Hospital Report -- July 17, 2009.


Brethren, this is the financial report of the June funds from Elizabeth. I received 210,000 USh on 22nd June 2009 from pastor Ruth of Smile Africa. It helped us a great deal because it came at a time when I was thinking of getting food from the market and shops so as to carry out the June hospital activity.

We appreciate your continued support despite the financial crunch that is hitting the nations harder including my country Uganda.

Really this shows us a true human and Christian heart. This is the time that we need financial and other support than ever. There are so many people in hospitals and prisons who don’t have what to eat.

Diseases are hitting both children and adults hard but without support from the government, individuals and donar organisations especially on food we can see entire generations being wiped out.

Already as I write now, people in far Eastern Uganda and Northern Uganda are dying of famine. The floods that hit Teso region last year and the prolonged drought in the country has made everybody starve.

First, they were talking about hunger in whispers but now they are blowing the whistle appealing for help.

Even this morning as I tuned my radio, I heard on the news about a man from Pallisa who committed suicide because he could not stand seeing his children dying of hunger.

This is an area within Bukedi region where Tororo lies and Tororo hospital is the referral hospital. This is an indication that the sick who get admitted need food so that after recovering from sickness they go home to fend for their families. We shall continue to serve the poor and needy because that is the best way we can make a small contribution. Your support is not in vain.

THE VISIT. My usual team visited the hospital, the ladies cooked the food and men joined in to carry food to the hospital. We begun with the children’s ward and ended in the female wards. All things went well because the hospital staff are very co-operative whenever we visit.

THE PREACHING. Pastor Emma from king of kings church was the preacher of the day. He preached from the book of 1st Peter 5:7.

Humble yourselves, then under God’s mighty hand that he may lift you up in his own good time. Leave all your worries with Him, because he cares for.

He urged the sick to commit their problems to God because he cares. “The most important thing to do is you your lives to Jesus so that he gives you total peace in both body and soul” said pastor Emma. After his sermon in all 20 people accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour.

We prayed for the sick and those who put their trust in God experienced instant change in their bodies and praised the Lord. The visit ended at 6:00 p.m. and we left for home.



I signed for 210,000 Uganda shillings.
Own contribution was 42,100 Uganda shillings.
The total was 252,100 Uganda shillings.

Brethren, where receipts are not catered for its because such items cant be found in Tororo supermarkets and shops especially fresh/perishable foods. God bless you ubandantly and thank you for your support.