Hospital Report -- March 9, 2009.


On behalf of Christian Foundation for Community Development members, accept my appreciation. I thank God because of the work you are doing to give hope to patients of Tororo referral hospital who in most cases find themselves without food and drugs for proper treatment. Your increasing the monthly support from 50 USD to 100USD has energized us to reach and serve more people. Sometimes we have been forced to serve very small meals and divide the sugar into quarter kilos in order to reach many people in wards. Now that the support has been increased, we are able to increase on our capacity to serve enough in the wards that we visit although it’s our prayer that we cover all the wards. We appreciate you so much and we are praying that God blesses you abundantly. Peace.



On 17th Feb. 2009 I received a call from Pastor Ruth to go and sign for the money that we normally receive from Liz of hope4kids. I was not feeling well but Ruth wanted me urgently to go and sign for it because she was equally not feeling well and she wanted to go home and rest. Both of us had malaria. I reached Smile Africa offices at noon and I signed for the money. I went back to office to do a few things and I called Justin who is in charge of collections to pick the money at 3:00 p.m after which I went home to rest. People who are able to contribute something normally do it dulling week ends (i.e. Friday and Saturdays) and then we visit on Tuesdays. But this time we had not done it due to my poor health. However, we did all the shopping on Saturday evening and visited on Sunday.

Shopping. Pastor Fred together with Nalongo did the shopping in preparation for Sunday visit. They were able to buy rice, Irish potatoes, passion fruits, bogoya (yellow bananas), sugar, soap, beans, fish, cabbages, cooking oil and charcoal. After the shopping, the things were transported to Justine’s home where we were to prepare the meals. Justine normally prepares the beans at night in order to save time on the day of the visit.

Sunday Activity. Because the work is voluntary, we rely on the good will of the members. Some of the members miss out on the visit but they normally send in their apologies. Justin did much of the cooking and she was joined by Nalongo at around 11 a.m on Sunday. Others are not able to visit because of the mode of their work but normally support us whenever they can. By mid day, people who were to visit with us had gathered in Justine’s house to help with the work.

People who visited the Hospital:

• Pastor Fred Kayondo

• Mamma Mukwaya

• Nalongo

• Umar Muluga

• Eric Sabiiti (the one reporting)

Justine could not visit the hospital with us because she had another assignment at their church but she did great work in cooking the food.

By 1:p.m, the meals were ready and members blessed it with a word of prayer and off we we went for the mission.

People who hav been visiting with me:

Name Church
Pastor Emma Muwanguzi King of Kings Church
Pastor Fred Kayondo Glorious Revival Center
Justine Nzogi Gospel assembly Church
Maama Mukwaya Miracle Center Church
Mayeku Wilson True Vine Church
Eric Sabiiti Alinda True Vine Church
Pamela Okalebo Healing Center Church

People who support but don't visit because of scheduling.

Name Church
Dianah Muwanguzi King of Kings Church
Ms Mugwe Ebenezer Gospel Center Church
Ariganyira Robert Redeemed Society
of the Lord Church
Wandera Lyson End Time Message Church
Walugembe Joel St Francis Church of Uganda (Anglican)

They are busy at their places of work and others went back to school like Dianah Muwanguzi. Whenever they are able, they support the ministry.

In the Hospital. As usual we had divided the work in the hospital amongst ourselves. Sometimes members would help out where there was a deficit especially in serving meals.

These were the Duties. (i) Pastor Fred was to preach the word of God. (ii) Eric was to lead the program and do photography. (iii) Nalongo and Maama Mukwaya were to serve assisted by Umar Muluga. Eric opened the mission with a word of prayer and a nurse (sister) who accepted Jesus in one of our missions in the hospital sacrificed some time to translate from English to Japhadola. She was not bussy at that time. After the prayer, he invited Pastor Fred to pray and share the word of God with patients and patient attendants.

Preaching. The theme of the message was: The Compassionate of Christ on his People. The message was got from the book of Mark Chapter 6: 32 to 34. “vs. 34. And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion towards them, because they were as sheep not having a sherphard...and then he began to teach them many things.

Pastor Fred told those who were listening to him about Jesus compassion and how he wants to heal their diseases. He told them that Jesus wants to be their shepherd by meeting their needs and healing. He urged them to believe in Jesus so that he takes over as a good shepherd who will heal their wounds and lead them to green pastures. After the sermon, seven people gave their lives to Christ.

Serving Meals. Nalongo did much of the serving assisted by Umar because in the middle of the service Maama Mukwaya received a call that she has a patient in the very hospital where we were ministering and there was no one to attend to her. Immediately she went to take care of her and for us we continued with the mission. Whenever Fred would finish preaching we would go to another room and sometimes we would help where necessary to distribute soap and sugar among patients. The visit ended at 5:30 p.m and we converged for a farewell prayer.

Challenges. As the organization grows, challenges increase. At the stage where we are, we have a lot of it but thanks to God because of recent I got a communication from Elizabeth informing me how the monthly support has been increased to 100USD. Beside that, through her, "the partners" have promised to buy for us the things that we need for the ministry when she visits in march next month. Another challenge we are encountering in our ministry is that of bibles to give to patients who become Christians. I will keep you informed about the challenges as we work together to serve Gods people.

Future Plans. Our future plans involve extending the services to other hospitals where people are suffering like Busolwe and Nagongera health Center if God opens for us a way to get finances. Also we have a plan of visiting prisoners in Morukatipe prison in Tororo. Its one of the biggest Government prisons in Eastern Uganda.

We have already made a preliminary visit to the facility and talked to the Officer in Charge of the Prison who briefed us about the prisoners needs. These prisoners are suffering with no clothes and others sleep on bare floor without anything to cover themselves. Problems here are many in both men and women wings. No drugs, food and other essential needs. However, they don’t allow cooked food and no photography in prison cells. They say it is for security reasons. Next month 15th march I have an appointment with the commissioner General of Prisons in Kampala whom I expect to give me a letter of permission to carry out our activities in prisons of Uganda.



Support from Hope4kids: 193,000 Ug shs
Our contribution: 62,900 Ug shs
Total: 255900Ug shs