Tuesday, January 27, 2009.

As usual, I received a call from Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa on Saturday 24th to collect the monthly contribution sent by Elizabeth of Hope4Kids to support the hospital ministry. She is a great lady who has prayed and encouraged me in the work serving God in this area. I signed the contribution of 97500 ug shs and on Sunday I met Nalongo, Umar and Moses to make a budget of what we needed on Tuesday. Justin had left with me 50,000 Ug shs as contribution from members before she left for Kampala on Saturday morning. We added this to the contribution from Hope4Kids which helped us to make a simple budget for the hospital.

Purchases were made by Nalongo on Monday in preparation for Tuesday. She purchased rice, beans, Irish potatoes, fish, cabbages, ripe bananas, soap, and sugar e.t.c. We expected Mama Mukwaya and Pamela Okaleb to help in cooking but unfortunately they didn’t turn up. Mama Mukwaya sent a message of apology because she was called in Mbale urgently to discuss issues about her theological training.

Pamela could not turn up in time because she was feeling weak (she is pregnant). Fortunately, God brought Mrs. Mugwe Paul who has been having a desire to join our team. She is a member of Ebenezer Gospel Center Church . She helped Nalongo to prepare meals and by 2:30 pm, meals were ready. As usual, we gave ourselves responsibilities to make the mission a success.


Pastor Fred: He took the responsibility of photography, preaching and praying for the sick.

Nalongo: was to serve meals assisted by Pamela and Mugwe.

Eric: was to distribute sugar and soap and to help in photography.

• These are the people who visited with me:
(1) Pastor Fred.
(2) Nalongo.
(3) Pamela Okalebo.
(4) Ms Mugwe.

After dividing work amongst ourselves, we prayed for the meals and set off for the hospital. We helped each other to carry the meals ourselves. By 3:00 p.m we were already in the hospital ready to do the work. I went to the office of the staff on duty to tell them about our presence and they told us to begin with the men’s ward. When we entered the men’s ward, I introduced the team that I had traveled with and afterwards I invited Pastor Fred to share the word of God with the patients.

Pastor Fred shared with the patients from the book of Mathew Chapter 11: 28. This what it says: Come to me all who are weary and heavily laden and I will give you rest. He told the patients about Jesus love and he is willing to carry their burdens in order for them to get well. In his message he urged the all listening to him to accept Jesus as their savior because there has never been any one in this world and never will he be who gave his life on the cross to take away the sin of the world apart from Jesus. He told the sick that God who gives the doctors knowledge to treat them is the same God who heals. He has the power to heal them if they believe in him. After few minutes of sharing, he prayed for the sick to get healed.

Eric (the one reporting) asked those who would like to give their life to Jesus life to raise their hands and 10 people accepted. Fred led them to confess salvation. Among these people was one gentleman who was attending to a patient. He immediately joined the team to do the work of translating. Whenever we would finish praying for the patients, Nalongo and team would serve the meals and I would distribute soap and sugar.

The mission ended at 6:00 p.m and we converged in Justine’s home for a farewell prayer. After prayer, we went to our respective homes.

Like in any other ministry, we have challenges. I have informed you about these challenges in my previous reports. I have talked about the need of visiting more wards, Utensils to use in cooking and others. We need your prayers and support so that we serve confidently. As per now, we use Justine’s utensils and charcoal stoves which inconveniences her family sometimes.

We have a plan of visiting more hospitals especially in rural areas if funds allow. We also have a plan of visiting the women’s wing of Tororo main Government prison. We had expected to visit last week but the officer in charge of the prison told us to get the permission from the Commissioner General of Prisons so that they get for us some days to visit every month. Iam planning to do this God willing this coming month.
Money received: 97500 ug shs
Own contribution: 65000 ug shs
TOTAL: 162500 ug shs