Hospital Report -- May 28, 2009.


The challenge to reach many patients in Tororo hospital still stands. The Friday 23rd may 2009 visit could make a person shed tears because of the much suffering the patients were going through. The medical staff in Tororo are on strike because of the Governments delay to pay their salaries. Most of the patients were unattended to because their relatives were out pondering the next move or were planning to take them back to their respective homes to wait for death. Remember, the majority poor are the ones who visit Government medical facilities. They are too poor to visit private clinics and hospitals which charge money that is far beyond their reach. People were hungry, sick and dehydrated. Some good Samaritans would bring the sick and dump them in hospital. Among the people who were brought when I was seeing was a young man who is a prison inmate. He was in in chains and he was tied on his hospital bed. Also there was another destitute young man who had cerebral malaria. He only had one trouser and shirt which he dirtened. Because of the mental problem he had, he undressed himself and the nurses took away the dirty clothes. One of our members rushed to the market to get him clothes to cover the nakedness though it was getting dark.

That day I reached the hospital late because I had a meeting in office but I was able to see all this. It was hard on our side seeing all these things but God gave us the courage to serve that day. Pastor Emma of King of Kings Church is the one who led the team. I found him praying for the sick and Nalongo, Mama Mukwaya were giving out sugar and soap. The meeting ended at 6:30 p.m and 27 people accepted the Lord as their savior that day.

UNAVOIDABLE CHALLENGE. Dear partners, we have unavoidable challenge. There are so many patients who get discharged from hospital when they have not recovered. Reasons for their discharging vary from shortage of drugs or no drugs at all and complicated sicknesses that need hospitals that have better equipments. The most affected are the Aids/Hiv patients and the elderly from poor families. Yes we have prayed for them, preached to them and given them food aid while in hospital. But it sometimes doesn’t make much sense when we don’t follow them up in their homes for encouragement, counseling and giving them any assistance available. Of recent CFCD decided to continue helping such people in their homes. (in otherwords the hospital ministry has been expanded to include home based care services). We have begun small and we already have three people whom we are supporting in a small way. One of them is a widow called Betty Naigaga from Agururu village Tororo municipality. She became disabled because of Ant retroviral drug (ARV) effects. She is HIV positive. Soon we shall sit to see how she can be helped. Two weeks ago we helped her go to the national referral hospital (Mulago) to visit the orthopedic specialist and he recommended she uses crutches and eat food rich in calcium. By Ugandan starndads, crutches that she needs are expensive and we need your prayers so that we are able to help this suffering widow. When we sit we shall see whether it’s possible for us to raise money to help buy her crutches. We appeal to any good Samaritan to stand with us so that Betty gets the crutches to help her walk. God willing we shall support more people in this program when funds shall allow.

PEOPLE THAT VISITED. Pastor Emma led the team that visited that day. I arrived late at 4:30 when they were giving out soap and sugar. I joined them immediately and I helped in giving out soap and praying for the sick. Other people who visited were: Nalongo, Mukwaya and Umar who was doing photography work. Justine was sick with malaria although she helped Nalongo in cooking. However she could not visit with the team. Fred had gone to Mbale on his private business.



I signed for 210,000 Uganda shillings.
Own contribution was 27900 Uganda shillings.
The total was 237,900 Uganda shillings.