Tuesday, October 24, 2008.

Ladies and gentlemen: With much gratitude, I appreicate the work that your organization -- Hope4Kids -- is doing to support the hospital ministry. On the morning of Friday, 24th of October, 2008 is when I received a call from Pastor Ruth telling me that Liz sent us 95,000 shs which is 500 USD through her for the work of ministering to the sick. Indeed this money boosted us so much!

24th October 2008 is when Pastor Ruth of Smile Africa called me to sign for the money that Liz of hope4kids had sent through her organization. It was a morning and she was in Mbale with Wendy but she told me to see Patsy to give me the money. I was busy but in the evening I went for it. Saturday and Sunday members were to make their own contributions for the same and by Monday we had 60,000shs. This helped us to budget for more food and other essentials needed.

We added our contribution on what hope4kids had given us and we were able to buy what we wanted for Tuesday ministry. Nalongo, Umar, and I went to the market to buy food and other things that we needed. We bought oranges, yellow bananas, meat beans, spices and passion fruits for juice from the open market. From there we went to Winner General Enterprises L.T.D where we bought sugar, beans, rice and cooking oil. This was done on Monday to prepare for Tuesday. We took what we bought to Justine’s house where we were to prepare the meals the next day.

That very Tuesday, the devil wanted to disorganize us. The chairman of the union building where I have an office got an accident with his wife on their way to Kampala. The wife died on sport. All the tenants converged for a meeting and they assigned me to collect the money from each organization and firm on the building to contribute towards the burial expenses. As I was trying to divide myself between hospital and burial contributions, Justin received a call that she had a very sick person in Iganga.This disorganized us abit but soon we got a solution. We mobilized ourselves for the mission. Mama Mukwaya, Nalongo and Umar did the kitchen work!

Meanwhile I continued with the work of the funnel and by 1:00 p.m I was done with that. I joined my colleagues at 2:00 p.m ready for the hospital. Everything was ready. Food, juice and e.t.c. Mama Mukwaya prayed for the meals and Umar got us a boda boda to help us take the food to hospital.

We began with the women ward. Straight away I talked to the people on duty and they guided us on where to begin from. We had a lot to do do and we were few. We had divided ourselves like this:

• Nalongo and Umar were to pray for the sick and to know their relationship with Jesus.

• I and Mama Mukwaya were to serve the food to patients. Umar had another work of photography.

We received testimonies form people whom we had prayed for the previous Tuesday and 20 people gave their lives to Christ including a Muslim woman. May the Lord help them to continue in their salvation when they reach their villages. We served in men’s ward, women and children. We ended at 5:30 praising God though we were tired.

Like in any activity, we are faced with challenges. These are the challenges:

Cooking utensils and dishes. We normaly use Justine’s source pans and dishes. This inconveniences her so much especially if she wants to cook for her children. Secondly, the source pans are small and we normaly find ourselves cooking double to have enough food that we need for patients.

We don’t have big charcoal stoves. We use Justine’s small ones.

Following up the patients. Some patients get discharged with no enough drugs and they tell them to buy so as to complete their treatment. Because of poverty, some die especially the old and AIDS patients because they don’t have money to buy food and medicine. This is where the challenge of follow up comes in.

Total amount received 95,000.shs.
Our contribution 60,000.shs.
Total 155,000 shs.


Attached to this report are the photos that we took and the receipts we got from Winner General Enterprise L.T.D. Some things we bought from stalls in the market and they dont use receipts because of the nature of their buisness. It is hard to get them in supper markets and shops. For example you can’t get meat, yellow bananas and passion fruits from Tororo supper markets. Thank you for your endeavors to help the sick. We took many photos but others will be sent to you at a later date.