Hospital Report -- March 23, 2009.



Glory be to God partners. Your support is not in vain because God is doing great things through CFCD. We thank him because of all he is doing through Seaside Church members and hope4kidsinternational in supporting Christian Foundation for Community Development which has enabled it to meet some of its objectives. In our African culture we appreciate whatever help and support we get from friends and partners. Because of your support, CFCD has managed to reach more patients than before in Tororo hospital. It’s my prayer that God expands our partnership to reach out to those who are disadvantaged and downtroden in our Ugandan community. God bless you urbandantly. Peace.

Report: We received our monthly support from hope4kids on tuesday 17th march 2009. That day, I had just arrived from Kampala where I met the Commissioner General of prisons to discuss pertaining Prisons ministry. I could not waste time to meet Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa after she called me that afternoon and requested that i sign for the support of 197500 Ug shs which is an equivalent of 100 USD. The following day I called Justin to know if there is any pledge from members pertaining the ministry. She had pledges of 40,000 Ug shs which she was to collect on Friday. People normally contribute according to their ability every month and there is no specific money for contribution. I gave her what I had received from Smile Africa for the planning of the visit. We agreed to visit on Saturday in order to give people who would visit with us a chance to do so since it was a weekend.

Friday purchases. Purchaces were made by me and Mama Mukwaya on Friday 20th march 2009. Pastor Emma had visited my office to get the program for the visit. I requested him to escort us so that together we carry what we would buy. Because the majority of the patients rely on carbohydrate foods like cassava bread which are not nutritious, we normally buy nutritious foods to substute carbohydrate food that they rely on. We bought fish, rice, beans, Irish potatoes, cabbages, yellow bananas and passion fruits for juice. For the last two months we have not bought meat because of the quarantine on the movement of cows in and around Tororo. There is an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the District.

Cooking Meals and Visitation. Justine, Nalongo and Mama Mukwaya prepared the meals. It has been a challenge for the cooks to prepare two meals for the visit but thanks be to God because Elizabeth promised to buy us the things we need to use in preparing meals to ease our work. By 2:00 p.m, meals were ready and i briefed members on how to conduct themselves while serving in hospital. Each person in the team knows what to do especially those who visit with us regularly. We normally brief the new ones and allocate them what to do in the ministry while visiting. Dulling the Visit, Members were to do the Following:
(i) Pastor Fred and Emma were to preach, pray for the sick, and lead to confession those who accept Christ in different wards.
(ii) Eric (the one reporting) was to inform the medical personel about our presence, lead introductions and do photography assisted by Ummar.
(iii) Justine, Nalongo and Mama Mukwaya were to serve meals to patients.
(iv) Giving out sugar and soap was to be done by team members after patients have been served.
People who normally don’t visit regularly join these groups. After the briefing, we hired a bicycle man to carry the food to the hospital.

In the Hospital: I talked to the medical staff on duty who told us to begin with the women ward. We went to the ward and I introduced the team that I visited with and off I invited Pastor Emma and Pastor Fred to do the work of ministering to the patients. Fred talked about How to earn the love of God. The scripture says: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life…John 3:16. He told the listeners that to earn the love of God you must accept Jesus Christ as your savior and then the spirit of God comes to dwell in you. That’s when you will begin experiencing Gods miracles and blessings, Fred said.

After the sermon, we prayed for the sick. There was a lady who had taken about ten days without eating and drinking. She would vomit whatever she eats and drinks according to the nurses. When we prayed for her, she ate food and took juice that we served her and she could not vomit any more. After prayers, people attending to the sick were requested to bring the plates for serving. In the middle of the service, a gentleman called Paul whom we prayed and helped with a blanked and clothes dulling one of our visits came to help us in our ministry. It was all joy when Mama Mukwaya and Justine posed for a photo with him. After all had been done, team members distributed sugar and soap to patients whom we were able to reach with the help. The exercise ended at 6:00 p.m and 20 people accepted the Lord as their savior.

On the Challenges: We at Christian Foundation for Community Development (CFCD) are happy that some of our challenges are being met. One of the biggest challenges we have been having in the hospital ministry is of the Utensils to use in cooking, serving food and storage. The good news is that Elizabeth of hope4kids requested us to make a list of the things that we need so that we buy them when she comes to Uganda this month. Although the challenge of reaching all the wards and other hospitals in need with support still remains, we believe God will continue touching people with a large heart to continue supporting this noble cause.

On the Future Plans: Taking Christ’s Love and Care to Prisons has been one of our future plans. Iam happy to inform you that we have been in touch with prison authorities especially the Commissioner Generals office who have allowed us to visit and carry on our activities in Morukatipe Prison Tororo temporarily as we wait for a formal letter from the Commissioner Generals office within two months allowing us to take services in all Ugandan Prisons. The prisoners need love and care. Some are there because of the crimes they committed and others as suspects. They need prayers, counseling, blankets, medicine and food so as to get rehabilitated and integrated in society once they finish their sentences. God willing, we shall visit with Elizabeth of hope4kids when she comes to Uganda this month if funds allow. Partners, pray so that God may provide for these people.



Money received: 197,500 ug shs
Our contribution: 41000 ug shs
Total: 238,500 ug shs