Hospital/Prison Report -- August 27, 2009.


Although I had left for western Uganda to check on a patient, the hospital ministry activity went on very well according to Pastor Fred who led the team. The hospital staff welcomed the team very well and helped them in their ministering to the sick. We glorify God because of the cooperation from the hospital authorities.

Friends, I want to tell you that the approach of CFCD carrying out its activities in hospital is so unique. We normally don’t give the sick food only but we also preach the word of God and ask the almighty to heal their sicknesses according to his will. Iam happy that God is listening to our prayers in a miraculous way!!

There is a lady called Betty Naigaga who had become completely lame as a result of HIV/Aids and even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) an organization supported by the American government but working in Tororo where she is a member could not do much to help her regain her walking capacity. Some doctors were advising her to eat food rich in calcium but still she could not gain the strength of the bones to walk.

Since our ministry is involved in praying for the sick and giving them food, we had met this lady at Tororo hospital and we prayed for her. We continued visiting her in home building her faith in God and Christians from other churches begun visiting her too. This is the lady whom I talked about in one of my writings on the website. We helped her visit the orthopedic specialist in Mulago National Referral hospital because the doctors had referred her there. It was discovered that she had cracks on the pelvis. We continued joining her in prayer in all the pain she was going through. The doctors advised her to use crutches but she had no money to buy them. We encouraged her to continue trusting in Gods healing power weather medical solutions work or not. We came together as CFCD decided to contribute and save little money as God enables us to buy her crutches.

Miracle!! Although we tried our level best to save money for crutches, God was doing his own work he lady had developed strong faith in God to the extent that she believed in divine healing. Three weeks ago, I felt a challenge and went to her house to ask if she had any person that can raise for her 200,000 Uganda shillings which is about 100 dollars(we had not raised enough money for crutches) so that we add 100,000 Uganda shillings(about 100USD) that we had collected amongst ourselves so that she buys crutches.

Faith at Work. She told me that God is doing what man can not believe. ‘Iam gaining energy in my joints to walk’’ she said. She stood up withought much difficulty and sat down, something she was not doing before. She advise me to leave the crutch business first ‘after all I don’t have a person who can add me 200,000 shillings’’ she said. Indeed I saw God at work.

Today God is healing her gradually in a miraculous way. She can now go to the pit latrine without any support and she can bend without much pain which she used to feel. She can also walk some meters withought a support of a stick something that used not to happen. The pain is disappearing and she is gaining energy day by day. Once she walks perfectly, we are planning to use the 100,000 shillings which we were to add on crutches to buy her turkeys to empower her economically because she is a widow with children to look after.

1 Pastor Fred who also led the team
2 Justine Nzogi
3 Mama mukwaya
4 Umaru muluga
5 Jane Kobusingye( nalongo)
6 Pricilla Nzogi

The preaching was done by Pastor Fred and 20 ( twenty ) people gave their lives to Christ.

Money received: 200,000 Ugshs
CFCD contribution: 34,000 Ugshs
TOTAL: 234,000 Ugshs

1 Beans 5 kgm 1500 7500
2 Rice 10 kgm 2400 2,4000
3 Sugar 10 kgm 2200 2,2000
4 Irish potatoes 10 kgm 800 8000
5 Cabbages 5 1500 7500
6 Meat 6 kgm 5000 30,000
7 Cooking oil 2 lts 5000 10,000
8 Spices 7000 7000
9 Banana fruits 4 clusters 3500 14000
10 Passion fruit 5 kgm 4000 20,000
  Sub Total 150,000
1 Soap 1 and half box 40,000 60,000
2 Transport 5000 5000
3 Internet 9000 9000
4 Charcoal 2 basins 5000 10,000
  Sub Total 8,4000
  GRAND TOTAL 23,4000

No receipts for some items because they are only found in informal businesses especiary for fresh foods.