were not saved by the time they were jailed. After talking, he called upon those who wanted to accept Jesus and eleven people accepted. Their names are below and they need your prayers to be firm.

•  Ombula Emmanuel  •  Were Munoga Paul  •  Obbo James
•  Mukoha Amos  •  Oketcho Vicent  •  Etyang Michael
•  Wambi Michael  •  Andison Mukesi  •  Odoi John
•  Margaret Adikin  •  Andong Francis

After Eric had led them to confess Jesus as their savior, he told them to form prayer groups and join others who are already saved in their cells. He invited pastor Kudeo to pray for the sick and the service ended at 12:30p.m.



Prison ministry has a lot of challenges. Sickness, clothing, sleeping, poor sanitation and others. But the biggest challenge that our organization has in this ministry is Bibles in (both English and local languages) and other Christian materials like tracts. We don’t have money to buy and print these things and those who get saved are ever asking us for these materials.

We need your prayers and we appeal to everybody who can support in this to do so because these men and women need to grow spiritually.

Another big challenge is to cloth and feed children who are born in prison/delivered in prison and to support their mothers. Some ladies are pregnant and others have babies. All these challenges need your prayers.



We thank Seaside church who have stood with us to serve God's people. Also we thank all those that we don’t know in the United States who have contributed to this noble cause. God bless you abundantly.


Money received: 3,000,000 Ugshs

1 Soap 10 boxes 40,000 400,000
2 Trousers 10 trousers 5000 50,000
3 Razors 10 packets 4000 40,000
1 Tuition Fees     2,400,000
2 Vehicle Hire   30,000
  Sub Total 2,920,000
  GRAND TOTAL 80,000


Balance carried forward: 80,000 Ugshs
Our contribution : 322,500 Ugshs
Total : 402500 Ugshs

1 Soap 6 boxes 40,000 240,000
2 Razors 20 packets 4000 80,000
3 Dresses 5 4500 22,500
4 Trousers 5 6000 30,000
1 Transport   30,000 30,000
  Sub Total 402,500
  GRAND TOTAL 3,322,500

Items like second hand clothes and transport hire do not have receipts because because they are in informal busineses here in Uganda. In most cases second hand clothes are found in village markets where they don’t issue receipts.