Hospital/Prison Report -- August 4, 2009.


APPRECIATION. Team members, it was all joy to visit with you the hospital when you were here in Uganda. The CFCD team was blessed to have you visit with them and it was an experience they will never forget seeing you offering love and prayers to the suffering sick people.

On behalf of Christian Foundation for Community Development (CFCD), I thank you all for your support and love that you have showed our people. Special thanks go to Seaside Community Church who have not tired to share with you the plight of the sick in Uganda particularly in Tororo hospital where we visited together. This hospital is the main government facility in Bukedi region but it is surrounded by many problems that have crippled it to offer quality services. In Uganda, the majority poor are the ones who seek medical services from government facilities because they have no money to visit private clinics and hospitals. It is sad to find that these people sometimes have no drugs and food to eat while on medication. The medical staff is trying their best to serve but the funding from government is not enough.

Life is a struggle in this hospital but by the grace of God, CFCD with the support from Hope4Kids and Seaside Church have come in to fill the gap. We are committed to continue serving God in this hospital and other government health centers where people need the love of God and prayers. We used the money that was given to us to buy soap, sugar and other things needed for hospital and prison activities. Thank you Gene, thank you Pastor Eric and the Seaside church children who supported us, thank you Michael and all the ladies who visited with us who I cant remember names. God bless you abundantly. Peace.

PRISON VISIT. The prison visit took place on 17th July 2009. The financial support that we received from Seaside enabled us to visit the hospital with the team and also visit the prisons twice on 17th July and 26th July. God is great because the 17th visit opened for us ways of taking photos. For many months, I was talking to prison authorities to allow us take some photos and explaining their importance. They had refused due to security reasons but I told them that we need to show our friends what we are doing so that they support the ministry. In fact they told me that to take the photos I need a special permission from the Commissioner General of Prisons or the Regional Prisons Commander. I did all this but still there was no permission. Before we left, we prayed to God to touch on the authorities to allow us take the photos. I called the deputy officer in charge of prisons for the station who in turn talked to his boss who is the acting Regional Prisons Commander. He allowed us to take a few photos as directed by the officer on our next visit. They promised to give us a chance once in two months to take photos. We praised God for that and we went for ministry.

THINGS THAT WE TOOK. We took for the prisoners soap, razor blades, and sugar. The deputy O.C is the one who welcomed us. He instructed one of his officers to mobilize the inmates for us whom we preached and prayed for. Pastor Emmanuel Muwanguzi is the one who preached the Gospel. That day 20 inmates gave their lives to the Lord! We went home in the evening praising God.

26TH JULY PRISON VISIT. On 22nd July our team members Margaret and Justin visited one of the village markets and bought the things that we needed for our Sunday service in prison. They bought few dresses and trousers. They also bought soap and blankets from town. Prior to that, I had requested Angie and Liz to visit with us the prison. Angie was not sure whether she will visit with us and Liz was to confirm to me Saturday night after arriving from western Uganda. Unfortunately, they reached when they were tired and when we talked on phone, Liz promised to visit with us in November when she comes back.

THE ACTUAL VISIT. Sunday morning the 26th was the day to have a prayer service with the inmates. I woke up very early in the morning and went to town to hire a vehicle to take us for the service. After hiring a vehicle, I called all team members to come to town so that we leave at once. They arrived in time and we went to Justine’s house to load the things they had bought in the vehicle.

1 Nalongo
2 Margaret Bogere.
3 Justine Nzogi.
4 Emma Muwanguzi
5 Abraham Muwanguzi.
6 Eric Sabiiti Alinda

PRAISING. The praising and worshiping was led by an inmate called Wafula. Through our ministry, God has completely changed this man and he is in charge of his ward. He is the one who leads prayers and worshiping. I led the service program and I gave concluding remarks after the sermon. All team members testified what the Lord had done to them and they encouraged the inmates to believe in the Lord and continue praying if they are to gain their total freedon both spiritually and physically.

SERMON. The sermon was given by Pastor Emma. It was got from the book of Psalm 121. It says: I lift up my eyes on the mountain, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord…….

He told the inmates that "some of them have looked at their rich relatives but have not got help. Others have looked at witch doctors but have not got the help. He told them that help comes from the Lord only. He urged them to lift their eyes to the Lord who never slumbers. He is the one to rescue you from spiritual and physical bondage," Emma said.

After the sermon, 35 men and women gave their lives to the Lord. After the sermon he called the sick for prayers. Many of the sick had malaria and skin diseases. We prayed for them and believed the Lord to heal them. The service ended at 1:00 and we rushed for lunch in Justine’s house. We joined the Hope4Kids team at at 3:15 p.m to visit the sick in Tororo referral hospital. We parted at 5:30 p.m and went home.



We received 220 USD and 80,000 Uganda shillings from Seaside. Because we had small USD denominations, we could not get the money we expected. According to the force bearox officials here, denominations from the year 2000 are the ones marketable. We exchanged it at 1750 Ugshs per dollar. We got 380,000 shillings. When we added 80,000 Uganda shillings, we got 460,000 Ugshs.

Money received: 460,000 Ugshs
Our contribution: 163,000 Ug shs
TOTAL: 623,000 Ugshs

in UGshs
in UGshs
1 Soap 3 boxes 40,000 120,000
2 Sugar 20 kgs 2000 40,000
Sub Total 160,000
1 Soap 4 boxes   160,000
2 Razor blades 10 packets 4000 40,000
Sub Total 200,000
1 Soap 3 boxes 40,000 120,000
2 Trousers 15 4000 60,000
3 Dresses 10 5000 50,000
4 Blankets 3 11000 33,000
Sub Total 263,000

Dresses and trousers were bought from the second hand open market in the village where receipts are not issued. That’s why their receipts are not catered for in this report.